"Obstetrics and Gynecology" listening to the experts of traditional Chinese medicine tells you what to do if the pregnant woman is "yang"?

Pay attention!At present, with the further optimization of epidemic prevention measures, as a special population, maternal mothers should do strict protection, and should also understand relevant knowledge to avoid unnecessary panic.


How to do well in science:

The most important thing is to gather less, wear N95 masks, and wash your hands frequently.Pay attention to cleaning the phone screen, keep warm and ventilate, do not take health products blindly, choose safe medication.Maintain regular schedules and happy moods, pay attention to rest, pay attention to monitoring body temperature and symptoms of respiratory tract infection, especially those who have basic diseases, we must strengthen health management and their own protection.Arrange the diet reasonably. When the body is unwell, don’t be too anxious and nervous, drink more water.Chinese medicine foods are recommended to eat the kidney and spleen and spleen.Do a good job of weight management, exercise appropriately, do not smoke and drink.Recommended schemes in Chinese medicine: Tai Chi, Wuyen Opera, Eight Duanjin, and Yijin Jing.It is recommended to exercise medium aerobic exercise per week, 50 minutes a day a day or 30 minutes a day a day.Women who prepare for pregnancy are best to complete vaccines before pregnancy to enhance immunity.If you have the basic disease, try to adjust it as much as possible.


Will pregnant maternals be more serious after infection?Is it going to affect the fetus?

Generally speaking, pregnant women are not high -risk groups of new crown viruses. Compared with ordinary people, the infection rate is similar and the infection symptoms are similar.Pregnant women infected with new crown viruses are often worried about whether it will affect the health of the fetus. At present, a large number of clinical evidence does not find a serious negative effect on the baby, and the pregnant woman is infected with the new crown or once infected with the new crown. Generally, it will not be passed to the fetus through childbirth.And most positive newborn symptoms are mild and recover quickly.More importantly, the probability of malformations in fetuses does not increase significantly.All in all, no need to worry about the new crown pregnant women and family, just do regular prenatal examinations and children’s health care.Breastfeeding infection can continue breastfeeding in the foundation of personal protection. If fever and other symptoms occur, it is recommended to suspend breastfeeding. Breast milk can be absorbed and fed with bottle.


Does the new crown infection need to terminate pregnancy?

Pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses and should not stop pregnancy blindly.The risk of women infected with new crowns during pregnancy is close to ordinary people. In general, the infection of the new crown has not increased more effects on the health of pregnant women, and has little impact on the production of ordinary pregnant women.However, if pregnant women are old, overweight or obese, suffering from basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., they may face higher risk of new crown critical illness and strengthen self -protection.Patients with severe or severe complications during pregnancy should consider termination of pregnancy if necessary.There are also studies that the new crown -positive pregnant women have increased risks such as infection and thrombosis during pregnancy. It may also be more likely to have other pregnancy complications during pregnancy, and production examinations need to be strengthened.


How to use medicine after pregnant women infection?

For maternal mothers of light and ordinary types, first symptomatic treatment is given. When using antiviral drugs, you must fully consider the number of pregnancy weeks, choose the drug that affects the fetus as small as possible, and require the patient’s knowledge.However, the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, cure diseases, righteousness and evil, and give full play to the advantages of the two medicines. The specific drugs should be applied under the guidance of the physician.For patients with mild symptoms, the principle of treatment is "double solution in the surface, clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing blood and nourishing the fetus."During the treatment, the use of pregnancy contraindications should be avoided as much as possible, but the dosage and time should be strictly grasped, and the Chinese disease should be strictly. At the same time, pay attention to the compatibility taboos in the prescription.According to the severe disease and the fetal condition, the treatment is closely monitored during the treatment and the condition of the maternal condition and the fetal condition.


Under what circumstances need to go to the hospital for medical treatment?

Pregnant mothers have fever after infection with new coronary virus, drink plenty of water to rest, or take the medicine with medicine and fever without getting better.You should seek medical treatment in time.


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