"He kissed me, and then pushed me down the cliff …" The pregnant woman told the cliff in the cliff: the husband did not bind a ticket for the next stop

In early June, when a Chinese couple played in Thailand, Ms. Wang, who was 3 months of pregnancy, fell 34 meters of cliffs and was injured in many places. Fortunately, neither of them or the fetus had no life.

After the incident, pregnant women once called the cliff because of dizziness.Recently, the incident reversed a major reversal, and the police suspected that her husband, Yu, pushed her off the cliff.


Reporter: How did you and your husband know each other?

Ms. Wang: We know at a party of friends on May 19, 2017.The two of us were in love at first sight. At that time, he felt that he was sunny, positive, and healthy.

Within two months of knowing, on July 15, 2017, we got married, and it was a flash marriage.Before marriage, it was not particularly understood by each other, and after marriage, he slowly discovered many of his problems.


Reporter: What are the problems?

Ms. Wang: For example, he has a criminal record, debt, and is unwilling to work. He likes to play games and gambles.His criminal record was confessed to me before marriage, saying that he had been sentenced to 12 years because of robbery in Wuxi, Jiangsu before, and finally reduced his sentence for 4 years. He was in prison for 8 years.

I saw him very frank at the time, and he said that he was young and ignorant, and he was still married.

After getting married, he told me that he had more than 1 million debts. Later, he learned from his parents that there were about 2 million debt issues, mainly because his previous business failure, extravagance and gambling were generated.


Is there any sign before the incident?

Ms. Wang: After marriage, there are also conflicts, but it is generally a downward trend, because the longer I get along, the more I find his problem.

This time, when I came to Thailand, I mainly did a little real estate, and the schedule was also arranged by him.

The only sign of signs was to get on the side of Wuwen. He did not book a ticket from Chiang Mai, and each station was booked in advance.

But no one can think of the husband who gets along and night, the father of the child in the stomach, can do such a murderous wife and child.


Reporter: After the incident, what does he and his family perform?

Ms. Wang: After I woke up, he was outside the emergency room. At that time, the Thai police asked me the situation, and I asked the police to call him in.

When he came in, he pretended not to be at the scene. I knew he didn’t tell the truth. He still threatened me by my bed, saying that if I cooperate, I guarantee that I and my children are safe. If I do n’t cooperate, there may be further actions.

I had to protect myself first. When I was still in the ICU, my mother -in -law also came to the hospital and stayed with my bed to look at me.

Later, when I called the police on the night, she also came to persuade me to let me let my husband go, or I said that I fell.After I rejected, she never appeared again.


Reporter: What is your current situation?

Ms. Wang: The basic bones are broken from the neck. The hospital can at least lie down for three or four months to pass the dangerous period. During this period, I couldn’t even move and transfer to the hospital.

This is just a beginning. After the treatment and rehabilitation, it is bound to be a long -term process, and my injuries, even if it is good, will lose disability.

The most worried about me is the child in my stomach for 3 and a half months. The doctor said that weight and fetal heart are normal.

However, during the treatment process, I took a lot of medicines and also took morphine. The impact of these things on children, especially the effects of brain nerves, that doctors said that they could not be born.

In other words, I may have a child, and he has a problem with his brain.This decision is too difficult, I haven’t figured out what to do.


Reporter: Can this solve his debt problem?

Ms. Wang: If he successfully created the illusion of my own fall, he can inherit some of my property.

I have accumulated some property and real estate through my own efforts. Although the specific figures are inconvenient, he can indeed be said to be a salted fish.


Reporter: What is your attitude towards Yu now?

Ms. Wang: He has been arrested by the police, and the police told us that he has not pleaded guilty.

My parents and family members strongly asked the court to sentence him to the death penalty, but I also understand some legal knowledge. I and my child and I have not died. He may not be sentenced to death.

But I also strongly asked for a re -sentence. My appeal was in one sentence. If he was sitting through the prison, he could be sentenced to 50 years and 50 years, and he could judge 100 years and 100 years.

On the morning of June 21, the reporter contacted Ms. Wang again. The mother Wang was answering Ms. Wang’s mother, and the other party could not cry on the phone.

Ms. Wang’s mother said that her daughter suddenly lost consciousness after the toilet last night, "Why not wake up …" She is still in a half -coma.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily, Red Star News, Peninsula Metropolis Daily

Edit: Li Miao

Review: Wang Construction

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