"Fart" after pregnancy has become more, how can I get angry?

Many people feel that it is difficult to fart, and they feel embarrassed when farting in public.Many pregnant mothers will find that there are more "farts" after pregnancy, and the stomach does not listen to others. This is unexpected by the pregnant mother.It’s okay when there is no one, but if you are in front of relatives and friends, you really want to find a ground sewing into it.What’s more embarrassing is that sometimes fart is still smelly!Is there any way to resolve this embarrassment?

About 70%of the ingredients are air inhaled with food in suction with food.At the same time, the air swallowed in the mouth accounts for 70%of the exhaust ingredients.Those who swallow, people who eat fast are easy to fart.When the saliva and food are fully mixed, the air is naturally excreted.

Older uterus: In the middle and late pregnancy of pregnant mothers, due to the continuous growth of the baby, as the uterus continued to expand, it compressed the intestine, making the intestines not easily move, and would form flatulence.After flatulence, the body must exhaust, and exhaust is the saying goes.

Pathotin: After pregnancy, the progesterone in the body increases a lot, which weakens the gastrointestinal motility, reduces the secretion of gastric acid, and causes excessive gas. The gas must be "farted" to exclude the gas.Every pregnant mother will experience things.We can only pay more attention to eating habits to minimize the number of exhaust.

In fact, farting during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. The number of times the number of times is mainly because the progesterone content in the pregnant mother’s body increases, which weakens gastrointestinal peristalsis, decreased gastric acid secretion. In addition, the gradual increased uterus compress the gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal, which hinders digestion activity., So the amount of fart becomes more.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not be sad because of farting. There is a problem without farting.

@小 Mother loves you 123: Now I am pregnant for more than four months.I am nicknamed, fart god

@丫: Haha, the same, it is particularly fart at night

@: I am 4 months pregnant now, my stomach grunt

@kimmysoda: There are so many fart at night, and when you wake up in the morning … Sometimes the stomach rises uncomfortably and wants to fart and can’t put it out …

@: I am also drunk, scary at night

@WAP60535959: Alas, when I was in a large stomach at that time, I went out to go shopping with my husband.

Ah hahaha, moms, all of them have a picture ~

Do you have a balancing in your heart during pregnancy?It turns out that everyone is like this!

1. From the perspective of diet: Drink plenty of water and avoid bloating.Experts believe that the stomach is very swollen when flatulence, and if you eat a lot of food, it will swell more.Therefore, you can eat 6 to 8 meals a day, do not eat too much food.

In addition, do n’t think that liquid foods are digested and eat liquid food, which is wrong, because liquid food is not digested with the stomach and intestines.It is best to choose semi -solid foods with high vitamins, such as apples and pears.Drink plenty of water to promote defecation.

2. From the perspective of exercise: walking often, diligently rubbing the peristalsis.When intestinal peristalsis is not good, you can help bowel movement by massage.Starting from the upper right abdomen, move it clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massage the left lower abdomen. Remember not to massage the part of the uterus.

The uterus is located in the center of the abdomen. Some expectant mothers will massage to the uterus because they do not understand the gastrointestinal position, which will cause uterine contraction.Therefore, when pregnant women have bleeding or uterine contraction, they must stop massage immediately.

The hormone of pregnancy affects gastrointestinal function, so farting is normal.The fart is particularly smelly because the fetal grows up and affects the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal function, which leads to a longer retention of the gas. It may also be to eat more high -protein or intestinal vein.

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