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The new transfer student in the class was my daughter 20 years later. The first sentence she said to me: I would rather not be born or not to marry my father again.I looked at her coldly, as if I really wanted to marry the bamboo horse again and gave her a birth.That’s right, she is crossing, I am reborn.On the first day of transferring to Qin Xiaolai, I rushed over and squeezed away at the same table at the same table.You sit next to the beautiful young lady.Qin Xiao didn’t look at me, and picked up his schoolbag and sat down in the front seat.

After Qin Xiao sat down, a provocative smile was revealed: I would rather not be born and don’t want you to marry my dad.I looked at her face with Qin Xiao’s seven points, and turned her eyes: Which of you came out of such a big child?This silly child responded to saying something wrong, and he turned his head and ignored me.I was holding Qin Qing coldly, as if I wanted to marry Qin Xiao again and gave her a birth.

That’s right, she is crossing, I am reborn.I am an orphan adopted by Qin Xiao’s parents. Mother Qin likes me very much.When I first entered the Qin family, I was attracted by Qin Xiao. She looked like the little prince in a fairy tale book. Of course, the princess had to match the prince.I have been behind her since I was a child, but she was very indifferent to me.When I grew up, I had to marry her. The twisted melon was not sweet.Even if I gave birth to Qin Qing, she was still indifferent to me.

When Qin Qing began to be rebellious and farther with my relationship at the age of 13.When I was 40 years old, I was hurt by my father and daughter, and I couldn’t forget it now.When I agreed to divorce, their father and daughter looked at a sigh of relief. After the divorce, I went abroad to travel abroad. I did not expect that accidentally fell from high altitude and died on the spot.I opened my eyes and my life returned to the senior year. I have to live for myself in this life.

What I didn’t expect was that Qin Qing passed through the future and lived in the Thai house smoothly.She frequently looked at Qin Qing and his new at the same table, and smiled.It seems that Tai Qing crossed back and wanted to match her dad with her mother.Coincidentally, too.

I was not deeply impressed by An Chuxia. I just remembered that when she was about to end the senior year last semester last semester, she transferred to school again. When she saw her when Qin Qing was 13 years old, she sent Qin Xiao as a secretary Qin Xiao when she was at the age of 13.Ambiguous made me misunderstand their relationship.Not only that.

An Chuxia penetrated into our house and even Qin Qing became her forgotten year.She repeatedly hinted that Qin Qing was not dying Qin Xiao when she was in middle school. After college, she would be married by their biological daughter. Who knows that I only remember that she was like a madman.Pointing her to ask: I am your mother, how can you treat me like this?Except for my heartache, I can’t remember anything else.Now that Qin Qingning can disappear and it must be fulfilled, why should I make that block?

After school, Qin Qing didn’t wait for me to get up. He hurried out from behind my seat and shouted to pack the schoolbag: Brother, just patronized the feeling of An Chuxia just patronized the seat with you, or you invite us to eat ice creamBar.Qin Xiao’s voice is cold: If you ask us to eat ice cream.

Qin Xiao’s voice is cold: I just promise to realize your wish. Now that I have changed my seat to other things, it is not what I should do.In the morning he did not hesitate to change his position with Qin Qing as An Chuxia.There are still people who have discussed their discussions. Some people have speculated whether Qin Qing is interesting to An Chuxia.Listen to her now.

The crowd suddenly realized that I picked up the schoolbag and walked to the door to see An Chuxia getting up. She was grieving Qin Qing: Where did I offend you?You first refused to be at the table with me, and now let Qin ask me to eat ice cream.Do you want him to misunderstand that I am a cheap person?Qin Qing shook his hands and explained: Isn’t it, I just want to match you, you have to sit with the pleasing people. I am popular in the class.Qin Qing told me to be flattering, and the classmates next to me were blame her at different places, and I couldn’t help laughing again.She turned her head and saw that I was laughing.

