"Private parts" long pubic lice itching is unbearable?The doctor gives 4 solutions, I hope you know

Many people do not care about their private parts, and only when they appear uncomfortable symptoms, they will care.Some men find that their private parts are very itchy and feel unbearable. When they want to see what is the problem, they find that the pubic hair grows bugs, and they are particularly scared.What is the disease of insects on pubic hair?How to solve it?Let’s take a look at it together.

A bugs on pubic hair are likely to be caused by pubic lice disease. This is a sexually transmitted disease. It is a kind of skin that is caused by parasitic pubic lice bite near the body of the body of the human body and the body around the anus.Infectious parasitic parasitic disease.Pubic lice are generally grown on pubic hair. Only when the pubic hair and pubic hair are in contact with the sexual life, will it be transferred to the new host.However, sexual life is not the only way to spread, it is the main way to spread.

Plane is not uncommon, especially in some unique people.For example, people who often make messages, those who do not check in sexual life, and have multiple personality partners, will increase the risk of infection with pubic lice.Another example is that the conditions for living are poor, and often go to a public bathroom with poor public health. This environment is also more likely to be infected with pubic lice disease.For another example, violating moral concepts and often going to talk about it. This behavior is also unsafe, and it is easy to get pubic lice.

1. Remove all pubic hair

Plastic lice are parasites that parasites on human pubic hair, so if you want to remove parasites, you must solve the place where it lives.All pubic hair should be removed, including pubic hair near the anus.The shaved pubic hair cannot be thrown casually, otherwise the pubic lice will be stored in other places.Find a clean pot and put it in it, and burned a fire, a hundred.

2. insecticidal

The next step is to kill pubic lice, and many drugs can kill pubic lice.Common sulfur ointments, mala sulfur washing agents, etc., the specific use of drugs, how to use drugs, should obey the doctor’s guidance and suggestions.In addition to these insecticidal drugs, sometimes some antibiotics must be taken, which can combat secondary bacterial infections.

3. Process intimate contact items

While treating pubic lice disease, it is also necessary to conduct detailed anti -virus for the items you often contact.Because pubic lice may also be sent out of these items. Although the pubic lice on the body are killed, it is still possible that you can infected your pubic lice again because of these items.It is best to wear disposable underwear during treatment, which is more secure.The intimate contact sheets, underwear, underwear and other items should be boiled and disinfected. It is better to change the new after it is completely cured.

4. Do not perform sexual life during treatment

Before the dampness is cured, don’t have sex with your partner, because the main way to spread the disease is sexual behavior.If you transmit pubic lice disease to your partner through sexual life, you will cure this disease yourself, and will be transmitted by your partner, so that there is no end to each other.

The long -lasting insects on the pubic hair are likely to have pubic lice disease. When this happens, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time, and then perform insecticidal treatment based on the guidance and suggestions of the doctor.In life, we must be cleaned up and do not perform dangerous sexual life. In addition, we must pay attention to hygiene to prevent pubic lice disease.

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