"Doctor Liu said" cannot correctly determine whether he is pregnant, how can pregnant mothers open the road of "pregnancy"!



Fortunately, "pregnancy" drops temporarily, every mother and dad will be excited, excited, and then nervous, worry, and even some mothers will be anxious.Today, I will explain the things of early pregnancy diagnosis, and I hope to solve problems for you.

Men stop: If you usually come to see you on time every month, but this month I do n’t know why my aunt refuses to come. If it has been postponed for more than 10 days, it is highly vigilant if it is pregnant.

Frequent urination: In front of the uterus that bred the baby is the bladder. As the uterus increases and the bladder is compressed, the mother will have different degrees of urine (um, yes, just go to the toilet).

A small amount of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain: Many mothers have vaginal bleeding 10-14 days after fertilization, light color, and short duration. Many people mistakenly think that this is menstruation, so there is no attention. If this happens, be vigilant.Essence

Gastrointestinal reaction: Everyone is familiar with this reaction.We must often see the heroine covering their mouths on TV and rushing towards the toilet. In this case, everyone understands that the heroine must be pregnant.General dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions occur 6 weeks of menstruation, and will naturally relieve droplets in 12 weeks.

How to determine the problem of pregnancy is difficult to refuate mother, and buy a pregnancy test stick to test it naturally.Indeed, the pregnancy test stick is a good way, but when can I test it?What should I do after testing?So there must be follow -up work to do.Then, there are many ways to confirm pregnancy. This article only introduces three common and commonly used ones.

Urine HCG test

Monitoring HCG during urination is not only simple and reliable. This is you only need to do it step by step according to the instructions.Warm remind everyone that the morning urine monitoring in the morning is the most accurate. Most of the urine HCG can be detected 12-15 days after fertilization. That is to say, if you are detected if you have just discontinued, you may not be detected or weak.

Blood HCG Test

I didn’t find out the urine, and I couldn’t wait to know whether you were pregnant and not pregnant?So you can check blood and check HCG is your best choice.Blood HCG can be detected for 6-8 days of fertilization. The blood HCG value will double every 48 hours, so the blood HCG value of different pregnancy weeks is different.

Is urine or blood HCG positive, is it determined that it is normal pregnancy?The answer is of course negative. When HCG is positive, it can only be proven to be pregnant, but it is not determined by normal internal pregnancy, so you need to go to the hospital for ultrasound examination.


Ultrasonic examination is to determine intrauterine pregnancy, eliminating ectopic pregnancy and other diseases related to pregnancy.However, from fertilization to bed, it takes time to probe under ultrasonic probe. Generally, menstruation is 35 days. A round pregnancy sac can be seen in the uterine cavity. The germ and primitive heart tube are seen for 6 weeks of menopause.

Mother -in -law with irregular menstruation. If HCG is positive, but ultrasound does not detect the pregnancy sac, Mo Yu, in addition to being alert to ectopic pregnancy, may also be late in fertilization, and the fetal sac has not grown.The ultrasound during early pregnancy can help mothers with unclear menstruation and irregular menstruation to confirm the pregnancy weeks, and calculate the due date and subsequent pregnancy examination.


Oral folic acid we advocate oral folic acid starting to start three months before pregnancy. Daily folic acid intake must be guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 400ug.


It is believed that the early pregnancy response will come to come soon. At this time, you don’t need to be nervous. Don’t be afraid. Please relax and face it calmly.


After confirming that the baby has fetal heart sprouts, you need to confirm the checkup and childbirth hospitals, and the regular pregnancy examination has been conducted since 12 weeks of pregnancy.

When luck is coming, use happiness and peace to open your lucky "pregnancy" path!

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