"Funny paragraphs", are you pregnant?

“”1. My roommate and boyfriend went to bed after dating.After a while, she started to vomit.I asked her curiously: "Are you pregnant?" The roommate: "No, my holiday just came yesterday. Just after eating, my stomach is a bit uncomfortable. Oh … Is it like that?"

2. When I got into the house in the class, I received a phone call from a strange woman before changing the shoes and said, "Your husband’s hotel opposite your house, in any room, with a woman … Don’t ask meWho is it, I’m just a person who can’t get used to this kind of thing … "After hanging up the phone, I immediately rushed to the hotel designated by the other party, but found that no one was at all.This person is too boring to play such a prank!So I went home again, and saw that my husband was already at home, and started preparing dinner.

3. After class today, Xiao Ming’s walking is a bit stumbling!I asked, "What?" Xiaoming said sadly: "Chrysanthemum was killed by an old lady!" I raised an eyebrow and said, "I’m going. What happened to happen!" Xiao Ming smiled and didn’t speak.Back to the dormitory, I found that Xiaoming’s table had an empty old instructor.Elastic

4. When I first came to this city, the taxi driver said, "Girl, one person?" "Yes …" The girl, someone called me for the first time, I think it is very enthusiastic.There are many people with a ladylike!

5. Grandma took me to fortune -telling when I was a child.Vaguely remembered that the fortune teller touched the white beard, and said to the grandma: "This child has a expensive money, his academic career is successful, and he has nothing to worry about for a lifetime." Later

6. I know a friend of the opposite sex, two years younger than me.Everyone said he looked simple.I always think so.I treat him as my brother.To this day, he asked me, sister, I asked you a puzzle.You said that when you sleep at night, you find that thieves enter the house, your husband sleeping on your left, and children on the right.Do you want to call his husband or a child first?Answer immediately!Intersectionhusband!IntersectionIntersectionI said it without thinking.EssenceEssenceThen, the guy said, hey, wife, I sleep on your left tonight, and that year, our baby sleeps on your right.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceOne of my old -fashioned women was blushed, and she couldn’t speak for a long time.EssenceEssenceEssence

7. Son: Dad, where do I come from?Dad: You have grown up, Dad will tell you the truth.You downloaded online.Son: However, our family has no Internet.Mom: Silly boy, is WiFi of the uncle’s house next door.Dad: It seems a bit wrong …

8. When I ate on the roadside yesterday, I saw a 1.8 -meter -high person drunk.Later, it seemed that his daughter -in -law came to see a small model of 1.6 meters.After he came, he kept staring at him.This person said, I am not afraid of you since today.You picked up the pen and record it.You must give me 200 more every month.Second, I can’t drink.Third, I can’t kneel.Fourth, he cried and pulled his daughter -in -law’s hand.EssenceEssenceI am miserable, and I think how capable he is!Intersection

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