"Please Multi -Promes for the Restau" Fanwai 234: The addition of new life in life is even more exciting

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After watching Ms. Li came out of the room, Lin Zh school said to her with a smile: "Ms. Li, Mr. Lin already knows it."

"You girl, if your dad will say that you will be again, you will be a mother." Ms. Li stood up at the school of Lin from the stool.

"School school, just like you said, you are shallower in the month, and you must be very careful in all aspects. As a person who comes, mom must tell you that women’s pregnancy is a ghost gate, not just a child, not just a childAt any time, we must be very careful at any time. "

Ms. Li, who was suddenly serious, also became serious.

"Ms. Li, you can rest assured, I will pay more attention. It’s not too excited!" Lin Zhi’s school pulled Ms. Li’s arm and sprinkled her with her.

"You, you are all the people who are a mother, and are still coquettish." Ms. Li poked the head of Lin Zhi’s school with her fingers.

"No matter how big, no matter what identity, I am a baby in front of you." Lin Zhiba leaned on Ms. Li.

"Okay, then my two babies, what do you want to eat at noon, I go to buy food." Ms. Li saw through the intention of Lin Zhi’s school at this time.

"You can see that I’m here to eat meals ~" Lin Zhi’s school pretended to be surprising.

"Don’t pretend, do you still can’t see if you think about it? When I just gave your dad in the incense, Gu Wei sent me a message and told your current situation. I have to negative your food problemResponsible. "Ms. Li patted the school of Lin."You go back to sleep for a while, you need to sleep in the early stages of pregnancy. I will call you when the rice is done."

"Sure enough, my mother hurts me the most." Lin Zhi’s school once again coquettish Ms. Li.

Lin Zhi’s school and Ms. Li went out together.But after returning home, Lin Zhizheng didn’t want to sleep.She was lying on the bed, playing with her mobile phone for a while, and then stroking her belly.

His month is shallow, and he can’t feel the existence of this little life, but when she hears the news of her pregnancy, it is joy.

She did not tell Gu Wei. In a dream, a little boy with a fleshy boy asked her if she wanted to be his mother. She was in a state of stunned state, but she just felt that the little boy was so cute.She thought the little boy asked whether there was a little baby as a little baby as him, so he nodded.

If her dream is true, it must be a little boy in the belly.She is not so obsessed with gender. Whether it is a little boy or a little girl, she is happy.Of course, her selfishness still hopes to be a little boy, so that the daughter will not fight with her.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help laughing.Although the characters are one skimming now, they have a long time, and they have a lot of thought.However, these things are also very beautiful to think about it.

Gu Wei was still a little uneasy. Taking advantage of the rest, he sent a message to Lin Zhiba and asked about the situation.

Lin Zh school looked at the news on the phone and couldn’t help laughing.It seems that Gu Weibi is still nervous, and the future of the future should be very interesting.She touched her lower abdomen, and it turned out that a newcomer in her life became more exciting.

Author’s words: Some people say that I have never been pregnant, and I do n’t have an unmarried girl.My colleagues did find pregnancy in three weeks, but if it was relied on menstruation for three weeks, it was really not rigorous, and I had modified it.Thank you for your criticism.


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