"Going to the Wind" Fanwai 20: I heard that Cheng Xiao is going to have three children?is that true?

Pregnancy is very difficult for women in the workplace.What’s more, for the kind of work like Cheng Xiao.

But in terms of feeling, Cheng Xiao should not be the kind of person who tribes Dink, so I think Cheng Xiao may have a child.

The summer solstice has been lost recently.

This is Cheng Xiao’s first reaction after seeing the summer solstice. "Other people are fat when they are pregnant. Why are you still thin?" Cheng Xiao touched her belly gently after putting the gifts for the summer solstice. "This is not apparent.Belly, where did you take a child? "

"Xiaoxiao, my good sister, isn’t it okay to lose weight?" The summer solstice grabbed Cheng Xiao, "Where is this? I only got pregnant for a month, and you want to see my big belly wife’sLook, you are really too bad. "

The two took a seat on the sofa, and the summer solstice poured water.

"Ah, grandma, let’s come, you’re leisurely." Cheng Xiao didn’t dare to work her pregnant woman.

"I am pregnant, and I am not disabled." The summer solstice had a white eyes, and continued to pour water by himself.

"How is it, is the feeling of being a national treasure?" Cheng Xiao picked up the water cup and asked the summer solstice.

"Don’t mention it, it’s too uncomfortable, you ca n’t eat things every day, panic in your chest, you ca n’t vomit, it’ s uncomfortable. Fate is suffering, and there will be no such reactions when others are pregnant.OK? But I usually have a good body, and I am even more stable than the others, too unfair. "

The summer solstice continues to say, "I have already asked for a vacation for more than half a month now, and I will see that I will be unemployed."

She was lying on the sofa and covered her eyes in distress.

"It’s okay, isn’t this Song Song, let Song and Song raise you. Besides, our unit can hold a stop salary and stay in jobs. When you finish the birth, you can come back, and the flight attendant will be merged." Cheng Xiao comforted him.

Summer solstice: "This is only the case, but the doctor said that after waiting for this most uncomfortable period, if it can be better from three or four months, I can return to the unit to do some simple work."

Cheng Xiao stared at her belly and thoughtfully, "Women are too difficult, no wonder the flight attendant does not have children. Xia Xia, what do you think, who brought the child?"

The summer solstice frowned, "My mother, then I will pick up my mother, but my mother comes to my dad to order at home, so I haven’t discussed this.My parents rent a house and let my dad come over. Or can you find an aunt, but no matter what kind of method, there are troublesome places, so the key issue now is that I have to work to earn milk powder. "

Cheng Xiao: "Can the parents of the Song and Song dynasties come?"

Summer solstice: "Yes, but you also know that I have a temper. I also quarreled with my mother. I am afraid that I will fight with my mother -in -law.

Cheng Xiao laughed wildly.

"How are you with the mother of Minister Gu?" The summer solstice suddenly gossip.

"Okay, we are the goddess and daughter -in -law." Cheng Xiao said proudly.

The summer solstice snorted.

"Don’t think about it, let’s talk about it." Cheng Xiao perfunctory.

"I listened to the Song and Song dynasties that the Minister of Gu Gu is very envious of him." The summer solstice attached the gossip again.

To be continued …


In fact, if you think about high -quality families such as Cheng Xiao and Gu Nanting, you should have more children.

After all, in terms of economy or family literacy, Cheng Xiao’s parents and Gu Nanting’s parents are very good representatives.

All three babies have been released, I hope Cheng Xiaosheng will raise his hand.

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