"Dear Child": "Broken Hehe -born Road in person", Xie Tianhua’s revenge, despair and painful


Xie Tianhua is like a spring.

When others pressed, he didn’t think about it, but to "shrink" himself.

The other party, the other party’s family is the case, and so on others.The defect of his personality was exposed to the fullest with a bowl of kimchi.

Relying on Xie Tianhua’s honesty, the neighbor’s aunt was holding a bowl of kimchi every day and changed his amaranth.

The name is the name, Xie Tianhua loves to eat kimchi.

And her grandson likes to eat amaranth.

Change each other, that "all happy".

Obviously, it is cheap with his face, but it can be said to be so magnificent, and he can also re -apply it every day. This is really shameless.

Xie Tianhua was unwilling and uncomfortable.

If it wasn’t uncomfortable and complained, how could he tell Xie Dan?

He had great opinions, but even if he had opinions, Xie Tianhua swallowed into his stomach.

Too honest, sometimes a kind of weakness.

And too weak, it is essentially a kind of blast.

A big man, more than thirty, even ran four.After suffering such grievances, he even wanted his sister to take his head for him.

In this point, Xie Tianhua is not as good as Xiao Lu.

But the mud people still have three points of blood. If they are forced too much, he won’t fight back.

How can a spring shrink back? When it shrinks to the end, when the shrinking cannot be shrinking, what else is it?

In front of outsiders, Xie Tianhua was too old.

But in front of Fang Yinuo, Xie Tianhua was not only honest, but also weak.

During college, Xie Tianhua secretly loved Fang Yinuo.At that time, there was no courage to confess, so he watched Fang Yinuo, and was "intercepted" by his good brother Xiao Lu.

Although Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu were married, Xie Tianhua did not change his original intention, and still guarded Fang Yinuo as a friend.

Fang Yinuo gave birth to Hehe at a critical moment. It was Xiao Lu, but Xie Tianhua.

After sending Fang Yinuo, he was also worried about her safety, but in order to avoid suspicion, Xie Tianhua pretended to leave without care.

This kind of love cannot be said to be great, more or less, all with a little humble.

Xie Tianhua’s most courageous time was that after Fang Yinuo’s divorce, she launched a violent pursuit of her.

I wanted to pursue and dare not pursue it. Xie Tianhua was inferior.

Now Fang Yinuo divorced, and he took a daughter, and wanted to pursue, Xie Tianhua boldly pursued it.

Regardless of whether Xie Tianhua is willing to admit that in his subconscious, he is not worthy of Fang Yinuo in college, but after the divorce "damage", Fang Yinuo is still worthy of it.

It is precisely because of this self -confidence that the weak Xie Tianhua dares to show love to Fang on the bus.

Xie Tianhua can accept Hehe so frankly, on the one hand, because of his kindness, on the other hand, because of the love of the other party.

On the other hand, the hidden reason is that Xie Tianhua also knows that he can marry the upper promise, and most of them are because of Hehe.

Hehe needs a father.

Hehe is one of the reasons why he has the courage to pursue Fang Yinuo.

Before He He was sick, Xie Tianhua was a good father, a good husband, and a rare honest person.

This honest person is a real person, and there is no kind of quotation.

However, after He He became ill, Xie Tianhua’s forbearance again and again, concession again and again, and pushed his honest people to the situation of "nest" step by step.

It is only the beginning to allow Xiao Lu to come to see the child from time to time.Immediately afterwards, it was for Hehe, the default Xiao Lu and Fang Yinuo’s test tube "second child".

Raising Hehe for Xiao Lu, that’s Xie Tianhua’s willingness to be willing.

For Hehe, not his own child, it is also willing to be willing to be Xie Tianhua.

But allowing Xiao Lu and Fang Yinuo’s second child is completely forced.

Xie Tianhua was angry, desperate, and more helpless.However, he couldn’t vent his emotions from Fang Yinuo, and he could only punch to Xiao Lu.

All his dissatisfaction and his pain were vented. This is the only dignity of Xie Tianhua as Fang Yinuo’s husband.

But after venting, Xie Tianhua couldn’t help but face the current situation.Whether to divorce with Fang Yinuo or accept their second child.

There is no doubt that Xie Tianhua chose to concession.

Xie Tianhua is more afraid of losing Fang Yinuo than Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu.

Letting the child surnamed with him, raised by him, was the last decentness of Xie Tianhua, the "honest man".

