"My 15 -year -old daughter, was pregnant by his brother of his mother -in -law." The Chongqing Chen Xiaohua Incident

The 15 -year -old daughter was "pregnant" unexpectedly.

After admission for admission, the doctor broke the truth of the sky

Is it an accident behind "pregnancy" or a conspiracy?

What is the unknown hidden feelings in the vague words of the stepmother?

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People often say that adolescent children are more rebellious and difficult to tube

But is this really the case?

There was such a "strange thing" together in Chongqing

The 15 -year -old girl was pregnant unexpectedly, but in the face of her mother’s question, she always closed her mouth and did not talk about it.

The doctor’s examination has caused a major reversal of the incident

When all the truth is bright, people know that the girl’s not easy

Let’s talk about this issue

The distressed girl

The protagonist of the incident is Chen Xiaohua, who lives in Zhongxian County, Chongqing

On July 12, 2020, Chen Xiaohua received a call

On the other side of the phone was the grandma of her daughter. Grandma said on the phone that Chen Xiaohua’s daughter Xiao Jing was pregnant.

My daughter is pregnant, she is going to be a concubine, and outsiders think that this may be a happy thing

But for Chen Xiaohua, this is a bad news

Chen Xiaohua

It turns out that this pregnant Xiao Jing was born by Chen Xiaohua and the second husband Qin Mou

In 2014, Chen Xiaohua got married with the second husband

At that time both sides wanted to fight for the child’s custody right

However, according to the situation of both parties, the court sentenced Xiao Jing to her husband Qin Mou

So Xiaojing does not live next to Chen Xiaohua on weekdays

And the reason why Chen Xiaohua cannot accept her daughter’s pregnancy

Mainly because Chen Xiaohua and his ex -husband divorced, Xiao Jing was only 9 years old

Today, six years of divorce, Xiao Jing is only 15 years old, or a child who is in the third grade, why is he pregnant?

Xiao Jing

So after learning the news, Chen Xiaohua immediately rushed to the residence of her daughter Xiao Jing

As soon as she entered the door, Chen Xiaohua was frightened by the scene in front of him.

I saw her daughter lying on the bed with a pale face, her spirit was sluggish, and her body was extremely weak.

When Xiao Jing’s grandmother saw Chen Xiaohua coming, she told Chen Xiaohua that Xiaojing was aborted now.

It was just pregnant and now miscarriage. What happened to this?

Chen Xiaohua was overwhelmed by this one after another

She is eager to know the ins and outs of the matter, and understand all the encounters of her daughter during this time.

But strangely, no matter how she asked her daughter Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing always kept silent, and said without a word.

Chen Xiaohua

Later, Xiao Jing’s stepmother -Ran Juan

That is, Qin’s wife who married after divorcing Chen Xiaohua went out

She told Chen Xiaohua

Because Xiao Jing’s father worked outside, she was usually responsible for Xiao Jing’s life.

A few days ago, Ran Juan received a call from Xiao Jing’s head teacher

The head teacher said on the phone that Xiao Jing vomited and did not eat, nausea, and his body’s response was extremely strong

Stepmother Ran Juan

So Ran Juan rushed to the school for the first time and took Xiao Jing back home

Seeing Xiao Jing vomiting and nausea, the stepmother seemed to be pregnant, so she wanted to ask Xiao Jing’s specific situation, how she was pregnant for pregnancy

No matter how Ran Juan and grandma ask Xiao Jing

Xiaojing never speaks

Ran Juan feels that she is a stepmother after all, although she usually takes care of Xiao Jing’s diet and living very well

But after all, it is not a mother, the child may be embarrassed to tell him about the specific encounter

So Ran Juan asked Xiao Jing’s grandmother to call Chen Xiaohua. After all, Chen Xiaohua was a mother.

Later, Ran Juan told Chen Xiaohua some of the rebellious behavior of Xiao Jing before

What is not obedient, talk with mouth, steal your phone or something or something

Stepmother Ran Juan

After listening to these words that the stepmother and the grandmother Xiao Jing said

The five flavors are mixed in my heart

How could the daughter who used to be a clear and sensible daughter turned like this?

But from the current situation, these are not the point

Finding a person who hurts Xiaojing is the primary task

After all, Xiao Jing is only 15 years old, and it is still a minor. This is a crime.

But then a paragraph of Grandma quiet, but Chen Xiaohua was frightened.

Grandma Xiaojing

Xiao Jing’s grandmother said that it was not outsiders who hurt Xiao Jing, but Xiao Jing’s brother, and the brother of his mother.

