"Drug flow" don’t try casually

Hualong.com at 11:00 on August 9th. The drug abortion is a method of termination of pregnancy by oral drugs. It is suitable for pregnant women who need to terminate pregnancy due to various reasons for various reasons.The following advantages have the following advantages: convenient application, simple medication, and no uterine cavity operation.

Scope of application of drug abortion: ① within 49 days of menopause, at the same time, the B -ultrasound is ≤2.5 cm.② Voluntary request to use drugs to terminate pregnancy.③ Fear of surgery.④ High -risk factors in surgical abortion, such as abortion history, uterine or pelvis in March, there are malformations, and many history of labor flow.

At present, the domestic drugs are compatible with macylidone and maco anterior glycol.The method of taking is: 2 to 3 days at home for 2 to 3 days, and on the last day to take the front machalmol alcohol on an empty stomach. After taking the medicine, observe 6 hours in the hospital, wait for the excretion of the pregnancy sac to observe the amount of bleeding.

Although the drug abortion is mild, there are only nausea, vomiting, lower abdomen pain and fatigue, but a small number of pregnant women may have a large amount of bleeding or other abnormalities.The hospital review, choose the Qing Dynasty surgery or other treatment as appropriate.

It is worth mentioning that the largest subgroup of drug abortion is long bleeding time and a large amount of bleeding.During the abortion of drugs, although the doctor has added antibiotics and uterine contracted agents, there is still the possibility of major bleeding and uterine cavity residues.Therefore, drug abortion must be carried out in regular medical institutions with emergency houses.Pay attention to hygiene and proper rest after abortion. In accordance with the doctor’s requirements, take post -abortion drugs. For the large amount of bleeding, the bleeding time exceeds 10 days, the secretion is odor, and the lower abdomen pain must be retracted at any time.

In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that the abortion of the drug must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. After the B -ultrasound is diagnosed as "internal pregnancy" and the "normal position of the pregnancy sac" can be taken to take medicines, you must not enter without permission.Clinically, there are many cases of shock cases caused by "ectopic pregnancy" and "scar pregnancy" self -abortion.For your health, please choose a regular hospital and seek medical treatment in accordance with regular procedures.

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