Xie Tianhua used to be weak, but not in vain.The mind is delicate, but it is not sensitive.

The other party has no trust in his reservation.

For Xiao Lu, there is no reservation.

Xiao Lu wanted to see his child, he arranged "carefully".Xiao Lu wanted to take care of his children, and he accepted generously.

Although Xie Tianhua was not more than Xiao Lu, he had a valuable kindness and brightness on him.

But now Xie Tianhua, in addition to the mourning of the head at a glance, there are also people who sigh and helplessness.

For the other love of the other party, Xie Tianhua gave up all what he could give up, and lost everything he could insist, and humbled to the dust.

Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu were "come true" for the second child, and the hotel was opened.Xie Tianhua learned that the reaction at this moment was not to "grab the rape", but to avoid Dong Fan’s help and torture.

Pull up the rolling gate and digest this pain alone.

Through the screen, you can feel it.

The blue tendons that broke out of Xie Tianhua’s temples can clearly see that his extremely angry and pain in his heart.

It wasn’t that he was unwilling to "arrest", but that he would go by himself. Whether it was Fang Yinuo’s decentness or his decentness, he would be torn hard.

The marriage of the two people was ending.

In fact, Xie Tianhua at this time, just like the spring mentioned earlier, has been completely pressed to the end by Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu.

It is not possible to shrink a little bit.

If you force pressure with gravity at this time, it will be tantamount to the strong "rebound" of the spring.

And Xie Tianhua in the trailer will do such a "report" to hurt Fang Yinuo. There is no doubt that this kind of rebound.

Xie Tianhua’s treating He He really depends on himself.

Even in some details, he was a stepfather who made a promise in place.

For the first time, he confirmed the relationship with Fang Yinuo. For the first time, he "family dinner" with them. He wiped his hands to He He, not a paper towel, but a disinfection of wet towels.

This wet towel was taken from his bag.

Xie Tianhua is serious about being his father.

After Hehe became ill, it caused severe vomiting due to chemotherapy.Facing He He’s vomiting, Xie Tianhua subconsciously stretched out his hands to pick it up.

Where can the vomit of patients with chemotherapy be smelled?

But Xie Tianhua’s response is fast and natural like conditions.This point, Fang Yinuo may not be able to do it.

What is the difference between Xie Tianhua and his biological father?

But Xie Tianhua, who loves He He so much, reported to the doctors the fact that Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu’s fake couples were reported to the doctors.

Xie Tianhua did this, leaving Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu’s qualifications of the test tube, and it was tantamount to breaking Hehe’s life.

"Old Performance" Xie Tianhua, why did you choose to report?

In the final analysis, Fang Yinuo was hurt.

Although Xie Tianhua has been regarded as his biological daughter despite his heart.But this "should be used" is not exactly the same as "yes".

Without his own child, it is Xie Tianhua’s regret and the regret of the Xie family.

Because of this, Xie Tianhua was ecstatic when he saw the "two bars" of the bathroom.

But it is the child who is not easy to come by Xie’s house. For He He, Fang Yinuo still wants to choose to give up.

Xie Tianhua’s joy, with Fang Yinuo’s sorrow, formed a sharp contrast.

Knowing that she was pregnant, Fang Yinuo also pulled Xiao Lu and Xie Tianhua to go to Laohu’s noodle stalls to drink, indicating that the child did not want it.

In order to save Hehe, Fang Yinuo can give up everything and sacrifice everything, including the child in her belly.

But this child is not only Fang Yinuo, but also Xie Tianhua.

Fang Yinuo’s most selfish place is that she wants to tell Xie Tianhua, and decides the child’s final stay.

Why is it selfish and cruel.

Mother is not wrong to save her daughter, but to save her daughter, it hurts the people around her.

Fang Yinuo, He He wanted to save, Xie Tianhua did not want to lose.Relying on Xie Tianhua’s honesty and likes, "damage" again and again.

But this time, Xie Tianhua could no longer endure it.

Hit his child, empty the uterus, and give birth to a child with his ex -husband.Ren Xie Tianhua’s muddy, will there be anger, right?

What’s more, Xie Tianhua at this time was a spring that was pressed to the bottom, and then was under pressure. What he could do was strong resistance.

Xie Tianhua’s resistance can be said to be revenge.

However, the revenge of honest people often appears in the form of hurting the enemy for one thousand, and it is purely suicide.

Therefore, Xie Tianhua’s resistance is desperate and painful.

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