"Eryang" strikes, what should pregnant women do?

■ Dongying

The flu has just subsided, and the new crown "Eryang" has a trend of rising.Recently, some people have symptoms of new crown "Eryang".On the whole, the symptoms of the crowds that are infected again are mild, the course of the disease is shorter, the fever time is shorter, and the degree of fever is lower.However, families with maternal mothers in the family are generally worried, fearing that the virus will have a adverse effect on mothers and fetuses.For this reason, we interviewed Yang Hua, chief physician of the Maternity and Gynecology Center of Beijing Friendship Hospital, and Xiao Ling, the attending physician, and asked them to support the pregnant women.

Don’t be afraid of heat in summer, pregnant women’s outsourcing masks should be worn

In summer, the number of pregnant women’s walking out of walking generally increased. Many people also increased the chance of infection because they were afraid of fever and dislike a mask.Yang Hua said that high -risk groups should pay attention to prevention and try not to go to a closed place where the crowd gather.It is best to wear a mask when going out to avoid direct contact with external environmental objects.The good habit of remained during the epidemic, such as washing hands and going home for disinfection, etc., should be maintained.You need to open more windows at home to keep your mood happy, ensure enough sleep, and appropriate outdoor sports can enhance immunity.

Is it possible for many pregnant women to have an impact on the baby?"At present, there is no sufficient evidence that the new coronary virus can infect the fetus through the placenta barrier. A large number of studies have shown that fetal malformations, abortion, and premature yield have not increased due to the new crown." Yang Hua said that the existing data shows that the new crown is spread in the palace in the palace.The probability is very low.The general congenital infection rate of the fetus is less than 2%. Most infected children are asymptomatic or mild and moderate. They will recover within one to two weeks after the onset.And these data are mainly derived from Delta’s mutant strains, and the severe rate of the popular Omircor strains now is significantly lower than the former.

Yang Hua said that in the face of the new crown "Eryang", pregnant mothers do not have to be too anxious, and they can be checked regularly.Mother who is breastfeeding can continue breastfeeding even if she is yang.At present, no virus can be secreted through milk, and breast milk is rich in antibodies, which can enhance the baby’s resistance.If the baby is yang, you do n’t need to wear a mask to feed them directly. If the baby is negative, the mother needs to wear a mask before feeding, disinfection, and try to avoid contact infection.

"Eryang", pregnant women have special requirements for drug use

After the new crown is infected again, the symptoms of most patients are cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc. Some are also accompanied by digestive discomfort such as vomiting and diarrhea.Can pregnant women take medicine in these cases?Will taking medicine affect the fetus, this is a problem that everyone generally cares about.

"For mild pregnant women, it is not recommended to take the medicine blindly. Pay attention to diet rest and isolation protection. There is no need to be too anxious. If pregnant mothers have obvious symptoms, they should be actively treating symptomatic." Xiao Ling also provided a set of suitable for pregnant womenTreatment plan: The fever exceeds 38.5 ° C, which can be taken to acetaminol, which is safe even if the early pregnancy is premature; nasal congestion can be eaten in Sitlizine, dectrine, and it is not recommended to use pseudohadine; runny nose, physiological saline nasal spray can be usedTo relieve it; severe dry cough, can take the right Michafen, but it is disabled during early pregnancy; cough, cough with phlegm, can be used for amproxol, not recommended during early pregnancy.

It is worth noting that the ibuprofen and compound aminopine that everyone generally use is not suitable for pregnant women.Because the antipyretics of compound preparations contain a variety of components, it may increase the risk of pregnancy.If ibuprofen is used in early pregnancy, it may cause the fetal arterial catheter to be closed prematurely; the diamond alkane component in the compound aminamine may cause fetal heart malformations;Development, so pregnant women should choose a single component to acetaminol, not compound preparation.When conditions permit, it is best to go to the hospital for medical treatment. If you need it, you can still be hospitalized.

