"Picking the Mirror" is obviously a doctor in advance: Iopia surgery is not everyone can do

Xiao Zhang is a senior high school candidate. After walking out of the college entrance examination room, he went straight to the hospital and gave himself a special post -test gift -a myopia surgery.

In the past few days, some hospital clinics in Shanghai ushered in myopia surgery and related consultation peaks. Many doctors have obviously felt that the "mirror picking" that appeared in the past summer vacation was obviously advanced this year.

In this regard, ophthalmologists remind: Although myopia surgery technology is currently mature, myopia surgery is still not "everyone can do."

Some people have their favorite majors, and some people are convenient for life

On June 9th, on the afternoon of the day of the college entrance examination, Xiao Zhang was lying in the operating room of the refractive department of the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Control Center in Shanghai, ready to undergo a full -femtosecond laser myopia correction surgery.Both eyes are 400 degrees myopia, accompanied by 75 degrees of left eye and 25 degrees of accenti in the right eye. Xiao Zhang said that the first thing he had made up after the college entrance examination was to perform myopia surgery to prepare for the police school in the future.

Xiao Zhang is not a case. Many high school candidates choose myopia surgery to break the "vision threshold" and successfully choose their favorite profession.Xiaoxiang, who is also a senior candidate, chose to perform myopia surgery to prepare for the pilot.

According to the latest data of the National Health and Health Commission, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents nationwide in 2022 was 53.6%, of which 14.5%of them were 6 years old, 36%of elementary school students, 71.6%of junior high school students, 81%of high school students, myopia has become the current adolescents today.More common eye health problems.For senior high school students, the college entrance examination is the starting point of a new life after the college entrance examination.However, some colleges and universities have requirements for candidates’ vision during enrollment, and thus have become a threshold.

"After the college entrance examination, the hospital ushered in a wave of ‘picked mirror’ peaks, but this year it has been earlier and more than previous years." According to Zhao Liquan, deputy chief physician of the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention Center, some students introduced that some studentsIt is to successfully apply for some majors. In addition, many students choose myopia surgery to make life more convenient in the future. I hope that they will not wear glasses to play and swim in the future.

According to statistics from the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, compared with data 3 days after the college entrance examination last year, the amount of myopia surgery 3 days after the college entrance examination increased significantly.Among them, many students completed the pre -operation examination before the college entrance examination, in order to be able to line up for the first batch of "picking mirrors" after the college entrance examination, and left more time for rehabilitation.

What is more wise than "picking mirrors" is to prevent it.

At present, myopia surgery is increasingly diverse. How do you choose?Ophthalmologists emphasized that, in fact, just like wearing clothes, myopia surgery also requires "eye" customization. Various myopia correction technical scope, effect characteristics and postoperative advantages are different.Everyone’s eyes are unique, there is no best surgery, only the most suitable.

According to reports, myopia correction surgery is mainly divided into two types: corneal refractive surgery and crystal refractive surgery."Corneal refractive surgery includes full femtosecond laser surgery, semi -flying laser surgery, and surface cutting surgery. If it is highly high myopia or relatively special patients such as relatively special cornea, it will consider it artificial crystal implantation.It is to open a very small mouth on the cornea of the eyes, and implant a customized artificial crystal into the eyes to achieve the purpose of correcting myopia and astigmatism. "Zhao Liquan introduced that in general, the patient’s vision the next day after surgery is the vision of the second day of the vision.Can recover.For most students, one to two months can fully restore normal life and study.Therefore, most students, especially senior high school graduates, set the operation time in the early summer.

The doctor also reminded that although myopia surgery is good, not everyone can do it, nor is it at any time.Be careful to prepare in advance. On the one hand, the recovery time is reserved for myopia surgery. On the other hand, myopia surgery must be conducted in detail to see if it is suitable for myopia surgery and what kind of surgery.In addition, before conducting a pre -operative examination, we must also make a series of preparations such as "stop mirrors" in advance.For example, the soft cornea contact mirror, that is, the commonly known contact lenses need to be stopped for more than one week, the hard cornea contact mirror needs to be stopped for more than three weeks, and the cornea shaping mirror (OK mirror) needs to be stopped for more than three months.

Dr. Zhao Liquan also reminded that for students and friends, it is even more important for students to pick up mirrors after the college entrance examination. It is usually more important to do myopia prevention.In addition to the impact of genetic factors, long -term and close -range eyes and eyes are not relaxed for a long time, which is the main factor that causes myopia.In addition, insufficient lighting, too small reading fonts, poor posture, too much use of electronic products and compressing outdoor activities, etc., may lead to myopia.

The summer vacation is coming, and the doctor once again emphasized that the holiday is the critical period of myopia prevention. In addition to reducing close -range fatigue, the use of eye and electronic products, parents should bring more children for outdoor activities, and "eyes" bath sunlight.(Reporter Tang Wenjia)

Source: Wen report

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