"Must -see" and "Pineapple Sea" made a stunning appearance!Eat pineapple in spring, the benefits are these …


There is a small seaside county in Guangdong, the seawater, climate, and scenery are not inferior to the waterline of Hainan South China Sea and Beibu Gulf.

With the largest coral reef group with the largest continental shelf in China, nearly half of China has also formed the most magnificent pineapple planting landscape belt in China. This is the southernmost tip of mainland China and the first place in mainland China.

"Every 3 pineapples in China are from Xu Wen", "the sea of pineapple" has become a world -renowned tourist punch point, and Xu Wen hangs our appetite.Spring is here, and Xuwen, Guangdong’s pineapple is stunning!

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Xu Wen’s pineapple planting is concentrated in July -September

February of the following year to April

Before and after the Qingming Festival, Xu Wen’s pineapple harvest season

Nearly 5,000 tons of pineapple listed every day

Pineapple is juicy, sweet, and rich in nutrition. Chinese medicine believes that pineapple is flat, sweet and sour, and returns to the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridian."Compendium of Materia Medica" records that pineapple can "nourish the spleen and stomach, solid the vitality, control Yuanyang, support the decay of the soil, strong spirit. Nourishing blood, wide spleen, sputum eliminating, hangover and poison, and thirst after alcohol."


Eat some pineapple, you will gain these benefits

1. Promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion

Rice contains a large amount of plant fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, and reduce the body’s absorption of fat. Pineapple juice can acidify fat. The protease contained in pineapple can decompose protein and also promote digestion, soEdible pineapple can help lose weight.

2. Blood pressure, dilip blood lipids, anti -thrombosis

Edible pineapple can help reduce blood pressure, dilute blood lipids, and prevent the formation of thrombosis, can help blood circulation, which can help some cardiovascular disease.

3. Diuretic swelling

Pineapple contains more water, and has a large amount of potassium, calcium, and sugar, which can play a role in diuretic and swelling. The salt and enzymes in pineapple have the effect of diuretic. Proper consumption of nephritis and hypertension patients are beneficial.EssenceAnd pineapple has a cooling effect, which can protect the bronchial tube. Eating pineapple can play a good effect on some symptoms such as colds, cough, and throat pain.

4. Helping digestion and greasy

Pineapple has the effects of strengthening stomach, eliminating spleen and relieving diarrhea, and clearing up the stomach.The seductive fragrance of pineapple is the acid butyl ester from its ingredients, which has the effects of stimulating saliva secretion and promoting appetite.

The protein decomposed enzyme contained in pineapple can decompose protein and help digestion. For modern people who have long -term food and greasy foods, it is a very suitable fruit.

5. Anti -inflammatory cough

Pineapple contains "pineapple protease", which has a strong anti -inflammatory effect and helps relieve respiratory diseases related to allergies and asthma.

Tips: Pineapple proteases and biofide in pineapple are easy to cause allergies, and the more effective and thorough method of anti-pineapple allergy is to soak the cut pineapple with boiling water for 2-3 minutes.Most of the beginning of degeneration at 100 ° C will be destroyed.


In several cases, pineapple can’t eat

1. In an empty stomach

Pineapple is flat, sweet, and slightly acidic, with spleen and stomach meridians. It contains a large amount of organic acidic substances. Ethics can easily stimulate gastric acid secretion and cause physical discomfort.Symptoms of stomach pain and other stomach discomfort.It is recommended to eat pineapple after meals.

2. Without salt water blisters

Eat the peeling pineapple directly, it is always easy to feel like getting angry (so -called pineapple disease). This is because pineapple protease in pineapple is easy to stimulate oral mucosa, and salt water can remove most of pineapple proteases and reduce pineapple enzyme pairs.The tingling sensation of the oral cavity; the sweet taste when eating pineapple.Therefore, it is recommended to peel it before eating pineapple and soak in fresh salt water for about half an hour, and then wash the salty flavor with cold water.

3. In the case of oral disease

Pineapple is acidic fruits that stimulate gums and mucous membranes, so people with periodontitis and oral mucosa must pay attention to and be cautious.And if you have gastric ulcers, the principle of pineapple cannot be the same as the empty stomach, and patients with stomach disease may also occur in the phenomenon of gastric acid back.

Sweet and sour pineapple,

In addition to eating directly

Can be used for cooking

Pineapple Seafood Ship, Pineapple Guru, Pineapple Fried Rice

Some people love to eat pineapple but easy to be allergic to pineapple

People who like to eat pineapple,

May wish to cook pineapple,

That is, you can cook for food,

For example, you can use water and add it to cold dishes.

Source: Guangdong Health Information Comprehensive Released from Zhanjiang, I am a big doctor, the most important health GRT, and Guangdong Health Information

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Responsible editor: Chen Guangtai

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Spring is here, go to see "the sea of pineapple" together!

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