"Pregnant women have three volts and stoves in the belly."

"There are three nine in cold, and the heat is three volts." After entering July, Sanfu Tian came. As the hottest period of the year, everyone will avoid the summer at this time, and pregnant women are no exception.

The pregnant mothers with a big belly are even hotter than ordinary people, and they need to cool a summer. At this time, the temperature is high and the air is humid. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to cooling down and heatstroke.

Everyone loves to eat cold in the hot summer. Watermelon, frozen beverages, and various cold drinks and cold foods on the streets are unbearable.

In fact, pregnant mothers can’t eat these, but as pregnant mothers, it is okay to eat less solution, but if you eat too much, you can easily stimulate the stomach, affect digestion and absorption.

And if you eat too cold, it will cause blood vessel contraction. The blood supply of the placenta to the child will also be reduced, and it will also affect the baby in the stomach.Therefore, pregnant mothers must remember to prevent cold in summer, and don’t let the body aggravate the burden.

In addition to paying attention to diet, pregnant mothers do not require cooling to take a cold bath, otherwise it is easy to stimulate the pregnant mother’s uterus to cause miscarriage and premature birth. The water temperature is best to adjust to a moderate temperature.

Summer summer air conditioners are definitely the first choice, but mothers during pregnancy should pay attention that the temperature of the air conditioner is the best at 25 ~ 28 ° C. It is cool and comfortable.Essence

In addition, the air conditioner should not let the wind blow up the pregnant mother. In an air -conditioning environment, it is best to prepare a air -conditioned shirt. It is best to cover the limbs to avoid cold. In addition, the pregnant mother must remember that the room should be ventilated regularly.

Long -term air -conditioning environment, pregnant mothers should also pay more attention to the maintenance of the skin, and replenish more water to relieve dryness.

▷ sunscreen

As a pregnant mother, sunscreen must also be necessary. If you want to go out, try not to choose noon periods, especially after 10 am to 3 pm, too much outdoor is easy to heatstroke.

If you travel, do a good job of sunscreen. Take a parasol and put on sunscreen clothes. Do not wear too close -fitting clothes. Choose cotton cotton sweat or real silk clothes. Do not spend too long outdoors.

In addition, some sunscreens are not applicable to pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should choose skin care products carefully. Some unqualified products contain more chemical material components. Do not hurt the fetus in the belly.

Due to physical changes during pregnancy during pregnancy, there are more heat production than ordinary people. The body temperature will also increase by 0.5 ° C. In summer, pregnant women will be more hot than ordinary people.Health causes threats.

And if you have been too hot for a long time, the mood of pregnant mothers will be irritable. The adverse symptoms brought by them also have headaches and fatigue. In severe cases, it is easy to cause premature birth, so pregnant mothers should keep refreshing in summer.

1) Keep a good mentality

As the so -called calmness is natural and cold, the emotions of pregnant mothers will also affect themselves. In summer, the anger is strong. If the pregnant mother is restless, she will feel sultry.

Create more comfortable and happy atmosphere, find something you like to do, and maintain vitality in summer, and to spend the summer during this pregnancy happily.

2) Wear wide and comfortable clothing

Pregnant mother’s clothing is recommended to choose some wide dresses. The material of cotton and linen is more sweat -absorbing and breathable. In the wet and hot three -volt sky, light -colored loose clothes can make the pregnant mother more refreshing and comfortable.

3) Keep water

Pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water during pregnancy, supplement the body’s water in time, and can also cool down the heat. In the summer of the diet, try to be easy to digest light food. Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables.Ingredients.

Do not eat cold food because of a moment of mouthful, and the pregnant mother still has to control more self -control, and consider the safety of the fetus in the belly.

4) Outdoor sports

In the summer, pregnant mothers should not stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time. Going out more is also conducive to physical and mental development. You can choose to be in the morning or evening.Take a walk and do some appropriate sports.

The most suitable exercise for pregnant mothers during pregnancy is swimming. It can not only get exercise during pregnancy, but also cool down the heat and relax in the water.

5) How to solve heat stroke?

If pregnant mothers have dizziness, headache, dry dazzling mouth, and weak limbs, consider the possibility of heat stroke, at this time, leave the high -temperature environment as soon as possible, rest at the cool and ventilated place, and drink some light saline to cool down.

Pregnant mothers must be careful of their bodies. If there is any discomfort, go to the hospital to check the situation in a timely manner. Do not support it by themselves, and miss the timing of treatment.

【Topic today】

How do you solve the heat and cool down in the summer?Come and share with us your pregnancy secrets ~

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