Some pregnant women find that the fetal heart rate will also accelerate when the temperature rises, fearing that this is a manifestation of the fetus hypoxia.In this regard, Xiao Ling said: "This is not the case. Fever during pregnancy generally causes the mother’s heart rate to accelerate, which will cause the fetal baby’s heart rate to accelerate. The fever of pregnant women may be caused by excessive tension, severe fever, inflammatory stimulation, etc.It can be improved by adjusting emotions, physical cooling, and drug treatment. Often, the mother’s heart rate will return to normal after fever, so do not need to be too nervous. "

However, if the continuous fever of pregnant women will cause the fetal heart rate to be too fast, it may cause hypoxia in the fetus. Pregnant women can be tested by several fetal movements by themselves.

Pregnant women need to go to the doctor immediately

Yang Hua said that "Eryang" pregnant mothers must pay special attention to observing their own conditions in this special period. When the following situations occur, they must seek medical treatment immediately.

Obstetrics factors: vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, obvious contractions and obvious abnormal fetal movements in the moon, obvious abnormalities after the fever are still abnormal or self -monitoring the fetal heart is less than 110/min, and the non -fetal movement continues to be higher than 160 times/min;Early breakthroughs, regular contractions, production and other signs of childbirth.

Non -producing factors: Difficulty breathing, asthma, purple lips, chest pain, chest tightness, panic, blurred consciousness and other symptoms need to be visited immediately; severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain;The body temperature continues to exceed 39 ° C, or the symptoms are repeatedly fever after the symptoms improve; the symptomatic treatment of headache, ear pain, severe throat pain and other symptoms are still not relieved; symptoms such as nasal congestion and runny nose have been relieved for more than 7 days.

"Eryang" pregnant mothers need to do it.Pregnant mothers need to reduce the number of times to go to the hospital for delivery, and communicate with the doctor of the delivery.But the following tests must be completed within a fixed gestational week:

1. Early pregnancy (before 13 weeks +6): NT screening;

2. During the middle of pregnancy (12 to 22 weeks of pregnancy), Tang’s screening or non -invasive DNA screening;

3. System large row of malformed ultrasound (23 weeks to 26 weeks of pregnancy, you need to make an appointment in advance for this inspection);

4. Glucose tolerance test (24 weeks of pregnancy to 27 weeks);

5. Pregnant mothers who have complications during pregnancy can consult doctors in the production inspection hospital according to their own situation to conduct personalized production inspection items.

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To enhance personal immunity, pregnant mothers should have the confidence in "Eryang"

■ Chinese Women’s Daily All -Media reporter Geng Xingmin

Recently, many cases of new crown infection have appeared in many places. Many pregnant mothers are most worried that they will "two yang".In this regard, Zhao Jie, a obstetrician of Beijing Shunyi Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said in an interview with a reporter from the Chinese Women’s Daily: "The antibody generated after the first wave of new coronal virus infection last year can be protected in 4 to 6 months.Role. More than this time, the protection force may be weakened, and the new crown virus has also occurred. Some pregnant women have not been infected in the first wave of epidemic, and the risk of this infection may increase. "The newly popular new crown strains have not changed fundamentally. It is less than 6 months before the previous wave of infection peaks. Most of the human body still remains in a certain number of antibodies. In principle, secondary infection is normal for most immune function to most immune function.For people, the symptoms will be lighter.Nevertheless, the severity of the symptoms of "Eryang" depends on many factors. It varies from person to person and cannot be generalized.After all, personal immunity is the key.

Zhao Jie said that the nutrition during pregnancy is closely related to the immunity of pregnant women. Pregnant mothers should be more reasonable, pay attention to nutritional matching, and enhance immunity.

1. Crimize enough high -quality protein: you can consume 1 to 2 eggs, 300 ~ 500ml milk, about 200g of lean meat (2 fish categories per week), 25g of soybean products (tofu, soy milk, etc.), and seed categoriesfood.Scientific and reasonable nutritional diet can effectively improve nutritional conditions and enhance their own resistance.

2. Eat more fresh, dark vegetables and fruits: Fresh fruits and fruits can effectively supplement the intake of vitamins and other antioxidant nutrients, thereby increasing antiviral ability.Daily ensure that intake of fruits in the range of 200 ~ 350g to avoid intake of high sugar.

3. Perseverance: Reasonable and moderate exercise also helps to improve the body’s immunity.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the choice of exercise time, exercise intensity, and type of movement.You can exercise for 20 ~ 45 minutes a day.

Source: Chinese Women’s Daily

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