"Do you want to get pregnant first, do n’t do it!"

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Beautiful love can’t stand the test of marriage, and behind the temptation, you can’t stand the toss of "colorful gifts"!

How much lovers who love to bones often collapse because of "colorful gifts"?

Xiao Jie and her boyfriend broke up because of Cai Li. They talked about three years of love. From recognizing that now, they have made trouble. Only this time, Xiao Jie broke up with him.

Because her boyfriend is too sloppy, the point of picking the door has been calculated on the "color gift"!

The conditions of Xiaojie’s family are always better than her boyfriend. His father opened a hardware shop. His mother did a clothing business. His boyfriend had opened a pig farm at home before. Later, because of the loss of business, the whole family went out to make money.Repayment.

Xiao Jie knew when his boyfriend came here. At that time, he was a handsome guy. He just stepped into the society and did something real.

Following her father’s shop, she was a clerk to take care of the business of the next facade. This is three years.

He has been here for three years, and Xiao Jie also talked to him for three years. He felt that each other was a good person he was looking for in his life.

But love is always love. It cannot be compared with marriage. When Xiao Jie found that he was pregnant, he was surprised after telling his boyfriend. He thought that I was not ready to be a father or marriage.Suddenly there are more children?

And Xiao Jie believes that giving him a child is tantamount to tie him, and he will stay here forever, accompany her and the child.

But things violate the wishes. When they talk about getting married and when they talk about Cai Li, he bargain for Xiao Jie. Xiao Jie said that they all need 80,000 gifts, not much at all, but he thinks that you are pregnant.It’s definitely a matter of nailing on the board, don’t get 80,000.

Then he said that their family had lost money to raise pig farms. Now there is no money. Xiao Jie said that the money you owe will be paid off long ago?Now your family goes out to make money. Can’t 80,000 yuan be taken out?Xiao Jie said it couldn’t understand!

But he still refused to give up, bargaining, saying that the gift was a situation, and said that the family could only take out 10,000 as a gift!Xiao Jie was so angry that she broke up on the spot. If she didn’t take 80,000, she would kill the child.

You say you are pregnant, what kind of gift gifts do you need?I am not getting married, regardless of your house, I have done it for three years in your dad. Your dad intends to give me this facade. In the future, we will be a family. How much do you have to count on the gift?

Haha, what are you doing for the spring and autumn and daydream?I tell you, you can’t even afford color gifts. Why should you get married?

Afterwards, they broke up directly because of Cai Li, and she saw him through this incident. That is, he was not the perfect man she imagined. He was a completely selfish villain.I also want to marry your posture.

Write in the last words:

Many men, always feel that women are pregnant, they should not have to be brilliant, or they think that there should be so many gifts!

Then if you change it, a woman marry a man and a man marry a woman. As a man to be married, will you ask a woman?And don’t forget, there will be dowry with colorful gifts, and the woman will not take anything. If so, they dare to have 80,000 Caici?

But despite this, there are still many men who care about "colorful gifts". In some people, what is love compared to colorful gifts?

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