"Love from Marriage" Lu Fangning’s inner monologue: I was ecstatic when I learned that I was pregnant

This article is known by the cat that your mind is original, and you must not be carried without permission. If you find it, you will be held accountable.It is not easy, thank you for understanding.

Lu Funing finally chose to fall away.She didn’t know how to face Ling Rui, so escape was the best way to her. She knew that this was not good, but she left.

As soon as she arrived in a strange environment, she had a very confused feeling.Where should she go, she even doubt whether her decision is correct.In the middle of the night, she was lying on the bed alone, holding the human figure pillow with Ling Rui’s face tightly, as if Ling Rui was next to her.

Her body was a bit uncomfortable, and she blamed these as a strange place to a strange place.She wants to vomit, especially likes to sleep.

She thought of all the possibilities, but she didn’t expect that she would be pregnant.If it hadn’t heard of the symptoms of others talking about pregnancy, she would not think in this direction at all. She would not have many times that Ling Rui was together. Many times, there were not so many coincidences.

She sat on the toilet and waited for the result.However, when the two lines appeared, she was shocked.She was stuck at this moment like a computer.

When she married Ling Rui, she wanted to get pregnant and wanted a child who could really accompany her.Now, this dream is realized, but her heart is mixed in her heart.

The relationship between her and Ling Rui was not what she was at the beginning, and real love has appeared between them.She stroked her lower abdomen, and this little guy seemed to be here because she and Ling Rui had been separated.

However, she couldn’t bear to kill the child, and she was reluctant.This is the crystallization of her and Ling Rui love. She wants to touch him with him.

She wanted to give birth to this child. Since Ling Rui couldn’t accompany him, let’s have a stand -in.She thought that one day Ling Rui discovered the child’s existence, then she would definitely not admit it.Anyway, this is her child.

She made this important decision, and she was going to give birth to this child.Thinking so much is not her style of Lu Funing, what she wants to do must do.

She went to the hospital alone and did a full set of production inspections.The doctor told her that the child was healthy.She was very happy. When she dreamed at night, she dreamed of her child more than once.

This is her child and Ling Rui. She hopes to be a boy, and it is best to look like Ling Rui.She stroked her abdomen, as if so simple to touch her strength.

She spent a long period of pregnancy, and sometimes she was cramps at night.During the checkup, she was accompanied by relatives. She was still alone. She couldn’t help but want to cry, and even wanted to tell Ling Rui impulsively.

She held back. This was the life she chose, that is, she was crying and going to go.

The words of cats: As a woman, when she finds that she is pregnant, she should be more tangled and contradictory.She has a vital choice in her heart with all her love and reluctance to the child.This choice cannot regret it.Therefore, I really admire those single mothers and can take on the responsibility of taking care of their children.I think that the courage to choose to be a single mother in this world should be enough to love this child.

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