"Dad, I’m pregnant", Dad’s response is different, but they are very real

The relationship between dad and daughter can be said to be the most unique relationship in the world. On the one hand, Dad and daughter have a congenital family relationship. This love is deeper than the love between mother and daughter.On the other hand, people say that her daughter is a little lover of my father’s previous life. In the eyes of Dad, everything is perfect.Dad will think that his daughter is the most precious baby in the world, and no one is comparable, even the daughter’s future husband.

Watching her baby growing up into another man’s wife, Dad’s heart was lost and happy.The loss is that her baby is going to leave herself. The happiness is that she finally found the happiness of her life.In short, when Dad’s heart is tangled.

So the question is. When the daughter told her father that she was pregnant, how did my dad react?It is really different in reality.However, this is also related to the character or situation of Dad, which is very real.

1. Get me

A netizen joked with his dad on WeChat and said to his dad, "Dad, I’m pregnant!" As a result, Dad’s reply was: "Get me, what do you do all day,Don’t let me see you! "Needless to say, such a dad must be a very harsh dad. When he heard that his daughter was unmarried, he was extremely annoyed.Seeing my dad get angry, the netizen hurriedly communicated with him, and he was joking.As a result, he was still scolded by his father, with the principle of saying a night!

2. Great, when will you get married

Netizen Nana sent a message to her dad that she was pregnant, and she was very embarrassed.But I did not expect that Dad’s reaction made her even more embarrassed.Dad asked directly, "It’s great, when are you married?" It seemed that he couldn’t wait to marry her, Nana felt that she seemed to be a dad’s burden as very unhappy!

However, this is no wonder dad, who made Nana almost 35 years old this year.At this age, there have been no news that there have been no marriage. Can Dad worry about it?Now getting married and having a baby at the same time, isn’t it all happy?

3. Come back and talk

When netizen Xiaogua told his father about his pregnancy, his father said four words "Come back."At that time, Xiaogua and her husband had just divorced it. Shortly, the child in the belly hadn’t thought about it or not.She told her father that she was pregnant, and her heart was very anxious.But when she heard her father, she was at ease.

Dad later told Xiaogua, "It’s okay, daughter, you will give birth to your child, and then your dad will help you raise it!That’s how to make Xiaoguyan tears at the time.She suddenly felt that in this world, even if the whole world betrayed herself, dad would always support herself.

When her daughter is pregnant, my dad’s mood is really complicated.My children have to have children. On the one hand, I am grateful to the child and finally grow up. On the other hand, my daughter is going to suffer. I really want to reduce the burden on the daughter, but I also understand that everyone grows up.It is an inevitable process. All these things need to go to experience themselves. Adults cannot all be arranged.

In any case, in this world, the man who loves you the most is definitely your father, dear mother, you must understand this.No matter what he said, it comes from the most affectionate love.

Dear Bao Ma, when you are pregnant, what is your dad reacting?

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