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When the employer and female employees establish a written labor (employment) contract, they must not agree to restrict marriage, fertility and other content with female employees; if they are diagnosed with severe dysmenorrhea or excessive menstruation by medical institutions or maternal and child health institutions, they will be given 1 to 2 to 2.Rest on the day.Recently, in order to strengthen the labor protection of female employees, reduce and solve the special difficulties caused by female employees in labor, and ensure their safety and health, the "Labor Protection Measures for Women’s Workers in Liaoning Province" was officially released. Since 2021 3, it is 3rd.Starting from month 1.


Do not limit marriage and fertility

The "Measures" stipulates that when employers and female employees establish written labor (employment) contracts, they shall not agree to restrict marriage, fertility, etc. with female employees;Restriction of promotion, promotion, and evaluation of professional and technical positions will be fired, and labor (employment) contracts are unilaterally lifted.

A collective contract for collective contracts and women’s employees’ rights protection for the protection of the rights and interests of female employees shall clarify the content of the labor protection protection of female employees.


Severe dysmenorrhea or too much menstrual volume

Give 1 to 2 days of appropriate rest

The "Measures" clearly states that employers should give the following labor protection for menstrual female employees.Do not arrange labor that is engaged in menstrual taboos prescribed by the state; those who are engaged in continuously standing for continuous work will arrange at least 10 minutes to rest every 2 hours;Proper rest on 1 to 2.


The time required for prenatal inspection is included in the labor time

The employer shall not arrange the labor that is engaged in taboos during pregnancy prescribed by the state; a prenatal inspection during labor time will be included in the labor time; if the work of the original position cannot be adapted, it will reduce the amount of labor or temporarily arrange other positions that can adapt to the position that can adapt.EssenceFor less than 3 months of pregnancy and severe pregnancy response, or if they are more than 7 months of pregnancy, they must not extend their labor time or arrange them to engage in night shift work, and arrange a rest time of no less than one hour during daily labor time.According to myself, the employer can protect the scope of labor in the marriage of married and pregnant women.Female employees have symptoms of threatened abortion or a history of habitual miscarriage. If they propose to protect their fetuses, the employer shall appropriately arrange them according to the diagnosis of medical institutions or maternal and child health institutions and the actual situation of the unit.


If the employee is difficult to give birth, increase the maternity leave for 15 days

Employees enjoy maternity leave on the 98th, including 15 days of pre -maternity vacation; those who are difficult to give birth will increase maternity leave for 15 days; those who have multiple births, have 1 babies per extra, increase their maternity leave for 15 days.In accordance with the current population and family planning policy of Liaoning Province, in addition to enjoying maternity leave stipulated in the preceding paragraph, maternity leave also enjoyed the increase in maternity leave stipulated in relevant regulations of Liaoning Province.

At the expiry of maternity holidays, after the application, the employer agreed, you can ask for breastfeeding leave to the age of 1 year old.The "Measures" stipulates that employers shall not arrange labor for lactating taboos engaged in the state regulated by the state, and shall not extend the labor time or arrange night shift labor; arrange 1 hour breastfeeding time during the daily labor time;A baby increases 1 hour of breastfeeding every day; breastfeeding time can be combined or used in portions; breastfeeding time does not include necessary round -trip roads; if the labor quota is implemented, the workload should be reduced accordingly.

Babies are over 1 years old and are diagnosed with weak children through medical institutions or maternal and child health care institutions. If they need to extend breastfeeding, they can extend their breastfeeding period not more than 6 months.

Source/Shenyang Evening News

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