"Pay attention to myself" pregnancy made me see through the honest mother -in -law in the ravine

When my mother -in -law said that I was pregnant with the grandchildren, but after the child was born …

After my marriage, my aunt has always lived in my mother -in -law because she raised sheep with her in -laws.Although I also grew up in rural areas, because my parents love and have been studying outside, I haven’t done much housework.For more than a month after getting married, because of pregnancy, dizziness and dizziness of pregnancy (the kind of soil stoves that can be used with a stretch box will be cigarette from the stove)Auntie competes for the opportunity to perform.At the beginning, I could still hear such a thing in my ear, "It’s okay, you can’t learn slowly in the future. Just take care of yourself as soon as you are pregnant."This old life has married her daughter -in -law, and her mother -in -law holds a broom. Hey, this is no life." "This lazy person has laziness. I have been married for so many years.Means, unlike you can eat ready -made ones. "Listening to what my mother -in -law and aunt said, I could only smile stupidly and dressed. I couldn’t help it.I don’t want to let me go to the hospital. If I stand behind them, there will be a phrase "I don’t care if I don’t care well, I will know to add chaos." And I really will not burn the soil stove, and I always get the smoke of the smoke.Essence

The days were spent in a silly charging, and finally when I came to the spring flowers, and I finally could propose to go to the hospital for examination once."It’s time to do a four -dimensional screening. See if the child has deformed, this must be done." "That should be a kid or a girl. I dream of all the grandsons.Think about it, "After listening to my mother -in -law, I was a little cold in my heart. I have always been a male and female, but I know, but if this is not a boy, do they have other ideas?However, I am still happy anyway, because my husband and I have decided that we stayed in the urban area after the inspection was completed.

A few days later, the due date is here. My mother -in -law came to the city to say that I would take care of me for a few days. I was very happy. Finally, I did n’t have to do my belly to do housework.But I was happy too early. My mother -in -law came, I did my housework, and she had more.And my mother -in -law, her husband took him home when he was at home, and his husband lay in bed when he was not at home.When I came back at a time, she heard that she was telling her husband that I always threw her face for her, and I didn’t want to take her out.Listening to her, I turned around and asked the 15 -year -old niece. "When did I give you my face? When did I go out to buy food, she didn’t sleep, so she couldn’t wake up?" The niece laughed.Essence

There were two days to the due date, and the war broke out.It should be said that the unicorn of the mother -in -law broke out alone.When I got up early, I felt like a rotation, and I didn’t get up for breakfast. I called her niece and wanted her to buy breakfast.When my niece looked too ugly, I shouted to the husband next door to "Lao Gong, let’s go to the hospital, my aunt’s face is too ugly." At this time, my mother -in -law also came over and said to me, "Let me make a bowl of noodles for you."I returned to" Mom, don’t care about me, I will just be fine for a while. "When he fell, his mother -in -law turned and left.But after a while, my husband stood at the door of the bedroom and yelled at me. "If you are pregnant, just like a mother every day. My mother is kind to wait for you, and you shake her face every day." My husband scolded me.I was stunned. I asked what was going on with the niece around me?It turned out that the mother -in -law turned and cried to clean up after leaving, and while packing things, she called the three daughters, crying and telling the hometown from this home.Listening to my husband’s scolding, I asked my niece to go back to my hometown with my mother -in -law.I sent away my mother -in -law and niece, and my husband and I started a fierce quarrel. "What kind of person is your mother, do you not know it in your heart? When did I throw her face to her?" "My mother saidYes, you have more things a day, and you are dizzy when you do n’t move. Which pregnant woman is so shocked as you? "The rental house was not sounding well. The neighbors heard that" your daughter -in -law is about to give birth.It’s too bad. Your daughter -in -law has always been busy with her own pregnancy. The people in this yard have seen it. Which pregnant woman often dizzy like her and has always been alone. Your family is really at ease?These days your mother has always been doing housework for your daughter -in -law, so I haven’t seen your mother out of the house. This is almost giving birth. Why are you still so troublesome? "" My mother is here,She should wait for my mother as a daughter -in -law. My mother wanted to make a bowl of noodles for her, and she shook her face and said she would not eat. "After listening to my husband, I cried angrily.

I woke up the day before the due date.I endured the pain and woke up my husband in the morning, and hurried to the hospital.Because the fetal position is not right, the palace mouth is also slow, and it can not enter the delivery room for a day.Looking at the mother -in -law around me, I was in my heart for a while, and none of my mother -in -law came.I know that they are being angry with me. The reason why my mother -in -law returns has called me in the past two days because my niece will definitely tell my mother -in -law who has done what I have done here these days.My three aunts, they did not call to ask me because my mother -in -law was not rational at all, otherwise my aunt would eat me alone.But even if they did not come to the hospital alone to see me, they resent me, who made me cry and walk away.

The child was born and was a girl.After I was discharged from the hospital, I took my child back to my mother’s house, and I was going to be a confinement in my mother’s house.Because the child was born, the husband called the in -laws to tell a girl, and the in -laws said that he could not wait for the confinement.On the evening of the day of discharge, her mother -in -law came to her mother’s house to see her children out of her face.Said to see the child, but she didn’t look at it at a glance, and got up early the next day to find an excuse and left.Looking at her attitude, I knew she didn’t like my daughter, because when I was pregnant, she kept saying that she was dreaming that the boy was dreaming. Everyone said that I was pregnant with her grandson, but she was disappointed.

I do n’t know why, the child started diarrhea a few days after birth. I asked my husband to take the child to go to the hospital for inspection, and my husband always pushed three obstacles.After watching the child from her mother -in -law, my mother -in -law had no news, and there was no phone call.Seeing that my child’s diarrhea didn’t improve every day, I didn’t have a way to worry.And the mother -in -law’s light and young woman ignored my daughter. I thought about the attitude of my mother -in -law in the year after marriage, the change of my husband, and I was depressed.I saw my parents’ desire to speak, I understood the distress and helplessness in their eyes, and to see the compassion in the eyes of relatives.I understand that my kindness is stupid in the eyes of others. The person with honest appearance may not be honest. The person who loves you may not really love you.I don’t want to live such a life, so depressed.I don’t want to let my daughter live such a life in the future, but as long as she lives, she may live such a life, so it is better to be a hundred.This idea is getting stronger and stronger, and I am more and more silent.

Suddenly one day, I woke me up a word.She said, "Xu, you see, your mother is less than fifty, but she already has white hair." I looked up at my mother’s obvious gray hair, watching her eating food for me, thinkingShe helped me take care of my child day and night.Touching my daughter’s immature hand, I suddenly realized: For my family, I have to live well, and there is no need to hurt myself for people who are not worth it.

If life is tea, life is like water, and water can make tea from bitterness to sweet, without suffering, why is it sweet.One thought of bitterness, one thought sweet, and turning to mind is hope.

Look at the stories of others and realize your life!

I am a little bodhi.

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