"I live in this world to conquer life"

On November 25th, the 118th anniversary of the "Literary Master" Bayin’s birthday.Tonight, read Basin again, and learn the courage, warmth and confidence of life.

There is a classic, called Ba Jin

He wrote a touch of warmth in "The Fourth Water", "it becomes more kind, pure, and more useful to others."

He wrote a pillow insight in "Home", "People lie down, take off the masks they wear during the day, and settle the general account of this day."

He wrote a affection in "Recalling Xiao Shan", "I dreamed of Xiao Shan last night, she cried. I was sad and woke up."

He wrote a touch of compassion in "Rest Garden", "Add a little more warmth to the world, and dry every tearful eyes to make everyone laugh; if I can write, I will not let that blind woman dive to death, no, no, no, noMake that old car crazy. "

He wrote a belief in "Being a Warrior", "The soldiers are always pursuing light. He does not lie in the sunny sky and enjoy the sun, but ignite the torch in the dark at night to illuminate the road and let them dawn.","

He wrote a spur in "Happiness", "I feel very interesting in two or three words, and I remember in my heart, often thinking of them: No one becomes old because of living a few years older.He abandoned his ideals. The years make the skin wrinkle, but the loss of enthusiasm makes the soul wrinkle. You, you are as young as your belief, as aging like your doubts; you are young like your confidence, as aging like your fear;As young as your hope, as aging like your despair. "

In the preface of "Trilogy: Spring and Autumn", he wrote some firmness: "Like all other people, I live in this world to conquer life.Hate, my joy, and my pain. But I did not lose my belief: the belief in life. "

He wrote a clever party in "Big Mirror". "Please make me quiet. I am not a celebrity. I am not waiting for the‘ rescue ’material.

Twelve things about Ba Jin


Basin’s real name

Pakistan, born on November 25, 1904, was formerly known as Li Yaotang, with the word Gan.

"Yaotang" and "Gan Gan" are from the first sentence of "Guofeng · South Canton" in the Book of Songs, "Gan Tang, Don’t Flab, and Call for Bo."Love its tree can’t bear to hurt.



Family situation

"I came from a big family of bureaucratic landlords in Chengdu, Sichuan. I spent my childhood in the middle of twenty or thirty so -called so -called ‘superior people’ and twenty -thirty -thirty -thirtyt -called" lower -class people ‘… "Pakistan’s great -grandfather and grandfather’s grandfather and grandfatherAnd his father, Li Daohe, was a knowledgeable county. In the generation of grandfather, the Li family also built a "Li Gongguan" at the North Gate of Chengdu.

Ba Jin’s father, Li Daohe and his mother Chen Shufen

Mother Chen Shufen is kind and humble, and reads poems. She never scolds "people", nor does it oppose the minibus gold with them.Ba Jin’s second sister suffers from tuberculosis, and this mother invited Western medicine to diagnose the disease.



In 1913, when Ba Jin was 9 years old, after her mother Chen Shufen gave birth to her youngest child, her physical condition turned sharply, and soon she died.Since then, several of Ba Jin’s relatives have passed away.Just 4 months after his mother died, his second sister ended his 16 -year -old life.The infectious disease’s white throat was taken away, and several lives have been taken away, namely Ba Jin’s father Li Daohe and ten sisters;

This is a huge blow to a teenager. Perhaps Park’s sensitive personality may have something to do with the background of death, war, and complex family in childhood.


"It seems to dig out its own grave"

Ba Jin’s grandfather encountered the pain of bereavement, and the other son, the fifth uncle of Ba Jin, pretended to be honest at home, eating, drinking, gambling outside, and soon, his grandfather died in sadness and illness.Ba Jin’s elder brother Li Yaomei could not pursue ideals or freely choose love objects because of his "load -bearing grandson". He had to marry early and carry the burden of the big family.All this later became the prototype in the Bajin novel "Home".

Basin was taken in the Yuanmingyuan site in the winter of 1933, which was published in "Home"

Pan Jin later recalled, "I truthfully described my grandfather and my elder brother -a dictative parent and a filial piety child who came against, and some men and women who hooked up the corners, each other, harmed self -interest, and the heart of their hearts.—This elders, as well as those young lives that have been destroyed, and the "slaves ‘" slaves’.


The tragedy behind "Home"

"Home" was also written under the encouragement of his elder brother Li Yaomei. He didn’t want to live up to the earnest expectations of "I love the most and love me the most in my life". I also hope that the elder brother will be relieved from the heavy feudal shackles as soon as possible.The "Gaojuexin" in the story in the story is that he wrote according to his elder brother. Unfortunately, before writing, Ba Jin received the bad news:

His elder brother wrote a testament three times and ruined it three times.After writing a more than 20 pages of suicide note in the fourth time, he finally drank poison.

