"Patient question" During pregnancy, my husband had a cold, can you take a cold medicine?

"At the age of 35, I am preparing for pregnancy and staring at the same room every month. When the key period, my husband has a cold. After buying the test strip at a high price, can he take a cold medicine?"

This period of pregnancy is a special period, but colds are also inevitable. However, the patient has a cold in this condition.Of course, if you are preparing for a pregnant mother, you do n’t have to panic if you have a cold. Generally speaking, the pregnancy under normal circumstances, including a cold virus, does not directly evidence to prove that it will affect the development of the embryo, and it will not affect ovulation and will not affect the effect of ovulation., But pay attention.Generally, men taking drugs during pregnancy mainly pay attention to avoid some drugs that affect sperm quality, such as hormone drugs, such as estrogen, progesterone, and propyate testosterone; as well as drugs that suppress sperm, such as commonly used antiproots bacteriaAnd bacterial drugs; then some drugs that affect sperm mature.

We say that colds are usually caused by low resistance and invasion of the body by germs and viruses.If you have a cold during pregnancy, you can adjust your own cold and drink plenty of boiled water.The husband’s cold indicates that the body’s resistance has a problem. Don’t force the same room.If you take it, it is recommended to take it -a cold and heat -clearing particles.

Cold and heat -clearing particles are Chinese patent medicines. Generally, adults take time in time to prevent colds from getting worse.Pay attention to the following points for a pregnant family:

1. You can learn more about the formula of the drug.The ingredients of Beijing Tongrentang’s cold and clearing particles are nepeta, mint, windproof, Bupleurum, perilla leaves, Pueraria, bellflower, bitter almonds, white pendants, biting dits, and reed roots.

2. Seeing the symptoms clearly, Beijing Tongrentang’s cold and clearing particles are suitable for cold and cold.

3. Pay attention to adverse reactions and taboos: patients with hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease and other patients with severe chronic diseases should consult professional pharmacists and doctors for re -medication; patients with more than 38.5 degrees Celsius should go to the hospital for treatment;

4. Precautions for taking medicine: Pay attention to the light diet, tobacco, alcohol, spicy, cold and greasy food; should not take nourishing Chinese medicine at the same time during the medication;

If the husband accidentally has cold and cold symptoms during pregnancy, it is recommended to take the cold and heat -clearing particles in Beijing Tongrentang as soon as possible, drink plenty of water and rest.Preparation based on physical recovery can ensure the health of the fetus.I wish the patient a smooth pregnancy!

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