"Popular science" cat is pregnant and is about to give birth to a little baby. How should the owner be born?

Shortly after the cat mating, about 4 weeks before and after, you can judge whether the cat is pregnant. The cat’s pregnancy period is about 60 days. Cats are usually produced in their own home.After pregnancy, make some preparations early to ensure that the cat is left smoothly.

Cat -sucking little capable of this article tells you that if you give birth to your own cat.

The first thing to explain is that pregnant cats are even more sensitive than usual, special nervous.In order to make cats more comfortable, take care of them carefully, so that cats avoid doing any violent exercise, or what things will cause cats must be prohibited from doing strenuous exercise, otherwise cats are likely to have a miscarriage.

When the cat is pregnant for 3 to 4 weeks, the cat’s butt will become dirty. At this time, it is necessary to help the cat clean the fart. Do not take a bath for the cat, which will make the cat easily infected.

After the cat is pregnant, the amount of rice is quite large. At this time, you need to add more meals to the cats, eat some canned fish, and the like. The cat consumes calories at this time is twice as usual, so you must not only consider eating, but also to be more considering, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also need to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also to be eaten, but also more.Choose a lot of foods to make cats have sufficient heat.

When the cat is produced, you must prepare the following things, don’t miss it:

1, production box

The role of the production box is to give the cat a quiet place. Buy a small paper shell box online. It is not open. One entrance and export should have a ceiling. It is best to open a small air hole on the ceiling.Keep air circulation.

2, towels and paper towels

Towels and towels or wet towels are necessary biological items. Clean blood and some residual substances at any time. You can also clean up the newborn kitten body as soon as possible.

3, wire and scissors

The role of wires and scissors is to help the cat’s mother break the umbilical cord without the cat’s postpartum treatment.

4. Washing and warm water

Clean up at any time to keep it clean.

When the cat is about to produce, it will be very panicked and overwhelmed, because the body’s pain interval becomes shorter, and as the pain becomes stronger, it becomes no appetite. When the cat enters the production box, it will be motionless,That is the signs of about to produce, so hurry up and prepare for the birth!

At this time, you must wait quietly. The cat will give birth to the baby hard. After giving birth to the baby, the cat will bite the cord of the cat baby’s baby and lick the mucous membrane wrapped on the cat baby.This is a very worry -free cat, basically nothing to do. If the cat at home is the case, it can be great.

And some cats will not do anything for the first time because they are a mother or temperament for the first time, which means that they will not do anything after the remaining kitten.The baby’s mucous membrane, so at this time, you need to cut the umbilical cord with two scissors with scissors, otherwise the cat baby will die, and then wipe off the mucosa on the cat’s baby with a cat or paper towel.

After that, the next pain will squeeze the placenta, and the cat usually eats the placenta, and then the cat mother will feed the cat. For the cat’s sufficient milk, you can make some catfish soup (do not put salt, clear it with water to clear the waterCook it), let the cats raise milk and make it sufficient milk.

However, sometimes some cats do not have milk and will not feed their cats, so the owner should shoulder the heavy responsibility of taking care of the baby of the cat, and give the baby a pet milk powder.

If you have conditions, it is best to go to the hospital for an examination around one week before giving birth. During the cat’s pregnancy, the cat is very nervous, so you must provide a quiet and comfortable production place, otherwise the cat will be very anxious.

Cats are not good at the cat in the belly from the height, so when you see the cat climb to the height, you must hold it down, and don’t let it jump down.

Cats cannot keep in the cage all the time, and moderate exercise is also necessary. If the cats in the family have a lot of cats, they must be separated separately. Otherwise, it is easy to cause fighting between cats, which will cause cats to abortion.

When cats have children, they will encounter some emergencies, such as big bleeding. At this time, keep in touch with the pet doctor at this time and make the most sufficient preparation.Take care of it, whether it is before -produced or after childbirth, the owners must not be careless.

But having said that, it is still good for sterilization and save these troubles.

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