"Fetal Dream" is a transmission signal?Too frequent alert, don’t care about pregnant mothers

Introduction: When it comes to dreaming, many people may not care. If you encounter a lot of interesting things or sad things in your dreams, you will also share with your friends. If you dream of something particularly boring, you may slowly forget it.Essence

The pregnant woman during pregnancy is exactly the opposite. The pregnant mother after pregnancy is particularly sensitive. If you do dreams during pregnancy, you will want to understand the true meaning of dreams, so it is called "fetal dream".

Xiao Wang is a post -90s pregnant mother. After checking her pregnancy, she was also particularly happy and finally became a mother.

After pregnancy, Xiao Wang often dreamed of, and he also dreamed of something about the children in the stomach. At first, Xiao Wang thought that he had a dream and night, so he would dream of the child every night.

As time was abnormal, Xiao Wang began to pay attention to his dream. For example, one night when he dreamed of a child put on a small skirt, it also meant that Xiao Wang would have a daughter in the future, or dream of a child crying at himself. Xiao Xiao would cry on himself. Little Xiaoxia was crying.Wang will interpret dreams.

Because Xiao Wang often dreams during pregnancy, his mental state is also very poor, and his body is getting weaker, but Xiao Wang did not take it to the heart and still explore the dream. If it is a good thing, you will have a happy day. If it is a bad thingAll day is depressed.

Day after day, Xiao Wang’s body became weaker and weaker, and even her husband couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took Xiao Wang to the hospital for examination. Xiao Wang told the doctor about his "fetal dream".

The doctor told Xiao Wang that this is not a secret number, just a signal. If his mental state can be adjusted, it is not so nervous, and it will slowly reduce the number of dreams.

Hearing this, Xiao Wang seemed to be on his left ear into the right ear. The doctor directly reprimanded: "The secret code and the signal are stupid and unclear, and they should pay for the ignorance.

In the end, under the guidance of the doctor, Xiao Wang also began to improve his body and spirit, so don’t be too superstitious to believe in science.

How is "fetal dream" formed?Only the reason can be seen to see the "truth"

1. The emotional fluctuation of pregnant mothers

The emotions of pregnant mothers during pregnancy can easily fluctuate. Because of endocrine disorders, it has caused pregnant mothers to sleep insufficient sleep at night, and often there is no way to sleep deeply.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s psychology is also very fragile, and it becomes extremely sensitive. A little thing will be enlarged infinitely, sometimes happy and angry, and often continue to bring this state, which is easy to bring into the dream, that is, "fetal dream ‘.

Second, pregnant mothers are exhausted

We are busy working during the day and sleep at night when we sleep at night, and we will have nightmares at night. This is also the normal situation of many normal people. After pregnancy, the body load is running for 10 months.

With imagination alone, you know how hard it is, and long -term fatigue, sleep will definitely be affected, so even after sleeping, you will often dream.

How can pregnant mothers avoid frequent abnormal dreams?Affect sleep quality

First: Rest and entertain appropriately

During pregnancy, you can talk to your friends more, and you can be released during the day. You will not dream at night, and you can listen to some soothing music to smooth your emotions.

Second: Don’t be too big psychological pressure

Many people think that their children are boys or girls during pregnancy. When they grow up, Cong is not clever. If you want too much day, you will find answers in a dream at night, so pregnant mothers still have to relax their hearts.Essence

Conclusion: If you are often in a state of tightness during pregnancy, it is likely that "fetal dreams" will become frequent. This is also unfriendly for babies and need to seek medical treatment in time.

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