"Painful pregnancy vomiting, want to kill, want to die, want to cry, really feel uncomfortable." How to relieve it?

Pregnancy vomiting is a kind of early pregnancy reaction.According to statistics: 50%of expectant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction.The pregnant mother who is unfortunately recruited usually feels nauseous in the morning and evening, and does not even vomit.Some pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy are eating steadily, but when they smell some kind of taste, they suddenly disappear, appetite completely disappeared, and starts to run to the toilet.

It can be said that the response caused by pregnancy to mother is bad.People are iron rice is steel.The most direct impact of ca n’t eat and vomit is the sharp decline in weight, and the spirit becomes bad.Some pregnant mothers are worried that pregnancy will affect the baby’s nutritional absorption due to the psychological burden. I always feel that they will harm the baby. As a result, the more they want to vomit, the vicious cycle.

@:芊 快: It’s almost the 12th week now, starting from the 6th week, the peak of the 9th week, dare not eat or dare to drink., But most of the waiters come in and how to come out!IntersectionIntersection

How much collapsed from 9 weeks?IntersectionThere is at least one chance every day. The coffee red in the toilet is basically burned, and the stomach is basically burned.Close the door for hairy, go out when you go to the door to take a walk!

Where can I vomit every day?It’s difficult to raise your hand!

Until the 10th week, the situation improved slightly!It’s really slightly slightly, it’s not so difficult to vomit blood.Finally here!I vomited a trash!IntersectionBlood!Mucosa!Everything!Help!When will I boil?Intersection

@: I just used to be in the past. I also felt that I was vomiting to death for the first three months. I was unhappy. As a result, I was fine in the fourth month.Uncomfortable, none of the consciousness.

I also remembered that I vomited the darkness in the third month, and when I heard others talking about this word, I would vomit.Sometimes my husband called me and asked me what I wanted to eat. I had no time to answer, and I vomited immediately, nor did I vomit, it was spraying. The things that I was easily eaten from the mouth fired quickly from my nostrils.The trash can is too late to get … It’s really uncomfortable from the nostrils. I didn’t want my nose anymore … now it seems that they are all small things, and time is flying.

@清: I was pregnant before, and I was severely vomited. I had lost nearly twenty pounds in eight weeks of pregnancy.Because my grandmother died, I went back to my hometown. It was amazing that it would be nice to return to my hometown. Although it was still disgusting, I could still bear it and did not vomit again.

I suspect that it is related to the environment and pressure of the soil and soil. My hometown is beautiful, the traffic is inconvenient, and the air is good.So I am pregnant.

@: Because the pregnancy vomiting seriously has a contradiction with the mother -in -law who has always been okay, I always complain that I do n’t force myself to eat more to harm my baby and have no nutrition, haha.There are all the hearts who want to die, and eat?In the first four months, I spent every day, and I wanted to fight the children countless times and carried it hard.I didn’t want to be eaten by my mother -in -law all day, and ran back to my home and would rather care.

@:Slippers: I remember that I bought a biscuits at the time, the kind of salty, and the hoe, the kind of small supermarket sold, was so hungry that I couldn’t stand it.Don’t eat it, wait for a better bite when it feels better.Fruit milk has never been eaten, and I can vomit.It improved by four and a half months, and then vomited again in the seventh month.When I was 165, I was only 114 catties when I was born, and the baby gave birth to 7 pounds and 2 two, so pregnancy vomiting did not have much impact on the baby. It is said that the pregnancy vomiting is seriously beneficial to the nutrition absorption of the placenta.The boil passed, the landlord hug ~

There are 6 methods to avoid pregnancy vomiting, or reduce the symptoms of pregnancy to the minimum:

1. Rest full

If the pressure is too strong, it is likely to exacerbate the symptoms of morning vomiting.You can use a pregnant woman’s pillow to protect the back and stomach and ensure that there is a sufficient sleep.

2. Brush your teeth after meals

Pregnancy really made a woman a new life, even for decades of living habits.In the early days of pregnancy, there was no appetite since the morning. I heard that brushing your teeth in the morning will stimulate vomiting. You might as well eat something before brushing your teeth. In order to notrtate the torture of pregnancy, I can only accept the "sigh of breath".

3. Don’t stay in front of your computer or TV for too long

The rapid flashing that cannot be detected on the screen will aggravate the symptoms of pregnancy.

4. Go out to take a walk

Especially early pregnancy!At home, the air is less circulating, and it is easy for a person to think about it at home and aggravate the pregnancy reaction.When the prospective dad is free, you may wish to take the pregnant mother to go out and take a walk, take a walk, be happy, and the mood is suddenly cheerful.

5, honey sweet people’s heart

When I was pregnant, I didn’t want to eat anything, or the elder sister in the office told me: Before I get up, put a spoonful of honey in my mouth, and the number of pregnancy will be reduced.Later, I learned that honey can help the body absorb some blood sugar, so that the blood sugar concentration does not cause too low, and naturally it can reduce pregnancy.

6, avoid irritating smell

Many pregnant mothers have their own unsatisfactory tastes, such as the smell of oil fume, durian flavor, rubber flavor and the like.If you vomit because of the smell of some things, the family must remember to collect this thing to avoid vomiting from contacting again.

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