"Older women, 8 months of pregnancy, the sun", "Yang Chuan" ’s self -healing diary, please take it!

It was only 14 days before the end of 2022.

After more than a month, it is the entire three years of prevention of epidemic prevention. Looking back at the three years, we have experienced a lot, got it, and lost.

Today, we have ushered in a turning point in epidemic prevention.In this countdown of New Year’s Eve, you will find that everything is quietly changing …


Talking about "Yang" no longer change color

A few days ago, the "New Eleven Articles" landed, and the changes had occurred.

The most obvious thing is "I am Yang", which becomes no longer serious and sensitive, and even has more funny ingredients.

"How is the Beijing epidemic now?" "What can you do, the negative is about zero."

"I heard that Beijing can have a fever next floor? Really or false?" "Don’t listen to them nonsense, don’t go downstairs."

"Haidian Hospital has one tube, ten mixed yang, pulled to review, the result is 1 yin and 9 yang."

"Which step is it?" "It’s time for An Lingrong to call Baojuan."

Did you find it?Everyone no longer talks about "yang" color changes.

The shame and moral metaphor derived from the new crown are eliminated one by one in these jokes and ridicule.

We are looking at the disease itself with a completely different mentality.


Real "Yang Guo" story

Of course, the transformation is too fast. Everyone still has various concerns and doubts about the infection and disease resistance process of the new crown.In the past few days, we have published a lot of articles about the new crowns, but almost all from the perspective of standing.

Today, we want to share the infection and disease resistance of the new crown from the perspective of the personal experience.

There are no professional science popularization, and there are no touching stories, only the real experience of ordinary people.

It is not necessarily 100 % accurate, and there may be some omissions, but I hope that these real stories can help everyone eliminate unnecessary anxiety and shame.

After all, the first person in charge of everyone is now the person who is healthy.

@SAFFI post -90s, two -needle vaccine has been vaccinated

[Health status] I have a little exercise, and the intensity is not great. The fitness ring or the gym or online training once a week is a gym or online training.Later, when I was old, and I was too tired, I often lazily.

In fact, before the epidemic, I often caught a cold, especially in the spring and autumn seasons every year.On the contrary, after the epidemic, I started wearing a mask. The frequency of the cold was much lower. I only caught a cold once in the past three years.

[Process of infection] Probably after letting go, on the third night of work, I had weak symptoms, and I had a premonition.Although there were very few people around the yang at the time, I just had this premonition, because the weakness of the new crown and the weakness of the cold were not the same.

[Symptoms of infection] My original symptoms were weakness, and suddenly I didn’t want to do anything, and then my head was dizzy and painful.This pain is similar to the soreness after fitness, and the part is similar, but it is more deeper to the nerve pain.

In the middle, there is a cough and runny nose, and even the pharyngitis and rhinitis are committed, and sometimes they are retching.But I didn’t feel the same as the knife cut on the Internet, but my throat was itchy.Now, I am cough, runny nose, and panic, and everything else is okay.

[Take measures] When I had a fever, I ate 3 lotus clear plague, which felt useful.In addition to drinking syrup uncomfortably, I took this medicine, burned for a day, and after taking the medicine to cover the sweat, I took a fever the next day.In addition, I have to let myself drink a lot of water every day.I usually drink very little water. I have been 3 or 4 cups a day. Since the sun, I start 10 cups every day.

[Impact] These days, my weight is the same as the roller coaster, because the fever did not eat much. The next day the weight was 3 or 4 pounds lighter than before. This is the first time I saw that I lost so fast. 12The name was called again, and another 2 pounds went back.

The most amazing thing is that my husband has always lived with me. For so many days, he hasn’t had a fever, and the antigen has always been negative.

