"Eat oranges while taking a bath" Fire Internet!Netizens have tried to follow the trend, the effect is super shocking

Recently, a magical trend has emerged in the outer net -taking a bath and eating oranges.

It is said that this can bring the effect of spiritual healing. It is "the healthiest body and mind and soul activity that a person can enjoy exclusively." Some people even say that after experiencing it once, his life has been changed!

This trend has now been popular all over the major social platforms. One of the related videos made by netizens has played more than 10 million.

Everyone has followed up, and even the topic of the topic of "bathing and eating oranges" is close to 10 million. I am afraid that it will soon set up a "bath to eat oranges" …

At the end of last year, a citrus enthusiast named Austin Austin Otier opened the door of many people in the new world with two videos.

The first video was that he strongly recommended to his friends, let them try to eat oranges while taking a shower. He said, "This will be what you can experience on this planet.One of the things ".

Friends: You are afraid you are not a crazy ball anymore.

After the video was sent out, netizens said: Lady, you successfully attracted my attention.

But many people don’t understand how the two things "bath" and "oranges" can be put together.

"Can you explain in depth?"

"Impossible, don’t even think about the air in the bathroom."

"Sorry, I believe this will be a wonderful experience, but I really can’t bring the food/drink into the bathroom."

In order to solve everyone’s doubts, Austin made a second video. This time he also listed the various wonderful places of "bathing and eating oranges" in detail.

"When bathing in hot water, high temperature and moisture will enlarge the taste and aroma of citrus. The smell of citrus can help relieve stress.

Eat an orange when taking a bath. You don’t have to worry about the juice or something.

Because it is easy to clean up, you can tear the orange without hesitation.Therefore, this will be a good experience."

Many netizens also appeared in the comment area, saying that they are also loyal enthusiasts of "bathing and eating oranges".

"Iraqi men will bring the oranges to the bathhouse and eat it in the bathhouse. This is an old tradition, it is really good."

"I just tried it. Now my bathroom is full of beautiful citrus aroma. This experience is so amazing, I give full marks. I strongly recommend everyone to try."

"In Morocco, when we go to the bathhouse, everyone will take citrus to eat, and it can prevent you from fainting inside."

"I just did this a few days ago, and my whole life was changed by it."

Austin’s explanation, coupled with the personal experience of so many netizens, has really made many netizens who have never tried.

Everyone may generally be more interested in this novel experience, and is also curious about the "fluttering effect" in other people’s population, so this kind of strange behavior is made of ten or ten, ten, ten, and hundreds, ten or ten, ten, ten, and hundreds of hundreds.Form a trend on Tiktok.

The topic of "bathing and eating oranges" has soared to nearly 10 million playbacks.

But in fact, this is not the first time that human beings have discovered the wonderfulness of "bathing and eating oranges". Foreign media search found that as early as 2015, the beginning of bathing and eating oranges on the Internet had appeared on the Internet.

At that time, a netizen answered a question in the Q & A section of the Reddit community.

That question is "What are the non -traditional, but everyone should try something?"

This question was caught in deep memories. TA recalled what a consultant said to TA in a club in Italy in 2005.

The consultant said: "Do you want to know what you can experience in your life, what is the most free and desire, and what makes you feel the most wonderful thing?"

Netizens certainly don’t know.

Advisor: "Have you eaten oranges while taking a bath?"

Netizens stunned, "No, I haven’t eaten it."

The words that the consultant said was completely engraved in the hearts of this netizen. "Do you think about it, take a fresh orange with his bare hands, so that the orange juice flows all over the body, but you don’t have to worry that you will stick to sticky you will become sticky.Bad.

Just put it in half like this, like a barbarian who had never eaten things for a week, chew it with your teeth!"

Since that day, the netizen eats an orange every morning.

The day when TA answered this question, the "bathing and eating oranges" divine religion began to grow on the Internet, and there were special sections.

And it is still a quite active section on the Reddit website.

"Big Orange Energy."

"Oh my god! Eat an orange when taking a bath, God, I finally realized!

Eat an orange without leaving any stickiness.The aroma of citrus rises in the hot steam in the bathroom, and the orange juice flows to you, and is immediately rushed into the sewer.

I was saved."

"Peel the orange peel with friends."

It can be seen that people’s persistence on "bathing and eating oranges" has lasted for a long time, but the range of its fire is not large enough, which has caused new waves of people in the past ten years.At the same time of shocking and opening a new round of bathing and eating oranges.

More and more netizens have been led into this new world full of citrus aroma.

Some people can’t help but have a thumbs up.

Some people described this process "to let me rush into heaven and see the god of oranges."

Some people were lost in this mysterious atmosphere, inexplicable sadness.

Basically, as long as you try it, most people can’t help but lose in the citrus taste of the bathroom, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the earth, immerse them, and cannot extricate themselves.

Having said that, many people may have been eager to try. Before you join this ranks, netizens have several suggestions to allow you to have a better "bath and eat oranges" experience.

1. Prepare an orange. This orange is best refrigerated in advance. Eat ice -ice oranges in the hot bathroom to enjoy the ultimate physical and mental enjoyment.

"You can’t put the oranges in the bathroom in advance. The only way is to put the oranges in the refrigerator one night in advance to make it cooler.

Cold juice is part of the overall effect."

2. The process of peeling oranges during bathing is very important.

"The key is that it is very primitive. Its focus is not orange, nor bathing, but a connection between you and the inner wildness.

I advise you that when you take a bath next time you take oranges, don’t peel it in advance!

Use your hand to tear it open, enjoy its flesh, don’t worry about whether you can eat this orange, and don’t worry about how to deal with the orange peel. If you are still thinking, then you have done wrong."

The world is disturbing, and you are interested in taking a hot bath, surrounded by the rich citrus aroma, which may be enough.

Interested friends may try it tonight to see if it can really have the effect of "soul SPA".

If you have already tried friends, please share the feelings with us in the comment area ~

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