Angry: What’s the funny, haven’t you seen a matchmaker?I have only seen in the book.People match because Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying are in love. I pointed out that the two of them like each other or Qin Xiao who liked each other or who secretly loved each other?Our classmates do not know how to do it for three years. If you transfer to school, you will know if I have a private relationship between them.Since everyone couldn’t see it on the face, of course, I pretended that I didn’t know what I said to resonate with my classmates, and Qin Qing jumped up.

The bear child in the previous life made me feel so angry that I did n’t seize the opportunity to retaliate. I am not her mother.Sure enough, she picked up the schoolbag in her hand and lost it. I wanted to flash next to it, but there was a classmate who followed me closely. I couldn’t put people in danger. I closed my eyes to block the sinking schoolbag with my hand.Just hear a humming!Immediately after Qin Qing’s scream: Brother, are you okay?I opened my eyes and saw Qin Xiao standing in front of me, and was blocked by the schoolbag thrown by Qin Qing.There is still a certain weight that the textbook just received by the beginning of the school. From his pale face, it can be seen that the smashing is not light.The classmates around were discussing Qin Qing, and Qin Xiao glared at her embarrassed.I saw that Qin Xiao was not a big deal, thanking her, and went away.

I just took a few steps and was hugged by a schoolbag, and I had to stop.Qin Xiao’s voice came from behind me: You usually wrapped me home with me. Why did you leave alone today?I turned firmly and saw Qin Qing standing behind Qin Xiao, staring fiercely at me to see my mother.You go back and tell Aunt Qin that you don’t have to wait for me to eat at night.

After speaking, I walked straight out of the classroom, and An Chuxia’s nervous inquiry came behind me.Qin Xiao: Did you just have something to do, do you want to see the school doctor?very nice.Without my participation this time, they will lock it!To zero.I found that someone has been here.There is still a bunch of yellow roses in front of the tomb. The flower language of yellow roses is sorry. Who would send this to my mother?When I was five years old, I traveled with my parents. During the car accident, my mother kept me with her life.My dad didn’t know.Just when I was sent to the orphanage, Uncle Qin came to my house to pick me up.He said that Mother Qin was my mother’s good friend, and they would take care of me in the future.When I first arrived in the Qin family, I dared not eat more for meals, and I didn’t dare to touch the meat. I was afraid that I would send me away if I was afraid of eating too much.

Mother Qin took me a few nights, and kept telling me that I always wanted a small cotton jacket, and I gradually integrated into this home.I am very favored by Qin’s mother. I like lying in her arms the most, even if I listen to her heartbeat, I know that Qin Xiao was jealous when I was young and hated me to grab her mother’s love. When I grew up, I died.The rotten is also married to Qin Xiao.There is a part of the reason that I can’t bear Qin’s mother.

Back at the Qin family at 8 o’clock in the evening, I wanted to sneak in and go to the kitchen to find some food.As soon as he entered the house, he found that except Qin, everyone was sitting in the restaurant.An Chuxia could not hide in the resentment in Qin Qinqing’s eyes.I looked at Qin Xiao, you didn’t tell Aunt Qin, without waiting for me to eat, and without waiting for him to speak, Mother Qin pointed to An Chuxia: I did not let them wait for you, but just talked to this classmate a few words.I just talked about this point. If it wasn’t for Mother Qin to speak weak, I would believe it.I took out the sugar from my pocket and handed it over: Aunt, you obviously have hypoglycemia, you can’t starve, why are you waiting for me!Mother Qin asked me to wash my hands with a smile, and followed the nanny to go to the hot vegetables.

When Qin Qing saw her leave, he said: You know that you can’t be hungry, and you don’t go home early.I usually do n’t see your filial piety. What filial girl is pretending today?As if your mother can see it, she can do it, but she can’t respect my mother.

I walked towards her: apologize.I do n’t sit on my seat without Qinqin, and my face is stubborn: Obviously you are wrong, knowing that you hurt you, and do n’t come back intentionally. You just give An Chuxia and Malaysia. He came to our house to tell me in advance.I laughed at anger, I don’t know what he was going to give up?What is your home?This is obviously the Qin family. If it wasn’t for you to take you kindly, you are still an orphan.He shouted at me, and I didn’t expect Qin Qing to hate me so much, and tied a knife on my wound.

