"Going to the Wind" Fanwai 42 Cheng Xiao is pregnant

Immediately, the two drove to the hospital.After the doctor checked Cheng Xiao, after doing various examinations, it was determined that it had completely recovered.Both were very happy, so Gu Nanting took Cheng Xiao to go to the gynecological examination. When he passed from the hospital hall, he met Gu Nanting’s mother. Cheng Xiao politely greeted his mother.I came to the hospital to buy something. Gu Nanting asked, "Mom, why don’t you tell me to accompany you?"

Gu Nansing’s mother: "It’s okay, I buy a medicine, you can worry about it. By the way, did you get it?" Did you get it? "

Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao took out the photos on the mobile certificate on the mobile phone to show her mother. Gu’s mother looked at the photo seriously, enlarged, saw the names and photos of the two, and touched the screen with her fingers carefully: "It’s so goodIf your dad knows that you two are married, you will definitely be particularly happy. "

Cheng Xiao pulled Gu mother’s hand and said, "Uncle knows that he will be very happy."

Gu mother patted Cheng Xiao’s hand: "Good boy", and then asked, "How did you come to the hospital, what happened to Xiaocheng?"

Cheng Xiao felt embarrassedly touched, Gu Nanting looked at her, and said to Gu’s mother, "Cheng Xiao’s body is a bit uncomfortable, and want to see a doctor."

Mother Gu: "Let’s go, let’s go together."

Gu Nanting can only bite his head, take his two women’s two women, go to the obstetrics and gynecology department. The doctor who had previously contacted the phone before the phone. After the examination, the doctor looked at Gu Nanting with a good look and asked Cheng Xiao: "FinallyWhen is a holiday? "

Cheng Xiao looked at Gu Nanting and thought carefully, saying, "It seems that a long time ago, it should be the end of last month."

The doctor missed it, and said to Cheng Xiao, "You’re pregnant, it’s forty days."

The three were shocked, and Gu Nanting’s mother blurted out incredible: "They only receive a certificate today, how can they get pregnant? Do you not make a mistake."

Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao were well -known, and they looked at each other guiltyly, and counted the days before, but it was not the time in Urumqi. Then, Gu Nanting "said" and whispered to his mother:"Well, mom, that, don’t be surprised."

As soon as Gu Nanting’s mother looked at Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao’s expression, she suddenly realized and said a little embarrassingly: "Oh, pregnant, normal, a good thing."

The doctor looked at Gu Nanting’s mother and said, "Auntie, you go out first, I talk to them two sentences."Gu Nanting’s mother looked at them, showing her joy, and closed the door for them.

Next, the doctor had a bit of a blame: "Do you don’t know if your wife is susceptible? How can she get pregnant?"

Gu Nanting was a little bit stuffed for a while, and lowered his head like a child who had made a mistake. Cheng Xiao looked at him and explained: "We only know it a while ago, that, doctors, what should I do now?"

Doctor: "It is recommended to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible in the early stages of pregnancy. After all, you are not suitable for pregnancy with your current physical condition, otherwise you will face great risks.There are children. "

Gu Nanting asked the doctor excitedly: "Can we really have children in the future?" The doctor replied: "The current medical technology is still more advanced. As long as it is regularly reviewed, conditioned, and took medicine, there is still a chance. However, time is due to personal physique.There will be differences in differences. "

Cheng Xiao and Gu Nanting nodded a little excitedly, thanking the doctor again and again, and promised that they were done in accordance with the requirements of the doctor.The doctor said: "Come to perform surgery as soon as possible, she happens to be free next Wednesday and can make an appointment to this time."

The two agreed, and then the doctor glanced at them and asked, "You just get married."The two nodded, and the doctor continued: "The first month of the child, try not to do the same room."

Gu Nanting "oh" embarrassedly and looked at Cheng Xiao. Only he and Cheng Xiao knew what happened to the two last night. Then, Gu Nanting was embarrassed, and he could only ask: "That, if that, that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that, that is that., That, already, already, um, will it have any impact? "At this time, the doctor glanced at Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao with a look like two aliens and said," Already, since it is alreadyShe didn’t have any accidents now, it shows that it’s okay. In the future, restraint points. "

Gu Nanting nodded obediently, and Cheng Xiao was embarrassed to drag Gu Nanting’s clothes. After chatting, Cheng Xiao and Gu Nanting left.Cheng Xiao said, "For the first time, I came to the gynecology department. I didn’t expect that the doctor asked was so straightforward, and I was embarrassed just now."

Gu Nanting’s lips and said, "I am also the first time, by the way, do you feel uncomfortable?" Cheng Xiao shook his head and said, "No, I feel good."Therefore, the two came to the window on the first floor to pay for the medicine.

Gu mother looked particularly happy, secretly dragging Gu Nanting’s clothes, and whispered, "I didn’t expect you to look dull a day, and the movement was quite fast."Although he was a mother, he was slightly embarrassed. Then, Gu mother said to Cheng Xiao: "You see, I don’t know such a big thing. In the future, I will take care of your life."

Cheng Xiao quickly refused. Gu Nanting said to his mother: "Recently, Cheng Xiao’s body is not very good, so we can’t want this child."

Gu Mu: "What happened to Xiaocheng’s body, why not?"

After asking Gu’s motherland, Cheng Xiao nodded to Gu Nansing. Gu Nanting knew how to do it. This is the tacit understanding of the two.Under the explanation of Gu Nanting, Gu mother knew that the whole thing was in the ins and outs of the matter, with tears in her eyes, pulled Cheng Xiao, and said sadly, "Xiao Cheng, why don’t I know that you were so bad some time ago?Nanting is really so, hiding from me, fortunately you are all good. If I know, I can take care of you more. Such a good child, we can marry you as his blessing. "

Cheng Xiao also became red, and said, "Auntie, I am afraid that you are worried that you do n’t tell you and my parents. It’ s okay. Besides, I ’m like this. Can there be children in the future?I just apologized for you and Nan Ting. "

Mother Gu: "The most important thing to raise your body is the most important. As for whether there are children, you depend on God’s will. Don’t worry. Everything has us. As long as you are healthy and healthy, we are satisfied."

Cheng Xiao was moved by Gu’s mother’s words, hugging his mother, crying with joy.Gu Nanting looked at this scene and was deeply moved. This is probably the most true affection that has no blood relationship in the world and is better than blood relatives.

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