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Guide: Some pregnant mothers really keep their figure after pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers become fat and become fat, and some keep their body, maybe they are not physical problems. Don’t ignore these reasons!

1. Whether endocrine is normal

The factors that affect fatter not only are eaten, how physique, but also whether endocrine is normal.

If the pregnant mother’s endocrine is normal and the metabolism is normal, the absorption and digestion of the nutrition in the body are normal, and there will be no cumulative food and indigestion;

If the endocrine has abnormal symptoms, it will cause fat storage, which will become fat over time.

Now that endocrine can affect the weight of pregnant women, pregnant women should pay attention to the conditioning of endocrine.

If you want to endocrine normal, the pregnant mother must first pay attention to the lightness of the diet. Try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible, and eat these things rich in vitamins and protein, which is conducive to digestion and absorption.

The second is to reduce fat intake. Don’t always eat some big greasy foods. Although it is fragrant, the impact is not small.

It is normal for pregnant women to do these endocrine. Once the endocrine is normal, the weight of pregnant women will increase normally, and there will be no obesity.

2. Whether the diet is opposite

Pregnant women should eat good things during pregnancy, and eat more nutritious things. Needless to say, some pregnant women are not eaten.

Always eat more things that you think are nutritious, and as a result, there are partial eclipse and uneven nutrition.

Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to the comprehensiveness of the diet. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The trace elements and vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored.Vitamins, protein.

The second is that foods like eggs should also eat more, one or two eggs a day is enough.

Why must we pay attention to protein supplement after pregnancy?

This is because the protein is easy to digest and absorb. Pregnant women eat protein -containing foods and will not digest, so that the digestion of pregnant women is normal, and weight is a horizontal state of normal increase.

Protein has a lot of benefits to pregnant women and fetuses. This kind of substance that is good for health, development, and weight control, why do pregnant mothers not eat much?

Pregnant infants suggest that pregnant mothers start from their own diet, and eating these foods can be not obese.

Third, eat less meals

If you want to not obese during pregnancy, you must try to eat less and eat as little meal.

Eating less can make the digestion smoother, and there will be no indigestion, and more meals can supplement sufficient nutrition. The dietary principles such as pregnant mothers will achieve good digestion and nutritional effects.Fetal development is very helpful, and it is also conducive to the control of the pregnant mother’s own weight.

Many pregnant mothers have increased by 15 to 20 pounds during pregnancy. In fact, they have something to do with such dietary principles. After pregnancy, they eat less and eat less. Pregnant mothers can eat like this.

In addition, some pregnant mothers have a misunderstanding. I always feel that the more nutritional supplements to eat, the richer. What we often say, "Is the pregnant mother knowing what it means?

The more you eat one at a time, the less it is easy to digest and absorb, and you can’t excessive everything, which is correct.

Preparation of pregnant infant tone: Do not increase your weight in the pregnant woman. You must know that the fetus, amniotic fluid, and placenta must have nearly 16 to 18 pounds. The weight gain of the pregnant mothers will not gain weight by about 20 pounds during pregnancy.As long as the figure is not too much, the belly is large and the weight gain is normal, and it cannot be avoided. Pregnant mothers should not be tangled in this matter!

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