"Taboo Girl": Boys play with women and cause their pregnancy, and their experiences during pregnancy can regret it.

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In the last article of the demon demon, the girl Nano’s domineering return: The scumbag played with many women and finally got pregnant. In super solution, the demon took everyone to watch the first season of the second season of "Taboo Girl" who just updated.set.

This episode tells that a romantic boy named Nayana has countless girls in school, leading to many girls pregnant.

And this boy is used to being a scumbag, and take an irresponsible attitude towards every pregnant girl.

Of course, the wicked people have their own wicked people, and Nayana has provoked Nuo Nuo who is not easy to mess with. After the night of dew, she is no longer a girl who is pregnant, but Nayana himself.

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As mentioned earlier, Naya chose to go to the hospital because her belly rose, the reproductive organs became smaller, and the sexual life was weak. After the examination, the doctor told Nayana that he was pregnant.Nayana was like a lightning strike.

After arriving at the school, the classmates in the school were talking about Nayana’s recent strange moves. Nayana’s good brothers also participated in it. Seeing that Nayana came to the school, the Nayani brothers kept chasing him and asked what happened to him recently.Nai was forced to break his mouth and said that he was not sick because he was pregnant.

The school was boiling instantly. The video was shot and passed on the Internet. Everyone was discussing Nayana as a man’s pregnancy.

Even the teachers who originally planned to let Nayanaki as the president of the Student Union found Nayana that he told him that he missed the campaign, and Naya’s life became upside down.

Nayana returned home and watched his own video on the Internet. He thought of those girls who had been hurt by himself, and he seemed to see the girls who laughed at himself.

He used an indifferent look when other girls were pregnant, and viciously said that it might be just a tumor.

He once did not care about others after others’ pregnancy, although the girl was in his belly.

When a girl was pregnant, he left her mercilessly, no matter how the other party retained, how to face the next life.

He also bought her an abortion medicine after another girl was pregnant. Because the country had laws to prohibit abortion, he adopted a more cruel way.

Of course, although the law is prohibited, there are inevitable that there are some black clinics, Nayana has taken a certain girl.

In the end, Nanani thought of Nano, the girl who had to get pregnant, as if he saw that Nano looked indifferent to himself, he congratulated himself with his daughter.

Nayana was painful and angry. I didn’t know where he should go. He opened the school’s magazine. The cover was himself. It was when he was not pregnant, the scenery was infinite, but now he has nothing to get pregnant!

Isn’t what he experienced now?

Just as Naya was in pain, a knock on the door sounded, and Nayana opened the door to find her parents.

His parents saw the news from the Internet to see him, but instead of visiting him, it was better to ask him and asked him why he did such a shameful thing.

Later, Nayana quarreled with his father, and broke out that his father had a big belly to ask others to abandon his abortion.

It turns out that father and son are the same.

Nayana’s father thrown off a sum of money to let Nayana solve the child, otherwise don’t go home.

Nayani could only find a house alone.

In a dim house, Nayana wanted to solve the child in his stomach by himself. He chose to take abortion medicine, but he did not respond to his vomiting after eating.

So Nayani poured out a medicine and took it.

After taking an abortion medicine, Nayana Qixiao bleed more than, and he fainted beside the toilet.

But when he woke up, he found that his belly was still bulging. The child had super vitality, and a medicine did not let it leave the world.

Nayani wanted to get rid of this child. He saw that the medicine could not work, and simply picked up a knife on the table and was ready to plan for his belly.

But at the moment he was about to scratch his belly, there was a sound outside the door, and a figure stood at the door.

Nayana hurried to the door and opened the door. The figure just disappeared, leaving only a familiar back.

At this time, Nayani found that there was a note on the ground, saying, "Do you not want to know why you are pregnant? Behind the note is to remind Nayana who wants to think about who the last woman is before pregnancy?"

Nayana thought of Nano. In order not to attract attention, Nayana dressed himself as a woman to find Nuo Nuo. After Nano saw Nayana, he told Naya herself relentlessly.Just playing, I didn’t feel it for him from beginning to end.

I have to say that Nano looks like Nayana’s previous look.

The loss of Nayana was about to leave, but when she saw Xiao Pei, who was engaged in her big belly, Naya cried and apologized to Xiao Pei.

In this world, there has never been any feelings of the same body. Now the reason why Nayani is sincere apology is because he eats his own bad results.

But Xiao Pei performed very indifferently. She forgive Nayana peacefully and said that she did not regret leaving the child.

The two hugged.

Later, Xiao Pei entered the delivery room. She exhausted her whole body strength and gave birth to a lively and healthy child. Xiao Pei cried with satisfaction.

Maybe only she knows that it is not worth it.

Shortly after Xiao Pei gave birth to a child, Nayana also entered the delivery room, but his purpose was to let the doctor remove the child, but after he woke up, he found that the child had been lying beside him.

Although the child’s month has not yet reached the level of birth, he did lie on the side of Nayana.

Nayani asked the doctor why the child had to leave this child. He spent money to get rid of the child, but the doctor ignored Nayana, but gave the child indifferently to Nayana, and said that if you want to get rid of him, thenJust do it yourself.

Nayana took the child home and looked at the child’s simple face. Nayana stretched his hand to the child’s neck. He attempted to strangle the child with his hand.

But the child’s cry made Nayana unable to get off after all. After all, this is his own flesh. Not only that, looking at the crying child, Nayana also feds the child with a loving look. At that moment, Nayana seemed to be likeIt really has the glory of motherhood.

When Nayana feeds the child with a loving face, Nano is here, Nayana opened the door with surprise and promised to make himself a better person, as long as Nano is willing to harmonizeReunion by yourself.

But Nuo said indifferently that he was just looking at their father and daughter. When he saw that Nayana would be a good father, he was relieved, and then he left relentlessly.

However, a strange thing happened when Nuo left. Nano picked up a photo, which was Nuo’s face, but was smeared strangely and crowded by blood donation.

Not only that, Nano just talked with Nayana and was photographed, and was also thrown on the ground, that is to say, someone could monitor her every move when Nuo did not know.

This weird photo is full of places. Nuo followed the photo forward and walked to the rooftop. The rooftop wrote "See You Soon" with a red ink on the rooftop.

The first episode is over. Who is this person?How should Nano deal with it next?Where will Nayana go to Dad?

Welcome to follow the demon, I will chase the drama with you!

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