As a young and powerful young man, this time the new crown has no effect on the body, but it takes a long time to repair it psychologically.The first is all kinds of truth and false news on the Internet, which makes people fall into extreme anxiety and cannot focus on life and work. The second is the panic of the future.What happened before: Can we still eat without the hall?Can you watch the concert?Can I go back to the workplace and work the same as before?The third is that I dare not confess to my family "my own sun."You can say cheerfully with friends and colleagues, but if the object is replaced by a family, he is tangled, fearing that they are worried, but in the end, let the family make preparations.The fourth is to worry about medical extrusion, because recently have a serious illness in my family recently. If I want to find an expert in Beijing, I will worry about the follow -up treatment process. What should I do if he is Yang?Mowing

[Suggestion] If you really want to be infected, you still have to rest more and drink more water. Do not contact the takeaway buddies and the conditions permit, properly hoard the antigen.

Medicine sent from my hometown


[Health] I am 35 years old and I have been pregnant for more than 8 months. I barely be regarded as an elderly mother.There is usually a basis for exercise. During pregnancy, I have always maintained exercise, and my physical fitness is better.

[Symptoms of infection] After the infection, I mainly have nasal congestion, that is, the nose is not ventilated, and the fever and other symptoms have not appeared.But the taste of the nasal congestion is really unbearable. As soon as I lay down, I would have a stuffy nose. If I was half -sitting, the child was uncomfortable, and I could only stand. It was too uncomfortable.Especially at night, I couldn’t sleep well at all. I fell asleep at more than 1 o’clock, woke up at 3 o’clock, and I had to cook until 5 o’clock after waking up before I could fall asleep again.

Now, my symptoms are similar to a cold, sneezing, sputum, and nasal congestion.

[Take measures] I have nasal washing fluid, but it is not easy to use.Because I am a nasal congestion caused by the congestion of the nasal mucosa, I do n’t know how to get it. I can only irrigate the nose.

Because of pregnancy, I dare not take any medicine.Later, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I wanted to take a cold medicine. I just have a cold granula. I do n’t know if I can drink it. I can drink less.

But the problem is that there are many medicines in Beijing. I can’t buy it. I can only buy anything, such as cold particles, N throat Clear … On the evening of the 13th, I went to the hospital.Hope to be able to hurry up.

[Impact] I am a stewardess, and I was flying in 2 months of pregnancy.Because I have been at home, I have little impact in life. I just worried that when I went to the hospital for a birth checkup, I was mainly worried about the fetus and dare not take medicine.

[Suggestion] Pregnant women should not use the medicine casually, and do not believe in the prescription.There are many prescriptions on the Internet, and we must be reasonably distinguished and not too superstitious.If it is a disadvantaged group or has basic diseases, it is recommended not to carry it hard, or go to the hospital to see.When necessary, going to the hospital is still the best choice.


[Health] Every night, I will skip the rope downstairs, about 15-20 minutes.Now that I am old, there will be some small problems in the body, such as stomach and high blood pressure.I usually have a cold, but this is the first time.

[Infection process] A week ago, when he went out to do nucleic acid, but the nucleic acid result had not come out, and he might feel something wrong.

[Symptoms of infection] I have no throat pain, but itching, and then my body is cold. The highest body temperature is more than 37 degrees, and there is no high fever.The next day was more severe, back pain and pain.On the third day, the body was just a little painful, and basically it could move.Now that the throat is a little sputum, there is nothing else.

[Take measures] I am very fast. After lying for a day, I started to improve.During this time, I ate some ibuprofen, licorice tablets, and loboin.

[Impact] After the yang, there is no impact, just like a cold. After the cold passes, life is normal.

[Suggestion] Pay attention to the ventilation of the room during this period. I will open the windows twice a day for half an hour.In addition, prepare a wine essence can, and spray the places and bathroom where you sleep.

@Sky 90s, two -needle vaccine has been vaccinated

[Health status] I am engaged in the gym myself. I have good exercise habits, and I also pay attention to the intake of protein.Therefore, my physical fitness will be better, and I rarely catch a cold. Even if I do n’t take medicine, I will carry it by immunity.

[Infection process] Suddenly, I felt that my body was slowly weak. After testing the temperature, I found that the temperature was a bit high, so I guess I might be infected.

