"Don’t peel the ginger, eat the wrong life"?Do you want to peel ginger?Chinese medicine tells you the answer

"Do you don’t want to live!" Aunt Li saw her daughter drinking ginger soup at night, and said she took the ginger soup down and poured it down.

"I came to my aunt, and I had some ginger soup to relieve. I was drinking ginger soup and not poison. What did you do?" Aunt Li’s daughter was very puzzled.

"Have you ever heard it? Eating ginger cream at night, which is equivalent to eating poison! In addition, you can cook to poison if you don’t peel the ginger.

Aunt Li’s daughter was reprimanded by her mother, and she began to doubt herself. Can’t we really eat ginger at night?Is it really toxic to eat ginger?But I haven’t seen any problems after eating for so long.

Ginger skin is part of ginger, both food and Chinese medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger is a product of a combination of yin and yang.Ginger meat is spicy and warm; ginger skin is sprout and cool.Therefore, there is a saying that "the ginger skin is cool, and the ginger skin is hot".Do you want to peel the ginger?

Liu Tao, chief physician of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases at Wangjing Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that whether ginger peels should be determined according to different situations.

The following three cases are recommended to peel: when eating crab, bitter gourd, mung bean sprouts and other cold foods, ginger meat can neutralize the coldness of food. It is recommended to peel.If you want to use ginger to diverge the wind and cold, it is recommended to use it.People with cold spleen and stomachs are recommended to peel when eating ginger.

The following two situations are not recommended to peel the daily cooking, ginger can choose not to peel.People with yin deficiency and fire, it is not recommended to peel when eating ginger

I believe everyone has heard of the rumors of "eating Jiang Shengshuang at night". Is it really impossible to eat that night?

The answer is to eat!This statement has no scientific research support.Ginger contains ginger, essential oils, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients.Among them, ginger -spicy ingredients have a stimulating effect on human heart and blood vessels, which can accelerate heartbeat and vascular expansion.If you eat too much before going to bed, it will make people feel slightly excited and easily affect sleep.But it can’t be said that this is like a frost.

Meng Xiaolu, a Chinese medicine doctor in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Hospital, said that there is no problem with Jiang.For people with cold, drinking ginger soup at night can also play a role in warming the lungs and stomach, dispersing cold cough.

In addition, there is no scientific basis for ginger to prevent hair loss.Friends with severe hair loss, it is recommended to go to a doctor to find the cause and then treat them with symptomatic treatment.

Although ginger does not have hair loss, it does not mean that ginger is not good, and there are still many benefits to eating ginger.Spitting

Studies have found that a major substance related to human vomiting is 5 — HT3, and ginger has the effect of anti -free radicals and can play an effect of stopping vomiting.In addition, after ginger stimulates the gastric mucosa, it will synthesize and release the protective endogenous gastricinase with a protective effect, which has a protective effect on the gastrointestinal and intestines.Therefore, people with motion sickness can try to eat ginger.Drive the cold

The volatile oil and ginger in ginger can promote vascular dilation, thereby accelerating blood circulation, sweating, and playing the effect of driving cold and promoting blood circulation.Dysmenorrhea

Studies have found that ginger has a relief effect on dysmenorrhea, and the effect is similar to common analgesic drugs.For women with dysmenorrhea, you can try some ginger slices, ginger powder or drinking ginger tea.

Anti -inflammatory antibacterial

A study in the United States shows that ginger has the effects of alleviating migraine and bone arthritis, which is very effective for the treatment of arthritis.Some people in Germany had testing antibacterial effects on 29 plants and found that ginger was most effective in killing fungi.

1. These people are not suitable for ginger

Although ginger has many effects, it is not suitable for everyone. The following groups are best to eat less: people with yin deficiency and constitution. These people are manifested as stomach heat vomiting, bad breath, symptoms, hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids.People with symptoms such as bleeding may cause ginger to cause liver fire. Therefore, patients with liver disease should not take anticoagulant drugs because ginger may reduce the effect.

2. Rotten ginger cannot be eaten

There will be a strong toxin in the rotten ginger -ecza, which will harm the liver after being absorbed by the human gastrointestinal and cause liver cell poisoning.

3. Eat in moderation

Ginger spicy in ginger is absorbed by too much digestive tract, which will be excreted by the kidneys to stimulate the kidneys and cause dry mouth, throat, constipation, etc. Therefore, ginger cannot be eaten too much at a time.

You must also learn to distinguish rumors in your life, and do not want to be cloudy.The essence of ginger is just food, and whether it is peeling will not be to death.In addition, although there are many benefits to eating ginger, you should also eat it in moderation. Don’t be greedy.

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