Chen Xiaohua and Xiao Jing’s father were a second marriage. In the first marriage, Chen Xiaohua gave birth to a son

And this brother in Grandma Xiaojing’s mouth refers to the son of Chen Xiaohua in the first marriage -He Yu

Although this is just a speculation, Xiao Jing’s grandmother said very determined

After listening to this speculation, Chen Xiaohua couldn’t accept it for a while

One is his own biological son, and the other is his biological daughter

The back of the palm of the palm is meat. How can the two sit in this thing?

At this time, the stepmother Ran Juan also hurried over and advised Chen Xiaohua

Make her calm and not impulsive, family ugliness, children are still small, and in the future, the best thing is small, and we will never grow this scandal.

Although this is the case, but at this time Chen Xiaohua still calmly came down?

She immediately picked up her phone and dialed her son’s phone

Ready to ask the son

Chen Xiaohua

After receiving a call from Chen Xiaohua, his son He Yu went directly to the circle.

He is wronged and angry

On the one hand, worry about the situation of my sister

On the other hand, I didn’t expect this to doubt it on my head

I usually love my sister very much. Although I do n’t live together, I still take care of my sister from time to time

But these cares are also caring in life, and it is impossible to do that kind of thing at all

My son’s reply made Chen Xiaohua a little relieved

Chen Xiaohua, who was restored to reason, immediately sent her daughter to the hospital

But after arriving at the hospital, another situation that Chen Xiaohua did not expect

Chen Xiaohua

Originally, Chen Xiaohua sent her daughter to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital

But after the obstetrician and gynecologists checked Xiao Jing, they found that Xiao Jing was not pregnant

The various diseases she occurred is actually a manifestation of kidney damage

In terms of Xiao Jing’s current situation, the condition is very urgent, so the doctor suggested that Chen Xiaohua quickly transferred Xiaojing to the intensive care unit for rescue

Chen Xiaohua saw the situation in an urgent at that time, and it was too late to ask more

Immediately went to help your daughter go through the procedures for the intensive care unit

Xiao Jing’s treatment lasted for a full week, and various vital signs returned to steady.

When Chen Xiaohua saw Xiao Jing began to improve slowly, he decided to let Xiaojing go home to go home, and then take care of him at home.

However, Chen Xiaohua did not expect that a word from a doctor before discharged made her fall into confusion again.

Xiao Jing

When the doctor was discharged, he told Chen Xiaohua

The condition of Xiao Jing is damage to the kidneys, coagulation dysfunction

Judging from the current condition, Xiao Jing is likely to be a strong poison such as taking poisonous mice

After listening to this news, Chen Xiaohua was completely covered

On the one hand, she don’t understand why her daughter takes strong poison

On the other hand, she can’t figure it out. Why did Xiao Jing’s grandmother and stepmother have problems in Xiao Jing’s body?

Don’t send her to the hospital for the first time, but sing one by one and say that she is pregnant.

And pushed the responsibility to his son’s head

What are you going to do?

When Xiao Jing and his brother were young

In order to be able to figure out the specific passage of things

After Xiao Jing was discharged from the hospital, Chen Xiaohua contacted Xiao Jing’s father’s side

On the one hand, it is clear that Xiao Jing is not pregnant. At the same time, I also understand Xiao Jing’s specific encounters

On the other hand, because Xiao Jing’s treatment costs are a bit more, and follow -up treatment is needed

So Chen Xiaohua wants Xiao Jing’s father to share some of them

But the reply given by Xiao Jing’s father here is

"It’s very clear before things, nothing to explain, if you want money, I’m sorry, no"

Chen Xiaohua

Although Xiao Jing’s father’s reply made Chen Xiaohua very disappointed

But Xiao Jing’s body needs to take care of, so Chen Xiaohua had to temporarily endure and did not go to argue with them.

But what made Chen Xiaohua never expected, but happened again

A few days later, Chen Xiaohua received a call from a fellow villager

The villagers said on the phone that listening to Grandma Xiao Jing and her stepmother said that Xiao Jing was pregnant, let’s ask Xiao Jing’s physical condition by herself

As soon as Chen Xiaohua heard this, he was so angry on the spot

I have explained to them clearly that Xiao Jing is not pregnant, but eats the mouse strong.

But why do they still don’t talk about virtue, making rumors everywhere saying Xiao Jing is pregnant

Xiao Jing is only 15. How can I see people after facing this gossip?

So the angry Chen Xiaohua immediately took the hospital’s diagnosis and came to Xiao Jing’s grandma’s house.

