"For 4 months of pregnancy, my mother -in -law asked me to get a fetus, and my husband did not speak throughout the whole process."

Seeing an interview, my heart intersects.

"After this, now I must be different inside."

The 34 -year -old coconut recalled the marriage 7 years ago and said with a stunned face.

At that time, she was 25 years old and was introduced by relatives and met with her ex -husband.

After seeing several times, I felt almost the same, and I was accustomed to obeying the opinions of the elders. Under the arrangement of the family, I walked into the siege of marriage.

My mother -in -law said, "Good recovery early, so hurry up when you are young!"

Can’t help but the old man’s thoughts, not long after getting married, the coconut quickly became pregnant and became a prospective mother.

She was happy to look forward to the future, waiting for the advent of small lives.

As a result, in 4 months, her mother -in -law suddenly pulled her hand and said, "You go to fight the child, I will get out of the money."

Coconut was shocked, but she was born with no resistance to the old man.

In the end, the ghost really went to the hospital by himself.

But she came to the hospital to think more and more wrong, so she called her mother -in -law to ask the reason.

What I got was a polite sentence: "I let you do it, just do it!"

Coconut thinks that her mother -in -law has different faces before and after, and there must be a demon if they are abnormal. She did not kill her child.

In the whole process, the husband did not stand up and say a word.

Although this incident became a puppet in the heart of coconut, in order to keep the marriage, coconut didn’t say much.

The family do everything in everything, so as not to let my mother -in -law fuck the snack.

Even when she gave birth to a child, she asked her mother to pay for her mother -in -law.

I have thought that the effort of coconut has been very effective, and the birth of her daughter has contributed to the break.

Less than 6 days of discharge, her mother -in -law fired a lot of peppercorns for her and wanted to wean her.

Coconut was aggrieved and asked, "What did I do wrong, isn’t this your child?"

But responded to her, only the indifferent back.

Helpless, the coconut cried and called her mother, holding her daughter who was not full of full moon and returned to her mother’s house.

Since then, the ex -husband has never showed up, the call will not be answered, and the information does not return.

Goodbye was one year and one month later, and his ex -husband went to the court to sue divorce.

When I arrived at the court, the judge also somehow throwing a word directly to the coconut:

"You just say you can’t leave!"

Never thought about the resistance coconut, followed, "then leave!"

Until now, for 7 years, her daughter has never seen her father, and her father has never fulfilled his father’s obligation.

And she is also breeding her daughter’s hardships, constantly reflecting on the past.

Coconut said with emotion: "I was too weak in the past to make them arbitrarily."

As the saying goes, if people are weak, the wicked are the most.

Everyone can laugh at you a few words, and anyone can step on your feet.

Even the close lover will break through the bottom line and encourage evil deeds in constant temptations.

In the end, a blind heart compromise, what you get is to get inch;

There is no principle of benevolence, in exchange for what you want.

There is a saying on the Internet that is very hot:

"If you dare not be so reserved, others will dare to be bad."

The variety show "Mommy" tells a story.

When Hu Zhangqin, 24, was 9 months pregnant, found her husband derailed his ex -girlfriend.

What’s even more angry is that her husband blame his ex -girlfriend home and asked her to cook to entertain them.

Because there is no job or income, the child is about to be born. Hu Zhangqin, who is struggling, chose to obey.

She endured her heartache and tears into the kitchen.

Unexpectedly, her forbearance and concession were default by her husband.

He started not to go home after years, and then said without any money, "I told me if I have no money, I call you."

Worried that he would have no life, the child would suffer, and Hu Zhangqin would never dare to divorce.

She insisted on ridiculous marriage, sadly hurting the cold four walls every day.

It is very agreed with the meaning of life. The meaning of life is never a principled compromise and forbearance.

Blindly, you will never suffer everything, but will never be suffering, but the liver and intestine will be broken.

Only when you show your teeth and claws can you truly defend your self -esteem and boundary.

Writer Liu Na shared the story of a female reader.

The reader has been separated from the two places. After 10 years of marriage, the two children and the big and small things in the family are mostly the mother -in -law.

To be honest, her mother -in -law is very capable, and she has organized her family in an orderly manner.

The lack of beauty is that the personality is too strong. The food and dresses at home, and the child’s clothing, food, and transportation must be said.

