"The first net red in the universe" papi sauce has children, netizens exclaimed: Why did you give birth as soon as you were pregnant?

On the evening of March 4, Papi sauce announced on social networking sites that he was successful in unloading. Although there were only a few words, everyone could still feel that women’s production was not easy.

While netizens sent their blessings, netizens also sighed that female star production was really fast.After all, four months ago, Papi sauce just announced that she was pregnant, and the way of announced was to continue her funny style.Mom’s affairs.

Many netizens also worship Papi sauce as the winner of life. Not only have a happy and happy family, but in just a few years, they have changed from ordinary girls who are silent to become "the first Internet celebrity in the universe".Behind the smooth sailing, the success of the Papi sauce was also achieved step by step.

1. Pursue ideals

Born in a PAPI sauce of an ordinary family in Shanghai in 1987, his real name is Jiang Yilei.Although she wants to enter the entertainment industry, her family background is bland, and her father, Jiang, does not want her daughter to take the university through art test.In the year when she graduated from high school, she hid her family reference to the director of the Chinese opera. She was successfully cleaned up with the score of 20 points for the college entrance examination with the women’s play band.

2. Unemployment if you graduate

Although she had four years of study, she wanted to be an actor after graduation, but she was brushed in several interviews, and even in the process of waiting for an interview.The sense of frustration made her dormant for four years, no work and income, no goals and ideals, even health also had problems. FortunatelyContinue courage and confidence.

3. Regain yourself

After being raised by Hu Hu for 4 years, the two took the marriage certificate, Papi sauce continued to go back to school to study, and planned to read as a teacher.During her studies, she and her girlfriend made humorous and funny short videos. Although she did not splashing water, Papi sauce found another herself, creating her unique way of performing.

4. Red

In the previous test water, PAPI sauce accumulated the shooting experience, and also had a understanding of users.After the single fly, her published "The First Bomb of Men’s Survival Law" caused a huge response, with 2W+forwarding, 3W+likes in a short time.She also felt that she was about to get angry, and continued to publish the explosive model "Shanghai Dialect+First Bouncing English", which made her jump into the second largest Internet celebrity in the year, and immediately had a certain reputation.

5. Great ups and downs

After the popularity, PAPI sauce received 12 million yuan in financing, and sold the first patch advertisement at a price of 22 million yuan, and then received countless flowers and applause.But everything came and went quickly. In the same year, she was reported. All her shows were required to be offline by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Papi sauce ushered in the silence in life.

6. Adjust the direction

One year later, PAPI sauce brought the adjustment mentality and the direction to make a comeback, entered the entertainment variety show, involved variety shows, talked about his own outlook on marriage and life in "My Girl" and "Daughter’s Love"."The Active OFFER" tells the journey of his own mind, and proves himself with strong logic and reaction ability on the spot in "Star Detective" and "Strange Story".She used her own women’s independent example to conquer the audience, showing everyone a female image of self -reliance, living peacefully with the world, not complaining, and not radical.

Today’s PAPI sauce has relying on the professional knowledge of the science class from the Internet celebrity to a new level, and her career has been in full swing. She has been with Hu Hu for ten years and has become a model couple in the eyes of the public.The arrival of the child has made Papi sauce and classmate Hu in another stage of life. I wish them that they can always love each other and love each other. I wish the children healthy, peaceful, and peaceful.Essence

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