"Grape 4 doesn’t eat, it is difficult to eat," it is more taboo for eating grapes in summer, don’t eat randomly

The wind in summer is slow, warm, blowing red flowers, and blowing various fruits of the branches.With the advent of July, another seasonal fruit -grape was added to the fruit shop.One by one, a series of skewers, red, green, purple and black, red like gems, green like agate, black like pearls … Walking from the side, it is even more intoxicated by the rich fruity aroma.There are sour and sweet in this fragrance.

Grapes like warm and sunny. In Xinjiang, my country, Gansu, Shandong, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Northeast and other provinces, they have extensive planting.Affected by the climate of various places, there are many categories of grapes, and the seasoning period is relatively long. From mid -late June to October, you can eat delicious grapes.Grape fruit is strong, full of juice, full of taste.

Grape is a very raised fruit. It is the first of the four major fruits in the world. Its body is treasure, and fruits, roots, and leaves are often used for medicine.Modern medicine shows that grapes contain more fruit acid, which helps enhance appetite and help digestion.At the same time, grapes can be called "natural antioxidant", which is rich in antioxidant substances such as vitamin C, flavonoids, etc., which helps to clean up free radicals, delay aging, nourish the skin, and enhance immunity.In addition, grapes are also called "natural aspirin", which helps protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.It can be seen that there are many benefits to eating grapes in summer.

There are two sides of everything, and it is no exception in eating grapes in summer. Although it is beneficial to our body, we must also understand some taboos, so as to benefit more.Let ’s share some taboos of eating grapes with you.

1. Do not eat grapes on an empty stomach

In summer, our spleen and stomach itself is more fragile, and we must pay more attention to it when it is on an empty stomach.It contains a lot of acidic substances in grapes, and the grape itself is cooler fruits. It is easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa in an empty stomach, and it can even cause excessive gastric acid secretion and cause physical discomfort.

2. Do not eat with seafood

Summer products are rich, and seafood is no exception. Enter the best food season.Its delicious taste attracts many people, and the frequency appears on the table.However, although seafood is nutritious and delicious, it must be followed when eating.This is because seafood is a high -protein food, and the nature is cold, so it is best not to eat with fruits when eating, especially hawthorn, persimmons, grapes, etc.If a reaction occurs, it will generate substances that are not easy to digest.It is best to eat grapes after 4 hours after eating seafood.

3. Do not eat too much grapes at a time

In summer hot, people’s appetite will be relatively poor, and the fruits exuding refreshing fruits, sweet and sour, can also cause appetite.However, no matter how good the fruit is, it cannot replace the staple food, let alone eat too much.The same is true of grapes, which contains a lot of sugar. Remember that when I was pregnant, the doctor reminded me that I could not eat too much grapes, so as not to cause blood sugar to rise.In addition, the grapes are cool and too much, which can also make the stomach cold and cause discomfort.

4. Don’t eat without washing grapes

The grapes are full of flavor and sweet and juicy. Not only are we human beings like to eat, it is also loved by the little bugs. In addition, the summer is the most active season of the worms. Therefore, in the process of growing upTo prevent bugs from bite.In addition, the surface of the grape skin will inevitably attach some dirty things in the long -term sun and rain, so we must clean the grapes before eating.

Let ’s share with you a method of cleaning grapes with me with me, do n’t be lazy for health.

1. Grape grows in a string. When cleaning, you cannot wash it all skewers, but you need to cut the grapes first.Do not drag directly with your hands, so it is easy to take down the peel, so the flesh is easily polluted by dirty things.

2. Then we prepare a large pot of water, put a small spoon of salt, put the grapes inside, stir it with our hands, soak for about five minutes, and the salt helps sterilize.Then we change another pot of water, put the edible alkali and starch, stir well, put the grapes in again, stir with our hands and rub, and then soak for five minutes.

3. Finally, we can rinse the grapes in the flowing water.After these steps of cleaning, grapes will be cleaner and hygienic, more practical than fruit and vegetable cleansing agents.

Summer is a good time to eat grapes. Today, I will share with you the benefits and taboos of eating grapes. It is recommended that you understand it in advance, and your body will benefit.This article is originally created by the little jasmine food notes, and the code is not easy. It is strictly forbidden to copy and move bad media.Welcome everyone to follow, like, collect and forward!thank you for your support!

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