"I want to vomit when I see my husband." Pregnant women complained about pregnancy, and accidentally talked about the experience of those who came over.

Pregnant women complained: I want to vomit when I see my husband, and accidentally tips for people to prevent people vomiting.

What are the magical changes in women’s bodies after pregnancy?Pregnancy is definitely one of the most obvious changes, so we often see that the women in the TV series only need to vomit, and they are definitely pregnant.

In addition to the physiological period of pregnancy, the pregnant woman can involuntarily disgust and nausea. Sometimes they smell the irritating smell, and they will be nauseous when they see certain foods.

Recently, a pregnant mother complained in the group, telling the painful experience of her pregnancy.After pregnancy, I quickly found myself.At the beginning, I just smelled the unpleasant smell. When I saw greasy food, she wanted to vomit. Recently, she saw her husband want to vomit, especially when her husband smoked smoking.

Unexpectedly, after the pregnant mother complained, the response from other mothers soon.One mother said that when she was pregnant, her husband would hug home after getting home from get off work.When I was pregnant, every time she smelled the smoke and sweat of her husband, she would rush to the toilet to vomit.

Moms advised her that pregnancy vomiting is normal, and it will be fine in a few months.Even some enthusiastic mothers shared her a lot of tips to relieve pregnancy, especially how to see how her husband can vomit.

After a woman’s pregnancy, in order to maintain the thickness of the endometrium to allow the fetus to develop healthy, the chorionic gonadine (HCG) in the body will increase rapidly.However, the increase in HCG will affect the reflex nerves of the brain and induce the nausea and vomiting of pregnant women.

However, pregnancy vomiting is not absolute. Some people vomit, and some people do not vomit at all.

Some pregnant women do have problems that they want to vomit when they see their husbands. This is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy, and her husband should give it.Here are some small methods shared by people, and the prospective dad may wish to try

1. Take a bath

Most pregnant women want to vomit when they see her husband, because the husband has a strong smoke and sweat.After returning home, her husband should bathe and brush his teeth in time to clean the strange smell of himself.

2. Sleep in a room

Pregnant women with severe pregnancy often have malnutrition problems.For the healthy development of the fetus, the prospective dad and pregnant women may wish to try to sleep in separate rooms, or back to sleep.

3. Rest up diet

If it is not a smoke and sweat, the taste of the husband may be related to daily diet.Her husband has adjusted food, eat less or does not eat onion ginger and garlic, etc.

4. Communicate more

Pregnant women should also communicate with their husbands more and tell the other party that they would vomit the other party, not because they did not like it, but a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy, and obtained the understanding and consideration of her husband.

1. Eat less meals

If pregnant women are too full, if they are uncomfortable, they will naturally increase the possibility of pregnancy.Mothers with severe pregnancy may wish to try less meals and use "more meals a day" instead of "three meals a day".Pregnant women are too hungry and want to vomit. It is recommended to bring some soda biscuits with them. When you are hungry, you can eat a few pieces to neutralize gastric acid to relieve stomach discomfort and nausea.

2. Stay away from stimulating food

During pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid eating too sweet, spicy, and too salty foods. These foods can stimulate gastric acid secretion, cause foods against food, and increase the possibility of pregnancy, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and spicy foods.

3. Bring lemon

During pregnancy, the sense of smell of pregnant women will become extremely sensitive, and the taste of some food, garbage, and cleaner will stimulate pregnant women to vomit.Pregnant mothers may wish to bring a fresh lemon with you. When you smell the odor, you can also relieve your discomfort.

4. Drink ginger soup

Studies have found that gingerol and gingernols in ginger have a good relief effect. Drinking a little ginger soup in pregnant women can also relieve pregnancy.

Although the pregnancy vomiting is severe, pregnant women still have to maintain a normal diet to provide enough nutrition for the baby in the stomach.My method is: If you want to eat it, you can eat a little, and if you don’t want to eat it, you can not eat it.Happy mood is the best way to treat pregnancy.

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