"My wife is pregnant, how can I solve the physiological needs?" The professional doctor personally supported the recruitment

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Xiao Wang and his wife have been married for five months, and they are in the sweet period of marriage. It is also the most frequent stage of husband and wife life.However, because Xiao Wang and his wife did not take contraceptive measures, Xiao Wang’s wife checked her pregnancy last month.The wife’s pregnancy is naturally happy, but after learning the news, the elderly at home forced their husbands and wives to sleep in a house, reduce intimate contact daily, avoid two people from doing firewood fire to control their physiological desires, and hurt the children in their stomach.

The old man at home strictly guarded his death, and Xiao Wang had to endure physiological needs.However, it has been hard to endure.So, Xiao Wang secretly asked me, "My wife is pregnant, how can I solve physiological needs?".This problem sounds shy, but it is indeed a problem that many married men will encounter.If you also encounter this problem, listen to the professional doctors personally.

Women are pregnant for four to six months, and they can have room with her husband. Men have physiological needs and can solve it in this time period

Dr. He Huiyi, the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, believes that the whole stage of his wife’s pregnancy at home, men do not have to stand completely.Although the first three months and the last three months of women’s pregnancy are special stages, it is best not to do the same room between husband and wife.But the four to six months of women’s pregnancy can be in the same room.However, men still need to avoid oppressing women’s abdomen, and at the same time, they must also master a certain strength.

Let me explain to you why my wife is pregnant for four to six months, and men can have room with her.Because at this stage, the fetus has entered a stage of stable development. As long as the husband and wife are in the same room, they have mastered certain skills and methods. The living couple’s life will not hurt the fetus.

Men can use some "tools" to meet physiological needs

Men have physiological needs and can bear the four to six months of women’s pregnancy.But what if a man can’t do it?Dr. He Huiyi also gave other solutions.She suggested that men can buy some sexual tools, or use their hands directly.No need to suppress yourself.

When his wife is pregnant, men’s strong physiological desires will not be satisfied, not only will it be disadvantaged to the body and mind, but even the relationship between husband and wife will be affected.Therefore, if the wife at home is pregnant, men can find a way to buy "tools" to meet physiological needs without embarrassment.

According to personal habits, choose other methods

Of course, the doctor also said that when his wife is pregnant, men have physiological needs, and they can also choose other methods according to personal habits.Therefore, I don’t think there is no need to limit the above two methods.For example, a man said that during the pregnancy, his wife had a physiological needs. It was possible to rely on the "spiritual class" to dilute the desire or divert the attention, and put her mind on the wife who took care of the pregnancy.

If your wife is pregnant, what method will you use to solve physiological desire?


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