Although she couldn’t help it, she didn’t care about it.

Over time, not only did her mother -in -law converge, she became more and more unscrupulous. Even her interpersonal communication and commuting had to interfere.

One day, she returned to work overtime, and her mother -in -law scolded her in front of her child.

Tired, she could no longer control the anger in her heart, no matter how she quarreled with her mother -in -law regardless of her.

The mother -in -law was about to return to her hometown. Her husband quickly persuaded her to rest and bow to the elderly.

She said directly to her husband:

"You know that you are leisurely, your family is just your inn. Do you think I am easy, do you not be aggrieved?"

She thought that these two wars would blew her bones, and her house was difficult.

Unexpectedly, after she became tough, her mother -in -law took the lead in changing her attitude and no longer pointed at her;

Her husband also tried to adjust his work and ended the separation of the two places.

Psychologist Freud said:

"In any relationship, we must be brave to keep our boundaries with anger."

Blind weakness will only make the wicked people get into the ruler; moderate anger will show their attitudes and win respect.

The most important thing is that when you become edge and corner, the world will also treat you and Yan Yue.

Because you are allowed by others to you.

If you are not allowed, no one can hurt you wantonly.

When he was young, he always thought that "coldness and coldness" must be unpopular, and it is difficult to be popular.

But the more you go through, the more you understand. Compared with the intimate familiarity of the false affection, people who are "cold" know more about love and more love.

They seem politely alienated, arrogant, but they are sober and transparent.

I also read a real story written by a blogger on the Internet.

When Li Yanan was very young, her father finally abandoned another family, and she grew up in her mother’s inferiority and weak crying:

"They just bully that I have no husband, and I will do it for me." "If there is a man around me, those hawkers will not slaughter me."Don’t cause trouble, we can’t afford … "

"If I am tough, I may not be bullied, and I can protect my mother."

Little she held her fist tightly and vowed secretly that she must refine her ability and live as a mother’s diamond cover.

Instead of physical fitness, she practiced and run away, jumped away, and did not dare to come to the door to dock Yao Wuyang’s father and Xiaosan.

The light bulb was broken, and the water pipe was bursting. She didn’t wait for it, and she carried all the trivial matters of life by herself.

Her boss Xianzhu was miserable, and she would rather smash the rice bowl, and couldn’t bear to swallow.

Even if she had severe depression, she did not cry and complained.

What’s even more powerful is that after marriage, she has never been sticking to her silk flowers, and she is a stabbing rose with clear personality.

Her husband often teases her: "Nan Nan, you have a face that is not easy to bully, who dares to touch your inverse scale."

Although the reputation of "not easy to mess with" is the happiness and harmony of Li Yanan’s family, his career is rising, and he is free and free.

Just like the exploration spring in "Dream of Red Mansions", his origin was low, but he never lost his own moat.

To humiliate her and want to step on her upper manager, Tanchun should take a shot, and never let people rub the round.

For unknown things, the mother who abducted her in her privately used her family, and scratched the line with no politeness, and was not afraid of the infamousness.

When copying the Grand View Garden, Tanchun did not hesitate to fight against Mrs. Wang to save the sisters who were bullyed.

Gentle and powerful, tolerance and scale.

Such a "coolness" is not indifferent and ruthless, but the principle of mature, a sober bottom line.

This is both the protection of yourself and the cherishment of emotions.

Therefore, the closer the relationship is, the more "cold" is left in the heart.

As the writer Migger said:

"The round is not sharp, soft and weak, such beauty is full, with confidence."

Between loved ones, there is a way to make a long time, and the warm affection can be fine.

Between husband and wife, there is no fight for forbearance, and sweet happiness can be inexhaustible.

I like a paragraph in the poet Gu Cheng’s "Rose":

"Rose is wearing a thorns, and it has not become thorns. It is just to defend its Chunhua and not be stunned by the beasts."

Walking in the world, everyone has their own enthusiasm and fragrance.

There is no need to sacrifice the meaning of life in order to cater to others, sacrifice the meaning of life.

It is not necessary to ignore the beauty of life in the name of love, to pay attention to the principle of giving.

Regardless of love, affection, or friendship, the best relationship is: tolerance and ruler, tolerance, seven enthusiastically, and coolness.

Like a rose, there is a cold spike on the body, without losing the edge;

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