"Ginseng" in the south

Longanye is also known as lychee, banana, pineapple (pineapple), the four major fruit in South China.Historically, it is known as the "ginseng" of the southern "longan" north.Longan meat is one of the most commonly used valuable Chinese medicines in clinical clinical, and began in "Shennong Materia Medica", saying that it "tastes sweet, treats the five internal organs evil spirits, Anzhi, anorexia. For a long time, it is strong, clever, light, and unpretentious."

The legend of longan meat

According to legend, in the year of Nezha, Nezha killed the third prince of the East China Dragon King and dug a longan.At this time, there was a poor child named Haizi sick, and Nezha ate the longan.After Haizi ate longan, he was sick. He grew into a big man and lived in more than a hundred years.

After the death of Haizi, a tree grew on his grave, and the tree was covered with longan fruit.People have never seen this kind of fruit, and a bold man pulled one away, and it was really sweet and delicious.After eating this fruit, not only is there no danger, but the body has become stronger and stronger.Since then, people have taken this fruit as a tonic and called it "longan".Longan trees are planted in the East China Sea, and everyone eats longan meat.

The source of longan meat

Longan meat is derived from the fake seeds of the longan of non -sufferings.In the summer and autumn, mature fruits are harvested, dry, remove the shell, nucleus, and dry until it is dry and not sticky.The appearance is brownish -yellow to tan, translucent, and the outer surface is uneven.Those with thin slices are soft and moist, and those who have a capsule are slightly harder.The gas is slightly fragrant and sweet.Those with thick meat, large pieces, color brown yellow, and sweet.

The effect and clinical application of longan meat

Longan meat, also known as longan, longan meat, dragon eyes, round eyes, dried longan, Yuan meat, honey spleen, etc.Sweet and warm.Return to heart and spleen.It has the effects of nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and nourishing the god of blood.The treatment of lack of qi and blood, palpitations, forgetfulness, insomnia, and blood deficiency and yellowing.

Longan meat chemical ingredients and pharmacological effects

Longan meat contains glucose, sucrose, choline, protein, adenine, organic acid, fat, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other compounds.Pharmacological research can be seen that longan meat and its active ingredients have activity such as antioxidant, anxiety, anti -cancer, improvement of memory, enhanced the body’s immunity, regulating endocrine and nerve regulation.

The medicinal preparations containing longan meat include lift qi Yangyuan syrup, Guibi Pills, Guibi spleen, ginseng Baoyuan pills, Peikun pills, etc. From its compatible preparations, it can meet the relevant effects of longan meat supplement benefits.

The use of longan meat

Longan meat has a high sugar content, and patients with diabetes should not be used; pregnant women have more heat and should not be used; fever, wind and cold, cough, sputum, gum swelling, constipation, sores, wet resistance.


Longan meat is a traditional Chinese medicine for medicine and food, which has the effects of nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and nourishing the gods, and the title of "the best product in the fruit".Longan taste is sweet and delicious, but it is not suitable for all people. Pay attention to its related taboos when consumed or medicinal.Most people should not eat too much at a time, otherwise they can cause discomfort such as abdominal distension and indigestion.If the related medicinal preparations are used, it is necessary to use it safely and reasonably under the treatment of Chinese medicine practitioners.


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