"Love 5" announced the poster trailer, Xianfei weddings exposed guest appearance lineup surprised appearance

Today, produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and Hualiz Ceton, directed by Wei Zheng, starred by Lou Yixiao, Li Jiahang, Sun Yizhou, Li Jinming, starring Zhang Yiduo, Achievement, Wan Zilin, and Chen He specially starred in urban comedy"Love Apartment 5" released the latest trailer and first poster in the final quarter.Unlike the 8 -minute long preview of the previously released "Need to Decryage", the preview completely unveiled the veil of the new and old member lineups, and there were also guest characters such as princes and Chen Ruoxuan.Tears, and the hilarious scenes of the familiar noodles prove that the "Love Apartment" has returned.

Xianfei wedding scene exposed Zi Qiao Mei Jiajin Sung -milk Mom and Mom

At the beginning of the trailer, Hu Yifei Zeng Xiaoxian’s wedding who has been looking forward to the long -awaited fans.The four seasons have been urged to "together", and the love of "together" finally became a family member. Yifei wore a clean white wedding head and wearing a crown, Zeng Xiaoxian wore a suit, accompanied by a romantic wedding to perform a song exchange ring, but it was only three seconds.To break the power, Zeng Xiaoxian could not be worn by the swollen ring by his hand. Yi Fei decisively violently solved it. He only heard Zeng Xiaoxian’s bones crispy, and his familiar feeling came.

Compared with the long -distance running of Xianfei, Lu Ziqiao and Chen Meijia, this pair of unreliable happy enemies, is not progressing. This time, it is no longer pregnant oolong. They really have babies.In the first four seasons, Lu Ziqiao has always been a playboy who likes her sister -in -law, and Meijia dare not show her mind. It was not until the fourth season of the middle season that Mei Qiao dreamed that Meijia was pregnant and died, and she realized her feelings for Meijia, but the two were in the fourth.There is still no confirmation of the results in the middle of the season.In the preview, Lu Ziqiao went directly to the daddy, and was gentle to coax the children, making the audience feel strange and familiar, and could not help but have questions: Can Lu Ziqiao who returned to the family really bid farewell to the day of "Calima Pentium"?Will Zi Qiao hold an equally romantic wedding for Meijia?

Old members entered the new stage of life in the new stage of life.

In the preview, the "Aboriginal" of the Love Apartment appeared. Everyone still looked like it, but it seemed that Zhang Wei was still the unsatisfactory Xiaoqiang who was dreamed of.CP line; Hu Yifei is still a domineering and beautiful elder sister, but with the thought of Zeng Xiaoxian; Zeng Xiaoxian’s business ability is still talked, but the emotional line is finally attributed; Lu Ziqiao and Chen Meijia are about to open the lives of novice parents.Everyone seems to have a long step in their respective trajectories.

In addition to the old members, the Love Apartment also ushered in three new residents: Zhao Haitang (Zhang Yiduo) who played with Zhang Wei, the high IQ of the high IQ and the high IQ of Zhuge (results), and it also looked not very smartThe curry sauce (Wan Zilin), the interaction between them and the old members is natural and close. It seems that the integration of the love apartment is quite smooth.People in the Love Apartment come and go, I believe that they can also bring a lot of surprises to the audience.Of course, there are the return of gold supporting actors such as LISA, Qiye, Nuo Lan, Yu Mo, Master Du Jun, Guan Gu Jianjiro, etc., which makes people warm, and the first four seasons seemed to be vivid.In addition, guest guests such as Wang Ziyi, Zhao Zhiwei, Chen Ruoxuan, Li Sheng, and other guests were also surprised to expose. The witty and wonderful clip made the audience look forward to their stories.

Still familiar taste uses the way of love apartments to open "Love 5"

"The best friends are around, the favorite person is opposite." Since the first season of "Love Apartment" in 2009, it has been ten years.Live youth.In ten years, the love apartment turned into a beautiful utopian, and the characters of them also seemed to exist, from encountering each other to love and marriage.Xianfei weddings, Qiao Jia’s son, even Zhang Wei, who was unlucky, all had their own feelings. In the love apartment, they also laughed like ten years ago. We have grown into adults outside the screen.appearance.

The authentic "Love Apartment" is back. In the final season, the style is still the same, and the familiar style of painting and familiar face will continue. The story of 3601 and 3602 will continue."The most brilliant laughter", "initial taste", and "last hug".As written on the poster, the lover will eventually become a family member, and every resident of each love apartment will have a happy ending."Love Apartment 5" In the final season, as another heavy work of the iQiyi Love Youth Theater, it will be broadcast on iQiyi in 2020, so stay tuned!

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