To make it clear with Xiao Jing’s grandma in person

But when Chen Xiaohua took the hospital’s diagnosis certificate to question Grandma Xiao Jing

Xiao Jing’s stubborn representation

"Doctors can also engage in ghosts"

Grandma Xiao Jing held a confused attitude and completely angered Chen Xiaohua

So the two broke out a fierce quarrel.

And the stepmother Ran Juan was quite calm when faced with Chen Xiaohua’s accusations.

She said she was just seeking truth from facts

The quiet symptoms are indeed as pregnant

And what the so -called swallowing medicine, I don’t know at all

There is no related poison at home. If you want to make trouble, you will be accompanied to the end.

Stepmother Ran Juan

Chen Xiaohua saw such an attitude of his stepmother and grandma

I no longer continue to entangle with them

After all, there are daughters in the family who need to take care of

But what made Chen Xiaohua was pleased, Xiao Jing’s body was better under his careful care.

With the recovery of Xiao Jing’s body, she finally stopped silent

Open my heart with my mother and tell the real situation of things

But this truth is shocking, and it is also distressed

Xiao Jing

Xiao Jing said that after his parents divorced, his father quickly remarried

So I can only live with my grandmother

And because the grandma is old, many things are the stepmother as the master

As a stepmother, the stepmother’s attitude towards Xiao Jing is perfunctory and strict.

I often report to Xiao Jing’s father, and will also exaggerate the content of the report.

Xiao Jing

The father’s performance is also like the lack of root tendons

What the stepmother said, what he believes, every time the stepmother finished the case

My father called and asked not to ask the green soap and white.

The stepmother can tolerate the poor attitude towards herself, after all, it is not a dear

But my biological father is also this attitude towards himself, how can you live that day?

Xiao Jing, who lives in the gap every day, is like the year, life is colorless and colorful

Therefore, she has become more and more rebellious, and more and more unconvinced

The fuse that asked her to take medicine is the stealing mobile phone incident mentioned by the stepmother

Xiao Jing said that at that time, she wanted her stepmother to help her get a mobile phone card

But the stepmother rejected this request

So she took away the stepmother’s mobile phone in one anger

Later, the stepmother told Xiao Jing’s father to add vinegar to Xiao Jing again.

And Xiao Jing’s father was listening to the words of the stepmother

There is a start, Barabalaba a little magic fairy

The grievance in my heart to Xiao Jing

Xiao Jing

After being preached by his father, Xiao Jing’s mood lowered to the extreme

He feels that his life is really too difficult

The vicious stepmother, do not understand her father, plus the grandmother who was angry with her stepmother

How can these three major elements fall on their heads?

So under the impulse, Xiao Jing found a bottle of mouse medicine and drank it.

Xiao Jing

Fortunately, Xiao Jing woke up in time

When she drank the first mouse medicine, she regretted it

So I spit out the mouse medicine in my mouth

Xiao Jing

Although the mouse medicine just rinsed my mouth in my mouth

But the residual medicinal nature has begun to erode Xiao Jing’s body

The next day, Xiao Jing returned to school in school as usual

But the body began to have a reaction to nausea and blood, vomiting and blood

After that, the stepmother took her back to her home

What Xiao Jing did not expect was that after returning home, the stepmother told her grandmother

"Xiao Jing is pregnant"

What about grandma, just believe it, then the two sings one after another

This Xiaojing is angry, so I am so so, and I do n’t hurry to send myself to the hospital. Instead, pour dirty water here

Because Xiao Jing had had an injustice before, Xiao Jing knew that she was slightly loud, and it was useless to explain at this moment.

Coupled with her body, she is really uncomfortable, so she chooses to close her mouth without talking about her body and mind.

Xiao Jing

Although Xiao Jing finally tells the truth

But in this truth, there are too many helplessness and sadness

Father’s loss, the arbitrary of stepmother, the doubts of grandma

What kind of pressure is these 15 -year -old girls

Even after Xiao Jing was discharged from the hospital, her father’s stepmother never came to see her, and even a phone call was called.

After learning the truth, her mother Chen Xiaohua was both angry and distressed.

He dare not imagine what his daughter has experienced these years

So in September 2020, she filed a lawsuit with the court

It is required to change Xiaojing’s custody right

On October 26, 2020, the Zhongxian Court made a judgment in accordance with the law

Xiao Jing’s change was directly raised by Chen Xiaohua, and Xiao Jing’s father has paid a monthly support fee of 600 yuan per month since September 1, 2020, until Xiao Jing is 18 years old

After returning to her mother, Xiao Jing’s mentality was a lot cheerful

She said that after the state was adjusted, she was willing to return to school to study hard

Xiao Jing’s ending is pleased, but her experience is emotional

May every child in the world be treated well

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