In 1929, Basin took a photo with two brothers in Shanghai


Why write a novel

"I leave my old family like shaking a terrible black shadow." Basin, 23, ran from Shanghai to the rustic Paris from Shanghai, and wanted to find a way to "save people and save the world."

More than fifty years later, he still clearly remembered his feelings at the time, "I have feelings that I can’t spit, and there is nowhere to vent with love and hate.If I can’t calm my heart, I can’t live. "So," I have to ask for help to the paper and the fire in my heart. I wrote a novel. "

From "Home" Liu Danzhai painting

Destiny caught his hand, he said, "My past love and hate, sadness and joy, suffering and sympathy, hope and struggle, came to my pen, I wrote quickly, and the fire in my heart gradually gradually gradually gradually.The ground was destroyed so that I was able to close my eyes calmly. The puppets in my heart were solved, and I was saved. "


Teacher from the world

More or less, these writers have influenced Bazhin’s writing and life. He feels one by one–

I learned to write novels in France.The teachers I can’t forget are Rousseau, Hugo, Leon and Roman Roland;

I also have Russian teachers Herzen, Turgenev, Tolstoy and Gorky.I later translated the novel "Father and Son" and "Virginity" of Turgenev’s novels, and translated the early short stories of Gorky;

I also have a British teacher Dickens;

I also have Japanese teachers, such as Natsume Soseki, Tianshan Flower Bag, Akutagawa Ryosuke, and Martial Arts Xialu Shili, especially the island Wuro. I do n’t read much of their works, but I often translate the island’s short story."Although I have not learned Japanese in Japanese, I often recite this short story.

My Chinese teacher is Lu Xun.


Lu Xun’s "fans"

Basin couldn’t forget to see Lu Xun’s scene. "I saw him for the first time, and I didn’t feel restrained. His eyes, his smile called me to rest assured."

Basin admires the statue of Lu Xun in his later years

Lu Xun’s pen is as sharp as the style of the style, but in the sharing of Ba Jin, we saw a dear and respectable Lu Xun who was respectable and unlimited to young people:

A friend edited a publication under the guidance of Mr., and he encountered difficulties during a period. Mr. said to him, "I see you thin, I am sad." So, Mr. introduced the manuscript of the young authors and took out his own manuscript fee printing.The works of young writers.


"Social Fear Return" Bajin

Pakistan, who returned from Paris, lives with friends working in a bookstore. Friends live upstairs, and he lives downstairs.I was afraid of communication and was afraid of speeches. Ba Jin was unwilling to contact outsiders. Those who asked him to ask him always found his friend first. Then he sometimes boiled a short story and placed the original manuscript on the desk.Take the manuscript.


Get married at the age of forty

Baba’s loved wife Xiao Shan is his reader. They fell in love for eight years. When they got married in 1944, Ba Jin was 40 years old.True love, although it will arrive late.

Ba Jin remembered that whenever he fell into a difficult situation and his friends ran his future, Xiao Shan always said in his ear kindly: "Don’t be sad, I won’t leave you, I am by your side."

Bajin, Xiao Shan and children

Indeed, only before Xiao Shan entered the operating room for the last time he entered the operating room: "We have to separate."

After Xiao Shan’s death, Ba Jin couldn’t bear to separate her ashes in front of the bed. The two could meet in the dream countless times.



The Bajin family raised a yellow hair puppy, named "Bao Di", which has a ability: when there is any requirement, stand up and keep the two front feet and keep it together.Sometimes when Ba Jin receives guests or chats with old friends in the living room, Bao’s brother will come in to make a few crickets, please ask for candy and amuse everyone.

The lovely and cute little brother brought many joy to them. Xiao Shan also liked it. After more than ten years of death, Ba Jin also wrote an article to miss it.


"People’s Writer"

The existence of Bajin made the incident pure and noble.

He said, I always want to adhere to a principle without saying falsely.Thinking about it, what I think is only a question: how to make people live a better life, how to be a better person, how to help readers, contribute to society and the people.Each of my articles is written and wrote, and I have never groaned without a disease.

He thought about "making his heart to the reader" and wrote:

"Don’t build your own happiness in the pain of others, love the motherland, love the people, love the truth, and love justice, sacrifice themselves for most people;This is the thought in those works. "

In November 2003, Pak Jin was awarded the "People’s Writer" by the State Council.On October 17, 2005, the "people’s writer" died at the age of 101.

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