[Symptoms of infection] The first symptom was a fever. The highest body temperature was 38.3 degrees. It burned for two consecutive days. On the third day, the burning was almost retired.Because of his good constitution, except for the first day, fever and body pain (knee joint and waist pain), my mental state is a bit bad; in the next few days, the mental state is very good, only occasionally cough and throat have a little slight pain a little bit of pain., But it is not serious.Now, I have recovered almost.

[Take measures] The whole process, I took some even flowers clear plague.

[Impact] Mainly it is not convenient to go to work, fitness, shopping, etc.Because I didn’t want to be transmitted to others anymore, after my throat started to hurt, I became home. I didn’t order takeaway, and didn’t go to the gym. I did a little exercise at home.This is still uncomfortable for a person who is used to daily fitness.

[Suggestion] Everyone must exercise more, pay attention to the reasonable combination of dietary nutrition, and take more protein.

@95, three -pin vaccine has been vaccinated

[Health Status] After work, I did not do any exercise, at most occasionally followed the Internet.My physical fitness is not good, it is a bit weak and sick. I often catch a cold. The last time I had a cold was nothing more than November.

[Infection process] Probably on the morning of the third day of work, the throat suddenly hurts, and it was a bit cough.At that time, I guess it would not be Yang.However, because there was no fever, I was lucky. As a result, it burned in the afternoon.

[Symptoms of infection] In the early symptoms, I mainly had fever and sore throat, just like what I said on the Internet, as if a small knife was drawn in my throat, and I felt painless.Then, I burned for 3 consecutive days, and when I was at night, my body temperature would fall back to normal.But getting up the next day and rising to 38 degrees, the measured body temperature is 38.9 degrees.After no longer heating, I mainly cough and nose congestion. The sense of smell becomes not very sensitive, and I can’t smell it.In addition, the head is still drowsy after the fever, and it is the same as a paste.

I recovered slowly. Like extending the front, roommates have turned over, and I still cough, nose congestion, and dizziness.

[Take measures] When I was a little uncomfortable, I started taking medicine, mainly because of some cold medicine and cough medicine.If I have a fever, I am a piece of ibuprofen a day.Because my throat is too sore, the whole person has no appetite, but I still have to eat something, otherwise I have no physical strength to fight with the virus, so I drink porridge for a few days in a row.

[Impact] After the yang, there is no particularly great change in life, but there will be various inconveniences, especially because they cannot go out, and all kinds of plans are disrupted.I do n’t have kitchen utensils, and I live in takeaway. In this wave of infection in Beijing, I can clearly feel the shortage of capacity.One night, there was still no rider to pick up the order after two orders, within 5 kilometers.

Meituan buying vegetables and showing are all over

[Suggestion] When I was just hot, contact the community to ask if the antigen was issued, and the community staff had to buy it online, or went to the hospital’s popular roller clinic.In the end, I rely on my colleagues to send antigen and medicine and did the antigen test to confirm that I was Yang.Therefore, if you have conditions, you try to hoard some medicines and antigens as much as possible.However, you need to pay attention to "the medicine is three -point poison". The medicine cannot be eaten randomly. If you eat it casually, it is easy to have problems.

In addition, during this time, various factors are superimposed, life and body, and a person can easily fall into negative emotions, so it is really important to adjust the mentality.


Return to life itself

In "Metaphor of Diseases", Susan Santag once said: "Make the disease away from these meaning and metaphors, which seems to be particularly liberated and even comforted."

Over the past three years, in various sources and rumors, the new crown virus has gradually been demonized, with various metaphors and significance, and even far exceeds the disease itself.

Until now, each of us has to face the new coronal virus in person.Well, I hope that through these real experiences, I can eliminate everyone’s excessive imagination of the new crown, and understand that it is not so terrible.

Of course, this does not mean that we want to give up epidemic prevention directly, but to prevent epidemic prevention and infection. They are just a small part of our lives.

Don’t let the new crown virus occupy all our lives, don’t let the panic and uneasiness, occupy all our thinking.In addition to the new crown virus, there are many beautiful things worthy of our attention and expectation, such as a good book, a good movie, or a free journey …

Let the disease return to the disease and let life return to life.Tomorrow the sun will rise as usual, and the new sequence of life is about to start …

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