"My wife always likes to eat fish, is it really okay?" Pregnant women are particular about eating fish, and after reading the increase of knowledge

Recently, a pregnant woman’s mother left me a message saying that she saw some news about eating fish on the Internet. The news said that most of the current fish are raised by the merchants themselves.Feed a lot of chemicals, and the people who watch are shocking, and now they dare not eat fish.

Regarding such news, Xiaobian wants to say that fish is a good thing. You can’t give up eating fish because some merchants make such a black -hearted sale. I remember that when my mother was pregnant with me, I also ate a lot of fish. Now I think about my own brainsSo smart, in fact, it has a great relationship and has something to do with often eating seafood. Let me talk about it. This kind of essential deliciousness:

1. Fish soup is delicious and tonic

Eat fish without drinking soup less than half of the nutrition.Fish soup has a rich treasure in it because of a long period of cooking, such as "unsaturated fatty acid". Do not look at it because of the word of fat inside.There is also a substance called DHA, which is called DHA. This material study states that children can make children smart and energetic.

In addition to the benefits of the baby, fish soup has great benefits for pregnant mothers or postpartum mothers, especially those who are weak and often work in some offices. Before childbirthForce, you can quickly restore your body after giving birth.

2. There are so many fish protein

The fat content of fish meat is very small. Therefore, people who are fitness and those who need to supplement protein are preferential. The taste of the fish is particularly delicious and delicate, and has a sense of layering.Wait for practicality, as well as the effect of strengthening your body and beauty.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

This deliciousness is rare to pregnant women. When my aunt was pregnant, my mother often gave her a fish soup that she was stewed. Originally, she thought that the child was born with myopia.Instead, the doctor told the aunt that a large part of the reason is related to drinking fish soup and eating fish.

What cold knowledge do you know about eating fish?Call together to call the fish!

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