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Four steps for children’s diarrhea for diarrhea

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Diarrhea is a gastrointestinal syndrome that is caused by multiple causes, and the number of stools and changes in the characteristics of stool.Common infectious factors, such as bacterial infections (E. coli, Salmonobacteria, etc.); virus infection (rotary virus, norvi virus, etc.); fungal infection; parasitic infection, etc.Non -infective factors, such as enteritis caused by diet; allergic enteritis; irritating chemicals, heavy metal poisoning; enteritis caused by antibiotics, etc.

The most important and most serious consequences of diarrhea are a large amount of moisture and electrolyte, resulting in dehydration and shock.The younger the age of the moon will not express it in words. Parents should focus on observing the mental state of the baby, skin elasticity, oral mucosa, eye sockets and anterior crickets, tears and urine volume.Severe dehydration children may need intravenous supplement, please seek medical treatment in time.

For ordinary children’s diarrhea, there are four steps for medication:

Step 1: Oral replenishment salt Ⅲ (supplement body fluid and electrolyte)

① Oral salt salt can supplement the appropriate concentration of moisture and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chlorine and sugar to correct the internal environmental disorders caused by the loss of body fluid.

② Note: Each bag is dissolved with 250ml of water. Do not divide a bag into several times to dissolve. Do not add sugar, milk, fruit juice, etc. If you cool it, you can heat it in water. Do not heat the water directly.Save for 24 hours, pay attention to avoid pollution.

Step 2: Mongolian stone scattered (physical anti -diarrhea)

① The principle of the role of monopolis scatterness is physical anti -diarrhea, which adsorb virus, bacteria, and toxins in the intestine; covering the digestive tract mucosa, combining with mucin protein to protect.

② Note: Each bag needs 50ml of warm water to dissolve, and the water can not be exerted too little; after dissolving, the suspension is mixed. You cannot just drink the liquid, you need to stir it.It takes 1 to 2 hours to take it.

Step 3: Probiotics (regulating flora)

① Probiotics can prevent or improve diarrhea. By supplementing the normal intestinal flora, correcting the flora dysfunction, effectively removing the mechanism of virus and bacteria, and significantly shorten diarrhea and reduce the severity of diarrhea.

② Precautions: Drink yogurt pupae probiotics; probiotic preparations need to be taken with warm water; there are many types of probiotic agents, only the right, not expensive.

Step 4: Zinc supplement (enhance cell activity)

In addition to diarrhea, children are accompanied by symptoms such as fever, blood -pulling, pulling eggs, and thin stools. Please seek medical treatment in time to determine whether there is infection.Cover from the mouth. If you want to prevent diarrhea, please wash your hands and pay attention to personal hygiene!


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