"I was pregnant at the age of 30, and I found my baby’s feet with problems when I was 6 months old." The mother cried and cried

"I recognize you as soon as I come in."

The mother said that when she was six months pregnant, she knew that her baby’s feet had problems, but because it was the first child, she couldn’t bear it.She consulted related doctors everywhere during pregnancy. Later, she found me after being introduced by a friend. She saw a lot of my parallel (referring to) popular science content before the clinic. The family was very cautious about the baby’s surgery.

"There is a root bone long, it is better not to be long." Mom sighed helplessly

The baby is two toe. Through X film, we can see that the baby’s second toe grows horizontally. This situation is to be treated as soon as possible, because the second toe is still growing. The longer the time, the moreThe greater the impact of toes.

We have two treatment plans for the second toe, one is to retain, and the other is to remove it.Because the second toe is relatively long, there is no nails, and the appearance is not very good in appearance.So starting from the appearance, I suggest to remove the second toe, and my mother is more inclined to this plan.

"Can my baby use artificial leather leather technology?"

Before I found me, my mother also consulted other hospitals, saying that she wanted to take skin from her baby’s belly. The mother said that she could not accept it, so she had been looking for the ideal surgical solution.

In the past, the skin implant was indeed one of the main technologies covering the wound in parallel toe surgery, that is, the wound of partial skin surgery was taken from other parts of the baby’s body. Generally, the skin on the belly was chosen, because the skin of this position was due to the skin.Soft and tough.After the surgery area, scars will be added, and the skin is also pigmented and the sensory function decreases due to the skin of the area, and there will be a certain chance of deeding.

So now we mainly use artificial leather to induce the full -layer skin regeneration technology, put artificial leather on the wound, induce the skin to grow, the growing skin will be similar to the original skin, and the appearance is much improved compared to the skin.

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