"Growth" · Dog’s belly swelled like a water ball, wasn’t it pregnant?

Dogs of ascites are easily reminiscent of whether it is caused by bad liver, but in fact, ascites are not a separate disease, but chronic secondary symptoms of certain diseases.

Common causes include hypoproteinemia, kidney diseases, chronic parasites (tapeworms, tapeworms) diseases and peritonitis, such as hepatitisThe reason is very complicated.

The most obvious symptom of ascites is that the stomach is swollen and touched like a water ball, but the real cause often cannot be found and diagnosed at the first time.First of all, the symptomatic treatment is performed, and the cause of the cause is taken to find the cause, and the treatment plan is while treatment.

Littosis caused by peritonitis

The systemic symptoms are obvious, and the entire abdominal wall is sensitive, and the abdominal wall is tight. This is a manifestation of pain. Because infected body temperature can increase in a short period of time, the blood test shows that white blood cells increase significantly.

Parasitic insecticidal ascites

Diseases often have symptoms such as alienation, vomiting, diarrhea, dharma, and emileylid blood stools, and limb swelling.Among them, the ascites caused by tapeworm infection often have obvious respiratory disorders, prone to fatigue, hyperactivity, cough, dyspnea, heart murmur, heart rate abnormality, sometimes suddenly hematuria, jaundice, and skin at the bottom of the auricle base often appear nodules.Essence

Nutritional ascites (hypoproteinemia)

Nutritional animals are likely to have the characteristics of thin body and obvious bones, which can cause a sharp contrast to the thin abdomen during ascites.Such dogs often have a single feed, a history of protein, and extensive breeding history, and stray animals are more common.

Hepatoplasty and liver cirrhosis and ascites

Visarium yellow stains such as eyelids, oral mucosa, and hairless areas in the ear.In the back edge of the rib, you can touch the swollen liver rear edge. The ascites caused by liver disease will be accompanied by the symptoms of jaundice. In addition, it is easy to distinguish from biochemical and B -ultrasound. In factMany dogs with jaundice symptoms do not necessarily have symptoms of ascites.

His ascites caused by kidney disease

There are often obvious whole body swelling.


No matter what causes the ascites caused, when it is difficult to find out the correct cause, when the abdomen of the dog is full, the internal organs are compressed, and the heart and lung function should be punctured.Choose the lowest point of the abdominal wall. It should not be too much water at a time, and the speed of watering should not be too fast to prevent the dog from being dehydrated.In addition, don’t forget to add lost moisture and nutrition to dogs.

After the reason is found, different treatment methods are adopted according to different reasons

Perititis and ascites, add antibiotic infusion

Parasitic ascites, plus proper deworming medicine

The ascites caused by malnutrition (low protein leather) can increase the use time of albumin, pay attention to changing the feed formula, and feed foods rich in protein.

Liver disease caused by liver disease, add liver and bile biliary drugs

Heart and renal insufficiency, ascites, use strong heart nourishing kidney, and apply steroids as appropriate.

Nursing precautions

During the treatment, appropriate restrictions on drinking water, giving high protein hot foods, pay attention to supplementation of multiple vitamins

Try to avoid repeated water to avoid causing abdominal infections. If necessary, apply antibacterial drugs as appropriate

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