However, after the rebirth, I decided not to walk away from my ex -wife, and I had to move out of the Thai family.Now Tai Qing points out that I am not the Qin family. I just took the opportunity to leave the house. Before I put it out, I saw a figure rushing over.Immediately after hearing a slam, Qin Qing stared at him unbelievably, and the mother Qin, who slapped her, was not a kind smile.I really like her and hurt her, so that you can get her uncle back.

Mother Qin’s body trembled slightly, and I quickly walked over to help her, but you were in Taiqing. If Qin Wen hadn’t gone to find it, I was too lazy to worry about you.Mother Qin pointed at the door. Who can go out and go out now now that I have complaints late today. What are you doing?I am the Qin family.Qin Qing was almost crying, and I couldn’t help the corrosion.How stupid this silly child is.

She was the granddaughter of Qin’s mother in the previous life, and of course she had to be spoiled.Now she is mixed in the identity of the Qin family’s second uncle, and her mother Qin can tolerate her.The second uncle Qin family had not been in the Qin family to play autumn wind before. Later, I heard that going abroad to do business, which was no contact.Many years later, the news that he had committed a commitment abroad and sat in jail.Qin Qing knew about the Qin family, and so why dare to impersonate his illegitimate daughter and come to Uncle Qin.Mother Qin stared at Qin Qing: Do you think I hurt you because of your father who borrowed money?If you weren’t like a smile, I would have arranged for you to live in school.Qin Qing was shocked and looked at me stiffly. After all, she was born. How could she not be inherited to my gene?Auntie Jin said, I found that Qin Qing and Xu Xiaoxiao did look like. An Chuxia interrupted, and she pulled Qin Qing’s hand and looked at me.Qin Qing was very hungry, so he was disrespectful. I apologized to you on my behalf!

This is this set. As long as the father and daughter of the previous life were unhappy, An Chuxia always found me as soon as possible, apologized for them, and made them a family, and I was just an outsider. At that time, I wasI can only ask for a question, and I dare not blame their women for the harmony of the family. Now I do n’t plan to marry Qin and the plain. Why should I swallow it?

I look at An Chuxia: Your clothes are my wardrobe!She hasn’t spoken yet.Qin Qing was busy answering: I accidentally stained the clothes of early summer, so that she would wear your clothes. Then do you know, this is a birthday gift from Mother Qin to me!I glanced at her, what do you have to do with me, and why do you use my clothes to give me a humanity, your face is really big.

After speaking, I turned around and looked at An Chuxia, with a sneer in the corner of my mouth, and said nothing.In my memory, she always talked to me in this tone and expression. An Chuxia looked red and glanced at Qin, and Qin Xiao sat there expressionlessly, as if everything happened to him, the atmosphere was not related to him.Suddenly embarrassed.

Qin Qing wanted to help An Chuxia. She looked at Qin’s mother and pleased it. I brought it back in the early summer. She was my brother’s new table. I thought to let them contact their feelings.Mother Qin ignored her and fell on An Chuxia: This classmate, you love to apologize for others!Qin Qing droohed your clothes. When I didn’t pay attention, took you to the room where I smiled. When you came out, you apologized for Qin Qing.Don’t you know?

I remember at the last school celebration, you borrowed this dress from my house. She also said that it was my birthday gift.In the early summer, I glanced at me quickly. Under the gaze of Ms. Qin, I apologized to me again: Sorry, I wore your clothes without any effort.The pleasing sound sounds wronged, please leave if you know how to be flattering.Mother Qin completely had no daughter -in -law on weekdays and disdain.Since I found that you wearing a smiley clothes, I said that this clothes gave you.After all, others have touched, and my family laughed and was not rare. An Chuxia ran away humiliatedly.Qin Qin wanted to chase, and was scared to be scared when he got out of Qin’s mother.Mother Qin patted my hand, hungry!Have a meal.

In this farce, Qin Xiao always said nothing.I received the WeChat he sent that night and told me to go to his room.The first sentence he saw me was: who are you?Why is it in Xu Xiaoxiao’s body?He would shock his whole body and looked up at him. Qin Xiao’s eyes were cold and stared at me.and who are you?I glanced around, stepped forward and grabbed him, and it was a madness.

