"Dad, what is pregnancy?" This father replied, don’t delay children’s sex education

Many parents are ashamed of sex education, and they often avoid the problems raised by their children. This behavior has caused children to be more curious about sex.

The story we brought today is that a father faced the child’s question and gave a textbook -style reply.

There was a father who attached great importance to his child’s gender education. He hoped that the child would better understand his body and gender -related issues in the process of normal growth.

One night, the father’s daughter was lying on the bed and asked him, "Dad, what is pregnancy?" The father was very emotional. He understood that this problem was extremely necessary, but he didn’t know how to give a child a brief explanation.

So, he carefully told his daughter: "Dear, pregnancy is to put the baby in the mother’s belly after being worked together as a mother and father, and the baby will be born when the baby grows up, and live and play with us."

After the daughter listened, her father found her staring at the air, and her face showed a doubt.So he asked, "How is it, it’s a bit difficult to understand?"

The daughter nodded. At this time, the father took out a picture book from the bedside table to explain the process of pregnancy to her.He explained very simple and clear, and at the same time told her the content of gender, men and women, which made her daughter very surprising.

In the end, my father said to his daughter, "My dear, don’t have any shame and embarrassment. If you have any problems, you can communicate with me whether it is related to gender, body or feelings., True frankness and interaction with parents. "

Her daughter was very happy, she was grateful to her, and promised her father that she must keep a conversation in the future and be a honest, healthy and positive person.

This is a family of openness, freedom, respect, understanding, and support. Let us move forward together and strive to create a more tolerant world!

With the development of society, people’s awareness and cognition of sex education gradually increased, and more and more people began to aware of the importance of sex education and gender education.Especially in the current era, children’s curiosity is getting stronger and stronger. They need to get appropriate education to better understand and learn about related knowledge.Therefore, the responsibility of parents to educate children is particularly important and necessary.

At the same time, the rapid development of modern technology has made the spread of information sufficient to touch any family with a network connection.In the era of widespread circulation on the Internet, children can easily obtain some improper sexual knowledge and even be affected by poor sexual concepts and ideas.Parents must carry out sexual education and gender education carefully to protect their innocence and health.

In this background, when the child raises doubts and problems to his parents, parents should answer with an enlightened, tolerant and respectful attitude. This is one of the duties of parents.

This problem happened like "Dad, what is pregnancy?" It is not a girl’s fault, but that she realizes part of her body during the growth process. This is a grateful thing.

His father had his own explanation method: he did not avoid the problem nor given an unprepared answer. On the contrary, he chose to answer as simple and clear ways as possible and communicate with the children.

Of course, this is not to say that all parents should be open -minded when they ask their questions. Parents should combine their actual situations and their children on the issue of sex education, which is easier to achieve effective effects.

How to realize children’s benign education is a question that requires in -depth research. You can consider from the following aspects:

The first is to teach children’s correct knowledge and related common sense, and at the same time remind them that they need to pay attention to their own privacy and dignity in the process of learning to avoid unnecessary trouble and danger.

The second is to establish a frank and trust relationship with the children as much as possible.This can not only make children feel the care and support of their parents, but also make timely corrections and guidance when the child has bad behavior or behavior.

Third, in the process of continuous education and guidance, pay attention to slowing and moderate.Although children need information about sex education and gender education, if it involves some difficult problems in the early days, the child may have harsh emotions and behaviors during the growth process because of their premature contact with these problems.

Fourth, parents must make good examples and make a correct guidance.Parents must have their own correct understanding of sexual knowledge and sexual concepts. They must not only face the problem, but also teach children to answer patiently when asking questions.

Summary: Providing children with correct, healthy, warm sex education and gender education is an important task for parents and families.Letting children have good sex and gender education will have a huge impact and role on our country and society, as well as our children, and make them grow healthily and happily.

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