"Hidden pregnancy" is hot search. Do you need to inform the company when you are pregnant?

With the recent popularity of the TV series of "Women’s Character", the plot has developed until the pregnant woman just signed a right to transfer to the right and informed her boss to be pregnant; causing heated discussion among netizens, does "hidden pregnancy" need to inform the company?

Let’s talk about my own actual situation. I was originally a teacher of an unknown private college. I communicated with the school personnel before I joined the school at the end of February last year. I learned that the company had a fertility requirements for female teachers: I was not allowed to get pregnant within one year.At that time, I was married for half a year. My husband was a R & D person in a car company and worked in the rise, so our willingness to have children for pregnancy was not very strong.But in July, I found that I was pregnant, and since I was pregnant, it was impossible not to do it.

At that time, it was during the summer vacation, so I immediately called the leader to say the matter, the leader expressed his understanding, and gave me a way to avoid the school’s maternity policy. The final result was that either had a child to ask for leave that semester and could not enjoy maternity insurance.; Either go to personnel registration and fine according to school policies (the amount should be more than 10,000 yuan).I weighed it and immediately chose to resign. Because I had taught the teaching tasks of the next semester at the end of July, I chose to leave the lesson after the second half of the year.

Now that I am 35 weeks of pregnancy, I am still in the process of resignation. After I finish the office, I am at home to give birth at home, waiting for my little rabbit treasure to be born.

Because I was experiencing this, I personally thought that I agreed with this unequal treaty at that time, so I volunteered to leave, and there was no need to have disputes with the school.However, in the "hidden pregnancy", I don’t agree with it. Although the law will protect the right to pregnant women, in the long run, when the load of female employees recruiting female employees has increased more cautiously to choose women, thereby increasing female employment barriers.The problem of women’s employment during pregnancy may still require the country to designate a policy that protects both pregnant women, and it can also make enterprises a reasonable and reasonable policy.

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