Are you a missionist who crossed it?Say what your task is, how can you make Qin Xiao back!He broke away from my restraint and looked at me silently: You have seen more about the drama, and you can think of it. Isn’t you saying that I am not "myself"?You have ignored my existence since childhood.Now I am pretended to be posing, the biggest possibility is that you are a missionist.I look serious, and I don’t think I am different from before.However, Qin Xiao’s performance today is really a little weird.Since childhood, he doesn’t like me.I was born again for a day, how could he find it?Since I can be reborn, Qin can cross.

Why can’t Qin Xiao a taskist?Xu Xiaoxiao followed me from an early age. If she saw An Chuxia come to eat at home, she wouldn’t have a look at Qin Xiao like you. Don’t pretend.I know that you are not Xu Xiaoxiao’s expression amused. Is this when I like you, you ignore me; when I give up, you start to pay attention to me?Qin Xiao stunned and looked at me in shock. Fortunately, he was not a mission, but he knew that I liked him, but ignored it.

When I ignored him, he felt uncomfortable.Isn’t this the dog blood story chasing the fire burial field?Cut the dog man, I do n’t get the corresponding response blindly, of course, I will be tired and sad.I stood up with both hands and laughed so that I no longer eat other girls.The vinegar is because I decided not to like you anymore.He looked at me stupidly, and there was still a dull face on his handsome face. I couldn’t help but stepped forward and pecked lightly on his face. Goodbye!The boy I like, we will be good brothers and sisters in the future.After speaking, I left his room and kept it in my adherence and softly.Mother Qin promised to let me move away.Uncle Qin rented me a youth apartment in the school’s family’s courtyard, allowing me to live with a high school female school bully.He also gave her a thousand dollars of red envelopes, telling her that if I could enter the top 100 in the school, and gave her a great gift.Your adoptive parents are nice!In my country, I still have to kneel and ask for it to go to school.Women’s learning to help me pave the bed. When I said, thanks to you, I can live here. I do n’t understand what I do n’t understand in the future.

Although I came to me, I quickly said which lesson was relatively weak. She was simple and clear for me.Except for the rest of the school, she and she were studying in apartments or libraries.I have rarely contacted Qin Xiao.I didn’t expect some people to say our gossip. Some people said that Qin Xiao didn’t like me, and Mother Qin liked me anymore.I was not scanned out of the ground yet.

Others said that I was too bad to study with Qin Xiao, and Mother Qin kicked me out.Female Xueba asked me if I want to help me clarify, who doesn’t like someone to help her ask her family and find expensive apartments.I don’t care, there is any good explanation.Even if I move back to Qin’s house now, rumors will be explained in another way.

No, there is a time to learn more at this time. I still thought you were a coquettish girl.But luck is good to meet noble people. The female Xueba patted my shoulder. Now it seems that you deserve to be good to you.From that day, I found that she was no longer hiding, and her attitude towards me became sincere.Because the people who did not respond to rumors were boring, and I didn’t discuss this matter. I thought it was justified. I didn’t expect Qin Qing and An Chuxia to come to the door again.I was memorizing words on the playground that day, and I heard someone told me to turn my head to see that An Chuxia and Qin Qing.834: 01.Xu Xiaoxiao, you are not disgusting!Actually, I told my brother, saying that we rumored that you are not liked by Qin’s mother.Qin Qing pointed at me and scolded.An Chuxia’s face of his face: Xu Xiaoxiao.I don’t know why you misunderstood you, but I really didn’t make your rumors.Qin Qing had red blood in his eyes, and at first glance, he didn’t rest well.I moved out of the Qin family, she was still unwilling?With future experience, even if I explain my daughter, I can’t believe it.Qin Xiao asked you to apologize to me?I have the ability to find him to complain!I kicked the little stones on the ground and ran to me.Why do I look like an air cylinder?

