"Return" Qin Mingyu Duan Roufan eighty -three (dinner knows that Meng Xiaoshan’s pregnant dolls are accompanied)

The story is purely fictional, and it is not easy. Thank you for your support!

"Return" stills

This time Qin Mingyu came to report in advance. He officially went to work on Monday, and Lu Chen had a job last week. He returned this week. He also went to work on Monday. By then, the two brothers could go back together.

The two were rare to rest on Sunday. I asked everyone to eat together to eat together. It has been more than a month since the last dinner, and Meng Xiaoshan sent her message almost every day., But suddenly I did not post it in the past few days, she also wanted to go to see her.

When Duan Rou received a call from home, she agreed if she thought about it. Anyway, she was the biggest now. Qin Mingyu listened to her!

Xiao Nan would not have any opinions, because he could see Sister Chuyang again, and he was too happy.

At 11 am the next day, this was the time to be agreed, and the two of them arrived at Meng Xiaoshan’s restaurant almost at the same time.

Xiao Nan went straight to Chuyang when he got out of the car. Duan Rou was no wonder. Qin Mingyu didn’t care about him. Only Lu Chen was not happy that Xiao Nan was always sticking to his daughter, but he couldn’t tell Xiao Nan that he could not approach Chuyang.He was so depressed!

Gui Xiao took everyone to the room where Meng Xiaoshan reserved for them. As soon as they sat down for a while, Qin Feng helped Meng Xiaoshan, who was a little pale.

Gui Xiao immediately stood up and greet Meng Xiaoshan’s other hand. He cared about it, "What? What is so bad? Where is uncomfortable? Do you see a doctor?"

Meng Xiaoshan waved his hand, his voice was a bit weak: "It’s okay, don’t worry, I have seen the doctor, everything is normal."

"I think you don’t look like it’s okay. What happened?" Seeing her weak appearance, where is normal?Intersection

At this time, Qin Feng spoke: "Sister, your sister is okay. She is just pregnant and has a bad response. In recent days, she eats and vomits, so people don’t look very good, but the doctor said that this is normal.It’s good for a while. "

"Return" stills

Gui Xiao was surprised. The last dinner was prepared. By the way, I was pregnant so soon?Intersection

"Sister, really?! Come, sit down, how can I vomit so powerful? I basically have no reaction when I am in the early Yang."

I heard Meng Xiaoshan’s pregnancy Duan Rou was also happy. Everyone’s children were almost there. At that time, there would be a companion. "Sister Kobayashi, congratulations to you as a mother, your reaction is too powerful. What did the doctor say what did the doctor say?Can it alleviate the method of pregnancy? "

Speaking of this Meng Xiaoshan, it is about to collapse. "I was pregnant for more than a month, and I vomited like this. The doctor said that there was no way to relieve it. It was okay to survive it.People will always vomit until life. These days I want to vomit even drinking saliva, won’t I really want me to vomit?! I really envy you two, and there is no response at all.This is here to toss me! "

After listening to Meng Xiaoshan, Lu Chen and Qin Mingyu couldn’t help but be glad that their wife had no response when she was pregnant. Otherwise, they would be distressed to kill them. You see Qin Feng now, you can’t wait to vomit his wife.

"Sister, no, it will be better slowly. What do you want to eat now? Let your brother -in -law find it, and eat it if you want to eat it." Will it be better? "

I do n’t know if this method is useful. Try it. What if it is useful?Intersection

Meng Xiaoshan thought about it. Since she knew that she was pregnant last week, her mother -in -law had given her to supplement her in the past few days. As a result, she vomited as soon as she ate, making her mother -in -law anxious.

She watched her husband, "Qin Feng, I want to eat sour now, isn’t there sour radish in the store? Get something to try."

Qin Feng heard what his wife said he wanted to eat, and immediately came to the spirit.

Qin Feng said that he ran out to find a sour radish.

Meng Xiaoshan pulled Guo Xiao’s hand, "You see, you did n’t respond to your pregnancy, and he gave birth to such a cute girl like Chuyang. Duan Rou is also a reaction. Xiao Nan also said that he was a sister.Such a tossing is definitely a stinky boy, but Qin Feng and I want their daughters. "

Duan Rou has been 7 months old. If you want to know men and women, you can have checked it long ago, but she does not, boys and girls are good, but they all hope to be girls.

"Sister Xiaoshan, this is not necessarily. I didn’t ask the doctor’s stomach whether the son or daughter was in the stomach. I felt that it was announced when I was born.I can often feel that they (they) are fighting inside, sometimes it hurts and hurts! Maybe it is also a stinky boy. "

As soon as Duan Rou finished speaking, Qin Mingyu could be nervous, "Wife, why haven’t you told me this? You have been hard enough with them (they).I definitely want to push a small fart when I come out, who makes them (them) so skinny! "

Lu Chen glanced at Qin Mingyu, and said casually: "Lao Qin, don’t say that full of words. If you really have a daughter, you are willing to hit them?!"

"Return" stills

"Uh, this …" Qin Mingyu scratched his head embarrassedly, "If my daughter, I really can’t bear it, as soft and glutinous as your family’s early Yang, can you be willing to fight? What about me?" You are not the same. "

Xiao Nan played with Chuyang on the sofa sitting aside this time. He was a child who did not participate in their topic.

Talking and chatting, Qin Feng came in with a plate of sour radish, "Wife, try it, see if you don’t fit your appetite."

The dish sour radish looked very delicious. Duan Rou wanted to eat it, and the saliva was secreted in his mouth.

However, she can still hold back. After all, this was brought by her husband, and she was embarrassed to eat.

Qin Mingyu found that she looked at the sour carrot -like cat -like cat, and smiled at her ear and said, "Wipe your mouth, wait for me to let the waiter give you a little bit."

Duan Rou looked at him with his head, and the meaning of the expression was obvious: then you are not going to go!

Meng Xiaoshan looked at the sour radish diced from Qin Feng, and the saliva was secreted in the mouth. She felt very delicious. She picked up chopsticks and tried a small piece. The radish was crispy and delicious.Slightly spicy, delicious, and the stomach didn’t feel the feeling of vomiting before, and then she clamped it one after another without any adverse reactions.

Qin Feng saw that his wife could finally eat things, and she felt a little bit better, but it was not nutritious to eat these side dishes alone.

You must know that she will be so hard to get pregnant, and he must insist on not being a child, and spend their two worlds.

Now that she is pregnant, it is impossible to kill, I just hope she can quickly survive this pregnancy.

Gui Xiao was okay to see her a few mouthfuls, and said happily: "Sister, you see, you can eat it, you can think about what to eat, you can’t just eat one sour radish!"

Meng Xiaoshan thought about it: "I don’t have anything to eat now. It seems that the children in the stomach like to eat sour." Then he turned to look at Qin Feng: "Husband, you will order a few sour dishes to trySee if you can eat it. "

"Okay, I have a few more, there are always you can eat!"

Qin Feng turned out to order, and Qin Mingyu followed him. He was going to get some sour radish for his wife, and he would cry without taking it.

(To be continued)

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