"Life One" Fanwai 9: Zhou Sangchen, I feel the fetal movement

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With the passage of time, the situation of the pregnancy vomiting is much better. Although there will still be pregnancy, it is much better than the state of eating and vomiting before.

"Shiji, do you have a good dinner today?" Zhou Sangchen called Shi Yi when he took a break at noon. The time of the time had improved, but he still worried about her.

"Of course, the meal at noon today is delicious, you don’t have to worry about me so much. I have been more comfortable these days, and I will not vomit so seriously. Mr. Zhou, please put your heart back to your belly.Instead, Shi Yi was helpless about the state of the grass and trees such as Zhou Sangchen. She had already told Zhou Sangchen several times, but Zhou Sangchen was still in this tense state.

"Okay, I know." Zhou Sangchen said when he listened, he knew that she was fine, and her mood should be pretty good."There is a meeting on the laboratory tonight. I don’t know how many points can be ended, so don’t wait for me for dinner. You can eat when the time comes."

"Okay ~ I know. You have been concerned about whether I have dinner well. Then I will change me to control you now. Have you eaten well?" Shi Yi was also worried that Zhou Sangnu was busy doing experiments without eating well.

"I have eaten it because I have to prepare the content of the meeting, so I went to eat in advance." Zhou Sangchen explained it very patiently.

"Well, it’s time for me to have a lunch break, you’re busy, I want to go to bed with Zhou Mu." Shi Yi said goodbye to Zhou Sangchen.

"Okay." Zhou Sangnu put down his phone.

Shi Shi put down his mobile phone and yawned. Since pregnancy, she has obviously loved to sleep more than before.She returned to the bedroom and was lying on the bed and fell asleep.

Zhou Sangchen didn’t expect to drive so fast in the afternoon. He looked at the time. This time should be able to catch up with Shiyi for dinner with Shi Shi.Thinking of this, he packed things faster.

When Zhou Sangchen arrived home, Shi Yi had just got up, and she didn’t know what happened. She even felt that it was almost dark when she slept until the sky.When she got up to see Zhou Sangnu, she was a little shocked.

"Don’t you say it will come back later?"

"I estimate it is wrong. Fortunately, I can still accompany you for a meal." Zhou Shengchen was sitting on the table.

Two people started to eat at the table like this. The two were very quiet and no one said too much.

Suddenly I was so exclaimed that Zhou Sangchen was frightened. He quickly asked Shi Yi: "What is time?"

"It’s moved." Shi Yi said that he had just discovered just now, "I feel the fetal movement."

"Really?" Zhou Sangchen was also a little excited. According to the number of pregnancy weeks, this time was almost the time of fetal movement.

Shi should be a little excited. These days, the little guys are very quiet in their belly. They have no other reactions except for pregnancy and drowsiness.She sometimes doubts whether she is really pregnant, but now this feeling is very different. She feels the existence of a small life.

"Zhou Sangchen, I’m so happy." Shi Yi smiled happily.

Zhou Shengchen was happy to take Shi Yi."I am also very happy, this is the first time it says hello to us."

Shi Shi touched his belly, and it was a fetal movement, as if it was a response to the time.

It turns out that fetal movement is such a magical thing.

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