An Chuxia’s face was grievance. I sincerely explain to you.You don’t want this attitude!I was amused by him.The savvy and capable lady of the previous life was like this: This month’s monthly test and my grades are almost the most important in the whole year.Isn’t it learning?I suddenly wanted to order Anchu Xia, just like she said that I was not as good as Qin Xiao as a parasite.

If An Chuxia Qinqin is not good, the Thai family can also send her to study abroad.And you?Do you want to be a parasite after you do n’t study well now?Does your family have this condition?At first, An Chuxia said that my parasites made me inferior for a long time. She said that it was encouraging me, and now it is my turn to encourage her.Obviously, An Chuxia’s face is still very thin. She covered her face and ran away. It was not as arrogant and bold as the previous life.Qin Qing rushed up and roared to me: You are parasites.Why do you hurt An Chuxia?Obviously I cut off her words: Obviously she and your dad love each other so much, obviously I am the parasite.Obviously I suspected that the poor and rich left your dad. She was stunned and stunned me step by step.Do your dad fell in love with each other?I am a parasite, what are you?Do I think the poor and wealth leave your dad?I was dead.I am not elopeing with people.My words scared Qin Qing, and she looked at me in shock: Mom, are you back?Don’t call my mother, I don’t have your daughter who is climbing inside.

After speaking, I stopped looking at her and left, and I didn’t go far.I saw a middle -aged man who said what An Chuxia said not far away, and the man looked familiar.An Chuxia was explaining to him, but he pulled her out of the school. An Chuxia struggled desperately. When the man pulled me in accident with her, he immediately opened his eyes and grabbed An Chuxia.Hand panic.

Zhang Litai, I found a private detective with the pocket money I usually deposited and asked him to check the past of the middle -aged man.The truth surprised me. He was my biological father.I looked at him and An Chuxia in the photo, but did not expect them to be father and daughter.But he is her stepfather.It turned out that my mother died unexpectedly that year, and my dad didn’t know.

Two years later, he remarried. In memory, my family is not wealthy, but he can buy a house as a house as a pre -marital property.I remembered that the yellow rose in front of my mother’s tomb was put on?I haven’t waited for me to find him.

Some classmates said that An Chuxia was going to transfer to school. I couldn’t help remembering the death. He seemed to be transferred at this node. Is it related to me?Is my dad who found me in this school to transfer him to school?Does my mother’s death have something to do with my dad?Just when I wanted to find my dad to figure out the truth of the matter, I found that his mobile phone was unable to contact, and An Chuxia stayed in school and did not transfer to school like previous lives.Is Qin Qin looking for me to play with these small means?My dad just missed the years of An Chuixia. Do you have to be a feet?what did I do?Let you hate it so much.In my memory, I am a full -fledged housewife, taking care of Qin Xiao’s father and daughter to get up filial piety to her in -laws.

Although Qin Xiao has no feelings for me, she is excellent to Qin Qin. She deliberately bought her school district houses, and the school did not need to pick her up in the family courtyard.At the age of fifteen, she was obsessed with anime and dressed as anime figure all day long. For this reason, my mother had noisy.In the early summer, he knew this incident and took him to anime exhibition, and the two also cosplay together.

I only learned about this from Qinqin’s circle of friends. As soon as I asked him, he was soaring, suspecting that I was annoying, I care about him, and I don’t give him freedom.Business, don’t want to go home, even his birthday is together.That was that I signed the fiction at the divorce agreement that day.Originally, I wanted to travel to relax and live well after I came back. I didn’t expect to lose my life and rose to high school.But I always feel that I have lost any memories, but I ca n’t remember it. You are not sorry for me, but you are sorry at the beginning.Essence

If you divorce your front feet, find someone to hit him seriously, making An Chuxia difficult to get pregnant.Later, he married my dad and did not sprinkle his breath on me.On the day I got married, the chandeliers suddenly fell down. An Chuxia saved me, and he completely lost her fertility function.I crossed this time to satisfy his wishes to marry my dad as soon as possible.

