"Double Fei" to have children in Hong Kong, can children get the status of Hong Kong?

According to media reports, an earlier mainland woman went to Hong Kong to produce illegal births as a tourist when she was pregnant, and was eventually sentenced to 14 months in prison.

After the report was reported, the question of whether the child could still get the status of Hong Kong on the "dual -non -" illegal going to Hong Kong to have children also caused heated discussions.In this regard, the Immigration Department replied that under the "zero double -non -" policy, all public or private hospitals will not accept "double -African" pregnant women’s appointment for delivery services."Single -Fei" pregnant women (husbands are Hong Kong people) can make appointment for childbirth services in private hospitals by special arrangements.

At the same time, in order to cooperate with relevant policies, the Entry Department will continue to strengthen the entry supporting measures for non -local pregnant women.According to relevant policies, non -local pregnant women who are in the second trimester (referring to 28 weeks of pregnancy) must show a confirmation of appointment delivery services issued by private hospitals when entering Hong Kong, otherwise they may be refused to enter.

In addition, the Immigration Department also emphasized that in accordance with the current laws, any person made a false statement to the staff of the Immigration Department, which is illegal.Those who offend the offenders will be prosecuted. Once convicted, a fine of 150,000 yuan can be fined for 14 years.

As for the "dual -non -" illegal going to Hong Kong to have children, whether the child can still get the status of Hong Kong, according to the "Entry Regulations", a Chinese citizen born before or after the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.Residence right.Hong Kong will not accept the "double -non -" pregnant women’s appointment for delivery services. If someone conceals the condition of pregnancy and has a strong break from Hong Kong to produce a child, babies can obtain permanent residents in Hong Kong based on "parents produced by parents for Chinese people in Hong Kong."

Although Hong Kong identity has many advantages in education, medical care, and social welfare, friends who want to give their children a Hong Kong identity, they still need to pay attention to obtaining legal channels. After allTalent, Gao Caitong Plan, etc., there is no need to "adventure".In particular, the Gao Cai Tong plan, according to statistics from the Immigration Department, as of March 14 this year, a total of more than 17,000 applications have been received, and more than 10,000 applications have been approved.

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