"I want to surprise her boyfriend!" The woman had no money to give birth for 4 months of pregnancy, but her boyfriend returned to his hometown on a blind date.

The woman in April Wandering in Hengdian, the woman wanted to surprise her boyfriend.

Hengdian has always attracted much attention!

A group of young people in a group of young people came here and came here with their star dreams.They firmly believe that as long as they work hard, they will definitely make achievements.

Hengdian, as a famous film and television base, is quite famous.Many people think that when they are performing, they make money when they play.It can even become big stars, and such ideas fascinate young people.

Young is capital, young is strength.All ideals and celebrity dreams are basically borne by this group of young people.

In Hengdian, Zhejiang, a woman was pregnant for 4 months because she had no money to splash on the street.This allowed a good -hearted sister to discover that catch up to understand the situation.

Then I knew that the woman chose to tell her boyfriend when she was 3 months pregnant.The woman and boyfriend were originally ready to get married, so when she was pregnant, she did not tell her boyfriend, "I want to surprise him."

Unexpectedly, the woman’s boyfriend had listened to her mother and rushed back to her family on a blind date. The relationship between the two sides was completely cut off by her boyfriend.The boyfriend also hacked the woman’s call, and the two sides lost contact.

The woman strolled around the street during the day and slept under the bridge at night.When asked about other information about the child’s father, the woman only knew Gansu people and was 3 years older than themselves.

Today’s women have no money, and they can only wander on the streets from time to time during the day.Although she is dressed brightly, it is aimless, and it is painful for this relationship.

I just got pregnant, why not tell my boyfriend?Maybe this can leave my boyfriend?Good intentions to ask.

The woman smiled shyly: "I told him when I was 3 months pregnant, I just wanted to surprise her boyfriend!"

Today’s surprise has become a scared!

After the incident, the woman chose to get drunk in order to forget the relationship.However, after being drunk, the woman cut her wrist.Fortunately, he was rescued and was arranged by a kind person to live in a hotel again.

Recalling that the woman was unwilling to talk more.Just say: I won’t think about it anymore.At the same time, the woman’s family is also coming, and her father is more likely to come home in person.

The woman revealed that her family was not good. My mother was lying in the hospital now, and her younger brother and sister needed money.So women are unwilling to ask for money at home.

Unexpectedly, things ended like this. The original star dream was not realized, and her boyfriend was pitted again.

A relationship stopped abruptly.The most sad thing is that the woman has prepared for this marriage.She did not expect her boyfriend to be unhappy with her unhappiness.

For the small town of Hengdian, some people say that its founding stone is the dream of young people.For celebrity dreams, many young people are willing to accept the tempering of life.Even if it is the last one, at least he has struggled and worked hard.

Because of this idea, endless young people rushed to Hengdian.There are too many stories hidden in this small town, and there are too many young people’s love.

For the so -called star dream, many people firmly believe: everything is possible!


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