I am not sure if the lost memory is closed with An Chuxia.But I dare to guarantee that An Chuxia told Qinqin that the things I did for her must be fabricated by herself.After divorcing Qin Xiao, I donated all the property I had been divided into. My own deposit was only enough to live and where the travel fee came to buy people to hurt An Chuxia.Qi Qin’s mouth pointed at me to be reborn, and decided not to marry my dad anymore.In the previous life, it was not your meal frozen hand and feet, and he was still pretending to be innocent. Do you regret it again.I want to transfer to the early summer as the previous life. Fortunately, entangle my dad. How much he hates my daughter, and he doesn’t even find out the matter. He blindly believes that An Chuxia can no longer control his emotions.He slap.Qinqin is your mother’s mother. Uncle Qin is not the principal and is not so big, forcing a student to transfer.Other people’s love brains are a watch that is scum into a scum man. You have been brainwashed by An Chuxia from the future.You can rest assured that Xu Xiaoxiao vowed here, and he would never marry Qin Xiao, and he would never regenerate your secret.I let go of my ruthless words and pushed the piano pushed away in front of me and walked towards the library.Qin Qin asked the head teacher and said that I hit him and had An Chuxia testimony.

When I saw Qinqin, the whole person was stunned, and I really didn’t believe that my slap could swell his face.I stretched out my hands towards the teacher. If I hit it, my hand would at least swell.An Chuxia stimulated that he saw the piano that I hit, did he fight with his hands? He didn’t see clearly and proposed to check and monitor.Qinqin stood there and looked at me fiercely, his eyes were proud.

Very good, he hates so much. In order to make me have a big influence on the college entrance examination, I have to be wronged at the expense of the college entrance examination.Since you have to wrong me, let’s call it.I am a grandmother, but Mother Qin is my mother.I turned my head to look at An Chuxia, don’t you want to be a witness?It is better to call your parents too, let me see what kind of parents, you can teach you for testimony.An Chuxia was anxious. He looked at the class teacher and teacher with grievances. My stepfather always wanted to transfer to the school. I didn’t dare to call my parents. I looked at Qinqin, so don’t you call your parents?After all, the mother of Qin will not believe that the teacher who checks the monitoring is back, saying that his monitoring snacks are broken and they are not recorded.Qinqin’s face has been washed, and it is not enough to extract fingerprints. In the end, this is not the case.

When we came out, Anchu let go of it. You are not just good. What you have hurt your adoptive parents, and you do n’t have much to depend on yourself.It is better to compare it. Seeing who failed to get to the top 100 in the grade in the monthly examination in the monthly exam. After the incident, there were more and more rumors about my school.Others said that I was too hot to chase Qin Xiao and wanted to show him the pressure of the college entrance examination. It was found by Mother Qin to drive me out.Also say that my academic performance is too poor.Mother Qin thinks that I am not worthy of Qin Xiao and no longer adopt me, and I live in the apartment. You learn to know that at this time to force me to learn.

Xu Xiaoxiao: Only when you achieve good results in the monthly examination can you blind their dog’s eyes.In his constant cheering, I studied hard to throw those rumors behind my ears. After the test results came out, everyone was obsessed with the ranking of the top 50 of the grade.I go to Xu Xiaoxiao, you are enough.For a man, I listened to the mist. What do you mean?It is not that you and An Chuxia will go to the top 100 in the middle of the month in the monthly exam.Someone in the crowd gave me confusion.I gritted my teeth and tangled at the corner of my mouth, and looked around.Do you learn for men?

We are still so young. Isn’t it to live a better life?My words made everyone laugh, and someone went to see An Chuxia’s results.In this monthly exam, he fell to 500 in the year. The first piano was born and comforted. I accompany you.An Chuxia pushed him away and ran out of the classroom again.After that, I got better at a time, but An Chuxia was worse than once.Qin Xiao gradually appeared beside him. During the winter vacation, Qin Xiao actually brought An Chuxia home.Qin’s mother was called Qin Xiao into the house. After a while, he came out to say that An Chuxia said that the New Year was not suitable for him to leave him a red envelope at home.Before An Chuxia was born, Qin Qin held his mother Qin’s arm and shaken there. His father was broken to him, so let An Chuxia spend the Chinese New Year with us.

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