"My daughter is 16 years old, I am pregnant after swimming in the pool …"

Why is the flower season girl pregnant?

Who is the illegitimate son who is left out?

In the sweltering summer, activities that meet the needs of various needs of playing, exercise, and weight loss are the swimming.

Of course, the contents of the pool must be very rich!For example, bacteria, urine, and the children pulled by children …

Data show that an average person will bring about such something to the pool:

0.14 grams of feces;

1 or 2 cans of sweat of drinks;

1 cup of urine (about 250 ml);

Billion skin microorganisms;


So there will be a small tadpole in the pool, it seems reasonable?

Although this kind of behavior, we will not advocate!But not afraid of 10,000, just in case, in case of unfortunately, if you encounter this situation, will the small tadpoles in the swimming pool make girls pregnant?

In fact, there is always a "legend" about the pregnancy pool’s pregnancy on the rivers and lakes:

▶ A girl in a certain place, after playing the water with her companions, she was pregnant. The news was hot in the WeChat circle of friends at the time, which caused many local women to say: "Dare to go to the public swimming pool again", "Go swimmingBefore, do you have to take contraceptives first? "

▶ There is also a high school girl Xiaoyu who loves swimming very much. Basically, he has to go to the swimming pool every day. One day when he goes home, he does not stop nausea. He went to the hospital to check it out.Xiaoyu’s mother was angered, and the swimming pool was brought to court, asking him to compensate 250,000 yuan …

▶ Sanya a man in a public swimming pool maliciously loses 蚪, resulting in 10 women’s accidental pregnancy …

(Later, it was confirmed to be fake news)

Swimming, can you get pregnant?What is the chance of this kind of thing?

Let’s take a look at how a sperm, how to clear the level in the pool, and finally let a woman get pregnant.

First of all, as soon as the sperm set off, it had encountered the demon -like pool disinfection water.

We all know that in order to kill virus and sterilization, the water inside is treated with disinfection and clarification.Therefore, it can be said that these disinfection water is a sperm Huangquan Road. In this environment, sperm can only survive for 1-2 hours.

In a short period of time, small sperm must not only find his own bride, but also resist the fatal damage from disinfected water.It can be said that even if it is not dead, it will become a three -level disability, and it will be weak to think of your body.

Even if the sperm passes the first level, it needs to enter the fallopian tube to meet its own eggs.

But in the swimming pool, we all wore swimwear and swim trunks. The thick layer of cloth is already a copper wall and iron wall for sperm. If you want to break through the tubes, it is even harder to go in to find tubes.

If the sperm successfully breaks through the swimsuit and enters the fallopian tube, will we get pregnant?

Not so easy yet!There is a circle of transparent membranes on the periphery of the eggs. They wrap the eggs tightly. If you want to break through the final barrier of this layer, a sperm is not enough.Essence

But after two difficulties in the previous difficulty, the sperm that can reach here can be said to be few, and it is basically impossible to make you pregnant.

Therefore, the news that said that I was pregnant before was confirmed to be fake news or lied. After all, how could it be so easy to get pregnant?

Girls are more concerned about the hygiene of public swimming pools than pregnancy.Doing a good job of hygiene protection is much more important than worrying about the invasion of the tadpoles!

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